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Canyonview Aquatic Center is the main aquatic
center at the University of California San Diego, comprising two Olympic-size swimming
pools, bleacher seating, and associated fitness facilities. It is located on the Warren College campus
and serves as the home stadium of the Triton men’s and women’s water polo, swimming and
diving teams.==History==
In June 1982, construction began on a recreation center to supplement the forthcoming student
housing in Earl Warren College and ease pressure on the original Natatorium facility in Muir
College. This recreation center would include a 50-meter
Olympic-size pool, an outdoor whirlpool bath, four racquetball courts, and locker rooms
with showers. Upon its completion in spring 1983, the $1.8
million project housed the only publicly accessible long-course pool in San Diego. In 1995, two racquetball courts were converted
into an indoor climbing and bouldering facility. In 2003, citing increased strain on the Natatorium
and existing pool, UCSD began construction on a second long-course pool which would include
seating for 1,000 and a new weight room and allow for more recreational swim hours. This West Pool was completed in February 2006.==Facilities=====West Pool===The West Pool is the home pool of the Triton
water polo and swimming teams. It is 50 meters long and 25 yards wide, with
a uniform depth of 7 feet. It was designed by the firm of Hanna Gabriel
Wells and opened in 2006. There is bleacher seating for 1,000 along
the south and west edges. The pool is heated year-round.===East Pool===The East Pool is the home pool of the Triton
swimming and diving teams. It is 50 meters long and 25 yards wide, with
five diving boards along the south edge and an adjacent hot tub. It features bleacher seating for 336 and lawn
space for an additional 1,000 spectators. The pool entered the Guinness Book of World
Records when 26 continuous hours of water polo were played there on April 7–8, 1989.===Weight room and climbing center===
The 1850 square foot weight room is housed in the location of the original Canyonview
pump, which was relocated with the construction of the West Pool. It primarily features lifting equipment chosen
specifically for aquatic training. The southern part of the building houses the
Outback Climbing Center.==Notable events==
In 1996, 1999, and 2014, Canyonview hosted the NCAA Men’s Water Polo Championship. In 2003, it hosted NCAA Women’s Water Polo

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