CMS Global Action for Migratory Animals (English HD)

wild animals in their innumerable forms are an irreplaceable part of the earth’s
natural system. Each generation of man holds the
resources of the earth in trust for future generations. Of the world’s more than one
million seven hundred and fifty thousand described animal species at least eight to ten thousand migrate. Every minute, every single second,
millions of animals are fighting their way through dangerous territories through skies and seas. Migratory species have always
contributed in many ways to ecosystem structure and function
supporting the Earth’s web of life. While migrating, many species cross
national borders, artificial constructs meaningless to the
animals but with dramatic influences on their
survival chances. Borders not only divide countries, they
also separate national legislation and political priorities. The species’
fate rests with governments. CMS works by bringing together the
governments of its Parties to discuss ways of protecting and conserving
migratory species. If we have a vision of the future, it is a
future, where animals also have a space. All in all, the aims
of the Convention are the global protection and conservation
of migratory species and their sustainable use. At the very
beginning 29 countries signed the Convention. Since then, many more countries have
decided to join taking a full part in this Convention
with all its benefits. Migrating animals face
a wide range of threats to their individual lives and their populations.
Habitat loss, climate change, hunting, bycatch,
overfishing, wind parks are challenging the travelers
of the natural world. Gorillas are facing a dire future. We’re
cutting down our forest we’re converting it to farmland, we’re shooting
them to sell the meat in the markets and capturing their babies to sell alive to animal traders. All of these activities are illegal. Human
impact takes a heavy toll. A great number of
animals are threatened with extinction. Extinction rate today’s up to a thousand
times higher than the normal rate. Extinction is forever! CMS considers obstacles to migration and
the imbalance of eco-systems to work out solutions. CMS
works with other organizations which bring together the best scientific
knowledge. The convention helps policymakers
address the crisis migratory species face in the world. As
wild animals depend on various eco-systems, CMS recognizes the
importance of restoring and protecting the habitats
which sustain animals during their migration. All
species have value, have a scientific value, have a cultural value, an estetic value, are very precious to our wellbeing. Migratory animals have
a right to live with us on this planet. The world is increasingly
overpopulated. Where natural habitats are increasingly degraded, this organization can make a difference. We work with species on the ground, in the sea and in the air.
We work with many species around the world that are endangered. We work with
elephants, gorillas, sharks, whales, birds, marine turtles and bats. All countries have a responsibility to
save their natural heritage, the eco-system and the species that make
up the web of life. Join CMS to conserve our natural
heritage and build bridges for migratory animals across all boundaries.

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