Can we give marine feed to freshwater fish and vice versa?

Hi guys, welcome back to fisholover issue
The issue today that I’d like to discuss is whether if we can feed marine fish with food
dedicated to freshwater fish Before I answer that question,
let’s look at the simple case in between two different fish species
For example salmon and grass carp.. they are literally from different species
and different feeding behavior. Salmon is carnivorous, while carp is herbivore
and live in different environment too Salmon is a euryhaline species, where they
osmoregulate across broad range of salinities and carp is a total freshwater species. So, they will require different nutrients
to grow. And take note about the word ‘grow’ here
which means undergo natural development, increasing in size
not just survive but does not grow or stunted development. When we talk about farmed fish, of course
I’ll refer to formulated pellet feed Fish pellet contain the same basic nutrients
ie; protein, lipid, carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. The differences between freshwater and marine
fish is the amount of nutrient required to be supply
according to the fish species. If we feed herbivorous diet to carnivorous,
they will be malnourished and later die But, if the feed is supplied to omnivorous,
The omnivorous will live because they can accept both plants and animal diets. But, what about both carnivorous freshwater
and marine fish For example arowana and grouper
They are both carnivorous, do they require different diet? The answer is a big yes
Can we feed grouper diet to arowana fish? The answer is still yes, they’ll live because
both of them have the same feeding behavior, but will the diet satisfy them? I would say no.. You see, all fish species have their own unique
specific diets Scientist have been working to create specific
diet for all aquacultured fish according to their own requirement
so that they will reach their optimised growth and of course, when we studied this, we should
take note on the environment they live in One of a big different between marine and
freshwater feed is the fatty acid requirement Marine fish such as salmon and seabass require
long chain omega3 fatty acid particularly EPA and DHA from marine source
but most freshwater fish does not require these fatty acids as they can elongate and
desaturate linolenic acid using enzyme system to produce long chain EPA and DHA. Unfortunately, marine fish does not have this
ability, so they require supplied EPA and DHA in their feed.
and as we consume them, we too will get the EPA and DHA in our system. These fatty acids are necessary for their
metabolic functions On the other hand, freshwater fish will need
supplementary diet of alpha linolenic acid because they can’t produced them. So, supplying freshwater fish with alpha linolenic
acid will be essential for them to desaturate and elongate it and turn into EPA and DHA. That is the reason why feeding carnivorous
fish feed with freshwater feed will not be advisable because it will not satisfy their
requirement and in the end, will stunting their growth. So, With that note, I end this video with
thank you for watching and hope to see you again next time.

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