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Good morning. Or evening. Or whatever it is. My name is Surprise. In this video, we’re going to farm these guys. The Charged Creepers. Why do we need Charged Creepers? If some of the mobs die due to the charged creeper explosion, they drop their head with 100% chance. And one of this mobs is Wither Skeleton. And we need Wither Skulls to build a Wither to get a beacon. So, this is our Charged Creeper/Head Farm. And we’re going to take a generalized look at first, and dive into details a little bit later. So, we spawn regular creepers over there, we convert them over here And there we meet them with Wither Skeletons and we force creepers to explode. I think this farm should be considered as survival-friendly. It’s definitely not small, but for the most part – it’s just some building blocks. Yea, you need some wood, gold, ice, iron, and redstone, but if you are considering getting a beacon And this is the whole point of this farm, you probably have enough materials. Oh, wait… You need a Trident! Yea, that’s a thing. So, we’re spawning our creepers over there, they’re going by water streams into this storage chamber. And it looks like we’re spawning way too many creepers. And second stage begins when thunderstorm approaches. It’s time to use a Trident with Channeling and Loyalty enchantments. We shoot the creeper with it and… We’ve got ourselves a Charged Creeper! Since Channeling enchantment makes lightning strike on whatever you shoot with it during the thunderstorm. And as you can see, this contraption gives us one creeper at the time, so we can charge one And then get new one automatically and we can charge them until we’re bored or thunderstorm ends. Our Charged Creepers are ending up to be stored here, and in this chamber we’re storing wither skeletons. This farm expects you to have wither skeleton farm on the other end of this nether portal Or you just can lure them into the portal manually, but it has to be the Nether Fortress anyway. As you may know, there is a small chance nether portal will spawn a zombie pigman. And to deal with it here we have a turtle egg. Since Zombie Pigman is a Zombie, it’ll go towards the turtle egg in order to break it And for some reason, mob AI sees trapdoors as a walkable blocks, even if they are opened. And to prevent Wither Skeletons from going in this direction, there is a bar 2 blocks above the floor. So, here we have our Wither Skeletons, and here we have our Charged Creepers, and when we’ll press this button… We’ll get one Wither Skeleton and one Charged Creeper in our explosion chamber. And since our Creeper is in a water, his explosion can’t deal any damage to our contraption. And now we go to the Survival. Dude! I’m here! Can you? And as you can see, even if we’re playing on the Hard Difficulty, we’re taking practically no damage. I should say, that even if you don’t have Wither Skeleton farm, consider just luring them manually Since you need just only 3of them for 1 beacon. It should be way easier than killing dozens of Wither Skeletons old fashion way with Looting III Sword. Let’s talk about limitations. First of all, it has to be a thunderstorm. And apparently, you CAN use this farm in dry biomes such as desert or mesa. And obviously, this is a manual farm. You have to get yourself a Trident, you have go to here and you have to impale some Creepers manually Or with afk-clicker… And another VERY important moment. Charged Creepers and Wither Skeletons can DESPAWN. There is a small chance for that if you’re 32 blocks away And 100% chance if you are 128 blocks away. In this spot however, we’re keeping them within 32 block radius, and at the same time Creeper spawning chamber is more than 24 blocks away, which is required to spawn mobs naturally. However! In order to despawn, mobs have to be loaded. If chunk with mobs is not loaded, mobs WILL NOT despawn. And we can use it for our advantage. If we go to the nether, we can unload that chunks without physically moving 128 blocks away from mobs. And our mobs in an overworld are safe and sound. And now we go back to the overworld. And they are still here, very fine! So, basically, this farm requires you to approach from the nether. Now let’s talk about individual components. I’ll put world download down in the description, so you can check this farm in person. So, this is our creeper spawning chamber. We’re using two modules. You can build this farm from how many modules you’d like But I feel like two modules happened to be too many. Design of THIS chamber created by Xisuma, you can check his video in the i-cards. On a ceiling we have trapdoors to prevent Zombies and Skeletons from spawning. On a floor we have carpets with specific placement pattern to prevent Spiders from spawning. Here we have a cat, and creepers are afraid of cats so much That they’d rather prefer to walk off the edge. Here in a middle we have a chest, since cats are attracted to the chests And if something will cause cat to walk off the chest, it will eventually come back. Here we have a set of water streams that pushes creepers to this tube. And in order to make water streams with no gaps We can put signs this way, and put we water source right here. In this chamber we’re storing our creepers. Ah, I should