Characteristics of Pteridophytes – Kingdom Plantae – Biology Class 11

Do Subscribe To Ekeeda Channel and Press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. Hello students today we are studying chapter Kingdom Plantae in that we are studying topic Periodphyta now Periodphyta are one of the plants of Kingdom Plantae and they are very primitive plants so let’s just study about them Periodphyta now if I talk about pteridophytes they could be said as the most primitive or you can just simply say they’re the most old plants of Kingdom Plantae they are small-sized annuals or perennials that basically grow well at cold damp II places the body’s deployed in nature and the roots of these plants are advantageous than ever that root system their roots being adventitious it’s very difficult to segregate or differentiate the primary secondary and tertiary news that a bunch of adventitious roots present also their stem could be a real most of the time and this phototropic or sometimes some part of the stem is beneath the ground which is also termed as underground now the leaves are basically simple leaves they are no compound leaves simple leaves have the PTO and the veins properly arranged in an angle or rectangular fashion and the society where as a society they are very delicate in nature and thin vascular systems no vascular systems are the mechanism to carry foreign water which is xylem and phloem both are present but the xylem has certain differentiation or certain difference in character peridot 5 now 10 the fights are basically small size and will or they could be paired in your plans that crew well under damn these shady conditions one example is ferns which all of us know sexy now terrified sometimes they are water living which is aquatic one of the Teredo fighters Isola and sometimes they be sick there is a big guns the zero fighting terror finds that basically could Oh on tree trunk and when they grow on tree trunk they will obviously obtain the nutrition from that host organism the plant body in pteridophytes is basically diploid sporophyte and it is differentiated in your roots stems and leaves region now roots basically internal fights are advantageous while the stem are area only sometimes underground now lives in terror fights are basically area and the compound is now combined leaves or these kind of means basically have there been Apes or venlet’s in associated forms the leaves are sometimes simple and societal so when Isis SL they kind of hoovy and large infinitely compound leaves or scale leaves are also present in this tell to fight something now it depends upon the region where that particular tell to fight is growing that type of leaf would be present if it is for example a zero fighting 10025 then when Italy compound leaves and scale leaves to be present when it is normal tension terrified simple leaves will be present also vascular tissue which is xylem and phloem a present endophyte through their vascular or primitive plant where as vessels are absent in the side of novices but the conducting vessels or tubes in the xylem by fluid black companion cells so we simply say that maybe xylem and phloem is present in this but the xylem and flow is not in so advanced form that’s basically vessels and companion sets are not present whereas in normal plants or normal varieties of Kingdom Plantae whether it is your gymnosperms angiosperms dicots monocots will have xylem and flow with the vascular tissue status companion cells and vessels students in this part of the chapter we will study about Terra defied the old vascular plant which was the oldest plant of Kingdom Plantae know if you just have a glimpse of kingdom plantae what did we study was that I fight up and just found shit lowest forms tell it of vitae when studying all this what we could say is gymnosperms angiosperms graphite the hot little characteristics which would be dentistry and they have better characteristics in the terms of vascular systems when i said tell the fights did not so develop that they have all the characteristics of vascular systems students in this part of the chapter we did study about peridot fighter and its qualities and weather used and how they have qualities of different plant legs and plant systems I hope students make very clear with this concept of Parador FICA thank you

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