Chandler High School

The A plus process for me and for our staff and for our community validates the great things that are happening here at Chandler High
school and because its comprehensive it spills over into every area. They look at
things from academics to sports to extracurricular to the quality of our
teachers to the quality of the leadership here at the school so we’re
extremely proud to be an A plus school. We’re the only A plus school in Arizona
to be a seven-time A plus school of excellence so we’re
really, really proud of that. We’re really excited about offering parents just
about any opportunity that any student would have have not only here in Arizona but across the nation to follow their dreams and passions and prepare them for the next
level after High School. You have the administrators and faculty
that are just above par. They are amazing so you can tell that it
starts there starts at the top and it filters down through those kids. You can
get everything from a special needs to an IB Candidate and I think that just
speaks volumes for the ability to kind of be something for everyone. It’s just a really close-knit community
here at Chandler High, all the teachers they’re willing to go out of their way
to help you if you need extra help, they make time for tutoring and they’re
just really great. I feel like you’re able to get really involved and at the
same time stay focused on academics. The teachers have have really bought into all of the kids there is a lot of things to get
involved in regards to what they’re involved in you know the teachers take
ownership in the kids and making sure that they’re getting what
they need to be successful

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