Camp SeaWorld: An Amazing Week of Inspiration and Conservation

Hey guys, it’s Krissi. I’m a camp counselor at SeaWorld Orlando. And as you can see we’re getting ready for a very busy week of camp, so we’re excited! Here we are at Shamu Stadium getting ready to see One Ocean. I think we’re ready to get wet. What do you think campers? Are you ready to get wet?! Yeah! Nothing like some good, old-fashion playtime at Happy Harbor! Right now we’re at Dolphin Cove making some new friends. Now that we go to dress up like a
penguin, let’s go see some penguins. Woohooo! Our avian research facility is a great
way to get up close and personal … with a penguin! Ever wondered what a sea star felt like? if he starts out like? Our campers are actually experiencing it right now. Well, that was our week at camp! Thanks for joining us! Hope to see you at SeaWorld.

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