ah pink! the color of cotton candy,
bubblegum, and Wednesdays today I’m gonna be taking every pink art supply that I
own and I’m going to be making some art with it! let’s see what happens! ♪ as always the first thing I do is swatch out all the art supplies, not only can
you discover which ones have strangely exploded (talking to you Ohuhu) but you can also
find out the exact colors and tones of each marker instead of just relying on
the cap or the barrel color I have all of my art supplies on the left and as I
use the art supplies I’m going to take them from the left side and move them
over to the right side of the desk and then I will know which ones I’ve used
and which ones I haven’t but first I need to decide what I want to draw so
I’ve got my sketchbook and I’m just kind of brainstorming and drawing the first couple
things that come to my mind and Mean Girls was for some reason on the top of my head,
so I kept drawing like ….Mean…. Girls…? [tongue click] and I decided I didn’t want to actually just
draw fanart so I kind of took it as inspiration to design a character and
you can kind of see the thumbnail that I created right there and now I’m going to
take that teeny weeny little one and try and translate it onto the larger piece
of paper starting with my pink Col-Erase Colored Pencil I’m going to start sketching out the idea and laying it out
on the page this is a very crucial step because if you mess up in your sketching
stage you’re not gonna have a whole lot of luck further on down the road so whats
most important to me here is making sure that all of the elements fit on the page
nothing’s like too precariously close to an edge of the paper and that it
actually looks like she’s taking a selfie so the phone is lining up with
her face which is lining up with the dog behind her so they all could take a cute
photo selfie! once I’m pretty satisfied with the layout and I’m pretty sure I’mnot gonna have to erase large chunks of the drawing I start going in and adding
more details to like the hair and the face and the outfit and I just keep
doing that until I’m happy with it this is definitely the art supply that I use
for the longest amount of time because it is just such an important part of
creating an illustration and it’s the only pink art supply that I have that’s
erasable so it allows me to fix mistakes when I make them so I try to take full
advantage of that the next art supply that I use is this
Copic Sketch markers in the color R21 and i thought this was like the
orangist of my pinks and i thought it would look really really pretty as a
hair color and now that i’ve done it i know it does look really pretty as a
hair color imagine waking up every morning and seeing that head of hair in
the mirror, oo it would be magical! next up I’m using this Ohuhu Alcohol-Based Marker in the color ‘6’ – this one is very very dark and pigmented so I use the bullet nib and
added like sort of details to the drawing like her hair bow as well as her
cellphone I used the Copic Sketch marker in the color RV13 to add
some shading to the hair and really give it depth so you could see what was in
front and what was behind – I used another Ohuhu art marker to add some details to
the little doggies face and I also use this to color in the girl’s shoes I don’t
know what you call those.. like flats with a like a tie -they kind of look like very simplified ballet shoes but you know no function just fashion I decided to try
and use the India ink as a line art so I used my dip pen and started outlining
the character- the face in particular and I remembered that Copic markers don’t
really like India ink as much as I would like them to so I was like I better hold
that off until later so I’m going to be using the India ink as like one of the
last art supplies so that hopefully I don’t get any smudging so then I took
the Copic Sketch marker R0000 and I used this for the skin
because at this point I hadn’t really decided if I wanted a light skin tone or
a darker skin tone so I thought I’d start light and then I can build up
later if I so choose and I just used this to color in all of the skin taking
great care to avoid any of the India ink especially around the face next up I’m
using this stained sharpie I decided I really wanted this to be in the
forefront of this illustration and one of the main colors so I used to color in
the top as well as her thigh socks I did this mainly because I thought this color
was the pinkiest of my pink colors and some of them feel a little
bit more purple so I thought if I use a lot of this highlighter pink this hot
pink color it’ll help make the whole illustration look pink overall which is
in the end what I really really want speaking of purpley Pink’s this r83 is
one of those and I used this to color in her like
shawl/jacket/cardigan… thing? I kind of figured if I used this to surround that
hot pink and her white skirt it would make those sections look more vibrant
because this is kind of like a dull purple and overall I think it worked it
took a few layers because I think this markers drying a little bit but
eventually I got a pretty even coat and I used these two sharpies and I just use
this to subtly outline the cardigan give it a little bit more detail – these kind
of blended into the cardigan color which I liked but also had a bit more
sharpness which I also really liked next up I used this Ohuhu art marker in the
color 28 and I use this to add blush to her face it’s a lot darker than the
color I had used earlier and I feel like it definitely brings some color to the face then I’m going to be using these two Windsor and Newton brush markers one is
‘rose pink’ and the other one is ‘pink pear’ -l I use both of these markers to
create flowers kind of a flower crown around their faces like they’re using a
snapchat filter or something I also gave the doggie one then I use this really
dark sharpie to add some depth and some detail to the cardigan you can kind of
see the difference that made it doesn’t all look super flat it’s got
more structure to it then I’m using this Pilot Varsity pen (look it’s got what
looks like a dip pen on the end) itsn’t that cool? but I used this to define the
flowers and the roses in the crowns and as well as in the background there I
feel like the two markers that I use were more on the purpley side and this
pen is definitely more pink and red so by using this to outline those roses it
definitely brings more pink into the illustration I use this Koh-i-Noor dry
marker thing and I actually use this over top of the cardigan I thought this
just made it a little bit more vibrant but you know it’s not overdoing it her
top is still the most vibrant thing in the area but this just like makes it
