Christian Sprenger on 2009 World Aquatic Championships

A personal defining moment for
Australian sport for me was when I was in Rome in 2009 and I was at the
World Championships for swimming and I went into a semi-final tournament in
breaststroke, in an event that I never really swum too much and wasn’t really
too much of a fan and I ended up breaking the world record in that event, in that
night. And that put me in lane four for the final, the favourite position. And that
was the moment I knew how much pressure it took to be the best. That
whole day leading to that final I had a new found respect for any
champion that went on to go on to win a gold medal in a world championship race
or Olympic race because it was so hard to deal with that and so hard to pick
myself up and not think about the outcome all day. So I think that is
something that truly made me realise how amazing it is when you step
up and you’re the favourite and you go onto win.

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