say that you don’t have to build everything made of glass It’s just to get better view. Here we have a bottom slab. And railway like aso. Just copy this thing as it is. Here we have a detector rail, that powers piston through the repeater. So, whenever our minecart passes a detector rail, this piston extends And our creeper gets ejected on the red block. How do I show it properly? This is an activator rail, and when minecart passes through a powered activator rail It ejects the passenger, and the moment later, piston moves the floor away and we’re falling down. Wherever we’re having leaves it HAVE to be… Any opaque blocks, like leaves, glass etc. If you’ll use solid block, our creeper will get suffocation damage And if there will be no blocks, creepers will have a chance to be ejected strait on rails and break the system. Here we have a side-by-side comparison, and as you can see Empty minecart is moving way slower, than one with a passenger, and to negate the difference… We have THIS powered rail to stop the minecart for a short period of time. If there is a creeper in the charging chamber it sends signal to DEactivate THIS powered rail. So, while we have a creeper in the charging chamber, this minecart will be waiting over here. And to negate the difference between empty and non-empty cart We’re sending a delayed signal from a detector rail to the first powered rail. I’ve tried to put a hopper minecart into this block, but something always going wrong: They despawn, they move away etc. Basically, if you’ve managed to accidentally kill creeper in this chamber Item can drop on a pressure plate and keep it active And it’s just way easier to go and grab items manually, rather than trying to workaround that problem. Sky access is required for the Channeling enchantments to make a lightning strike. For example, if we’ll place a solid block here. We’re not charging our creepers anymore. However! Our red block has to be full solid block, and we have to move it back and forth. If we replace it with glass, for example, which is not counted as a full block… Our creeper gets ejected on a very wrong place. So, here we have our Charged Creepers, our Wither Skeletons… And here… We have railway somewhat similar to the first one. Here we have a minecart, waiting on a powered rail, and if we press this button It’ll pick up the creeper and eject it on the red block and creeper will fall down. And here we have the very same design for the Wither Skeletons. Here we have a slab. And again, we’re using leaves wherever it HAVE to be a leaves… or glass… Wool means nothing btw, it’s here just to make shape of chamber more visible. Here we have activator rail on top of redstone block, and a detector rail… Whenever the minecart passes through a detector rail, it sends signal to retract sticky piston with red block… Wither Skeleton and Charged Creeper go by there tubes to the explosion chamber. This slab have to be waterlogged slab. And if this slab IS waterlogged slab, our water goes like this Instead of spilling on hoppers and being like one static layer Here we have a fence, here we have a sign, and our creeper is sitting in water. In this game, if source of explosion is sitting in water, its explosion does NOT damage any blocks… /gamemode survival. Hi Charged Creeper. Very fine! Aha! Here we have the Wither Skull! That should be noted that you’re getting only one skull per explosion. No need for couple of Creepers or Wither Skeletons. And also, it should… It SHOULD be safe, and creepers should NOT break any blocks since they’re sitting in water… But if for SOME REASON that WILL happen, this part over here is far enough to be completely undamaged. If we press this button, we get ourselves one Wither Skeleton and one Charged Creeper. This button sends the signal by this circuit… To this powered rail under the minecart. And by this very similar circuit to THIS powered rail. However! If we’ll take this block away, as you can see, signal is not going anywhere. Well, it powers something else, but that doesn’t matter. So, here we have the AND gate. With this AND gate, we’re making sure That we have a Charged Creeper to deliver, as well as the Wither Skeleton. And if we have both of them This AND gate gives output from this redstone torch to the piston, that pushes this block upwards. So, let’s say that we don’t have any Creepers. We don’t have a signal then. This lamp is not powered. This block is retracted. And our signal isn’t going anywhere. How are we checking for Creepers or Wither Skeletons? With tripwire hooks and string. If there is a Creeper, tripwire hook sends signal by this redstone line to this piston. And here we have some slime blocks with redstone block on a bottom. So, if we don’t have signal over here. We don’t have signal over here as well. And we have the same setup on the other side. So, here you have it. Charged Creeper Farm, that stores Charged Creepers, Wither Skeletons And delivers them to the killing chamber to get 100% drop of Wither Skulls. And as I said, I’ll put world download down in the description. If you enjoyed this video, leave a like, subscribe, share this video and check out my FoolCraft let’s play series All of that will REALLY help my channel. Bye-bye!

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