more pink and a little less purple which is something I was kind of fighting with
in this drawing I used this Ecoline brush to color in her purse
I wanted to make sure this was darker than everything else so it wasn’t
blending in with the other tones that I had in that area there’s a lot going on
in that left side of the drawing so I was hoping by using
a really dark color would add more contrast then I used this Staedtler triplus fineliner to add all the details to the purse like the belt but then I used
this Ohuhu acrylic paint marker which is opaque and I painted over the purse
because I decided I didn’t want that to be white anymore I thought pink would
work better (after all we’re drawing with pink aren’t we) and I really really like
this like the contrast between this pink and that Ecoline brush pen I think
they just look really really nice together and I took this dark sharpie
and just outlined the purse anywhere that I thought it needed a little bit
more detail and then I took my pink Posca pen and I tried to use this as
sort of like seams to the purse but they weren’t all that different from the
acrylic paint marker so they’re not super obvious then I used this Jane Davenport
paint over pen and I used this to add like flowers to the background because
originally my idea was to kind of add a solid color to background with a paint but I don’t know I started experimenting with these flowers and it made me think
of like one of my lunchboxes I had in second grade they had all these flowers
on it and it’s just said: “girl power!” (nostalgia I tell you [sniffs tear] makes us do silly
things) this is using the core watercolor I forgot to film the actual barrel but
I’m using this to further my nostalgia and draw varying sizes of flowers and
using this water color to create subtle flowers in the background that just kind
of like fill up the space and add some variety
I used this pink Papermate highlighter which I’ve had for so many years and I
used this to add some more flowers to the background these ones are a little
bit more vibrancy pink color and I definitely think it added something to
the background – I used this Touch marker it’s a brush marker and I used this to
actually add a little bit more depth and tone to the entire character so I shaded
like that entire left leg behind with the cardigan and then as well as with
her hair in her face a little bit and I think this just made the character feel
a little bit more 3-dimensional — next up I’m using this bic atlantis pen and I
used this this is a bit of a controversial decision but I used it to
add like a little bit more doodle-i-ness like it looks more like a doodle over
the flowers kind of like the color isn’t fully staying within the
lines kind of look I don’t know definitely not my normal style but I
thought I’d experiment next I’m using these Americana acrylic paints – first I
used the lighter tone one and I used this to create a little bit more
contrast with the cardigan with the front section and the back section so I
filled in all of the areas that are kind of like closer to you if you were
looking at her with this light pink color and I also used it to add a
little bit of shading to her white skirt I feel like this makes her skirt look a
little bit more shiny which I like I took the darker acrylic paint and
colored over that further shoe because even though I had colored over that
entire section with a marker it didn’t really add any darkness to that foot so
I decided to just go in and do that with the acrylic paint and I used this fine
point sharpie and I it’s very similar to the color of the India ink that I’m
going to be using to lineart everything but there’s some sections where I’m a
little bit nervous to use like the dip pen so I instead created the line art
with this sharpie in those sections then I took my last two sharpies, I have a
fine point and a ultrafine point, is that they’re called? can’t remember. but I use this
to add some more flowers to the background so I was able to create thin
ones as well as thicker ones and I also used it to kind of create a cartoony
like shine coming off of a phone eeah I know…
interesting choice right? and then it was time to go back in with the dip pen I
was kind of excited about this so basically I’m darkening up a lot of the
lines and what’s cool about a dip pen is that you can get those like fine points
but then you’re also using in very liquidy ink so if there’s sections that
you want to fill in a little bit larger you kind of just go over it and it fills
in and creates a nice even tone which I love it’s so much fun to experiment with
so I did that over the entire character creating a little bit of contrast
between the lines and also just adding some more depth where I thought it
needed it — I wanted to add a little bit more oomph to the drawing so I used a
white gel pen and kind of separated the character from that cardigan that’s
blowing behind her I just wanted to separate those pieces a little bit more
and I think the white gel pen really helps and then of course I also just
added it to the eyes and you know where you use a white gel pen and then this is what it looked like I’m really happy with this and looking at it…
I like it but if you don’t know me, I, for some strange reason, maybe I’ve been
cursed as a child, but whenever I finish a drawing I think “ah I could make this
better” (but in reality you know I can’t) mm-hmm I like reach the pinnacle of my
abilities but I don’t realize it anyway when I was first drawing this I thought
I wanted to create a shape coming from the phone kind of like it’s the phone’s
field of view and I wanted that to be a certain color behind like the character
it’s just you could tell and make it obvious that they are taking a selfie
(like that’s not obvious already) so I used the white acrylic paint and just filled in
over the background cuz I thought it was too busy you know ruin the drawing blah, blah, blah it’s fine it’s okay i don’t hate myself [dramatic pause] it’s fine! everything’s fine there’s nothing wrong with it – it’s [unintelligible] let’s just look back at the old one Ah!
why did I touch you? anyway I want to thank you guys all for watching I hope
you enjoyed watching me use every single pink art supply that I owned it’s
actually been a year since I did my first one of these videos so I just want
to thank you guys for just being so enthusiastic about them because there’s
so much fun to make and I love making them for yah! so thanks for watching them!
anyway thank you guys for watching as always I’ll see you guys all next week
and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles!! BYE! ♪

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