Coach Pat Does a Sub-2:05 Olympic Distance Triathlon

– And guess what Pat’s time is gonna be. (whoosh) His official time should
be around a two oh… (whoosh) This is why I wear do-rags. (whoosh) – Hi there, what can I get for you? – Hi, can I just get a
large, black coffee, please? Thanks.
– Have a nice morning. – You too. Morning traniacs, it
is 6:10 in the old AM. I am headed out to Bird’s Hill Park, where Coach Pat is racing
his first triathlon of the year, it’s an Olympic triathlon. I’m not racing it because a
tri within the last two weeks before tapering for a marathon
swim, is not my idea of rest. Pat, however, is a bit
of a freak of nature. So we’re gonna head out there and I’m gonna bet that he’s gonna win. He wins just about every
race that he goes into. We’re gonna do this up right. I wanna do some real cinematic, fancy-pants editing, and
shooting, and coloring. We’re gonna see how pretty
we can make Pat’s race look. (inspirational music) Alright, so pre-race meeting
is happening over there. We’ve got transition happening here. So the thing about this race
is that it’s like easy-ish. Run isn’t hilly, but it’s kinda hilly. Bike isn’t hilly, but it’s kinda hilly. Swim, can be long, can
be short, little mixture. Conditions are awesome. James from Alter Ego. What I want you to do is comment below and guess what
Pat’s time is gonna be. So think Olympic, slightly hard course, but Pat’s in really good
shape, but he’s also tapering. So I’m gonna go like
2:02:01, awkward pause. (announcer giving directions) Alright, let’s get into this race now. (inspirational music) – Athletes take your marks… (siren) (inspirational music) – Alright, so we’re here at
transition two, waiting for Pat. He was in the lead by,
somewhere around 30, 40 seconds. He’s got, I think three people within about two minutes behind him, but he would be the
strongest runner of the gang. So as long as the long swim training isn’t killing him he’s gonna do okay. He’s lookin’ sharp, like he’s puttin’ power into those pedals. (inspirational music) – He comes across that line. Still trying to figure
out who he is after. (cheering) Number 62. – I think that, oh! Is this the bike and swim time? Happy clock official time… Nothing. This is anticlimactic so far. No results up, gotta wait for them online. That is not a new thing
in Manitoba, by the way. Pat had to take off, couldn’t ask him how the race went much. I’ll tell ya, it went fairly well. His official time should be
around a 2:01, something. So for those of you
that said 2:01 somewhere in the comments, you’re
still in the running. Now it’s time for me to go for
a run in the sweltering heat. How do people run in
the afternoon, honestly? This is gonna be, it’s gonna
be a little muggy, heavy, hot. Alright, time for a
quick change in the car. Don’t pretend like you’ve never done it. Alright, avert your
eyes, traniacs (grunts). Run time. (inspirational music) Whoo, she is muggy. Ugh, I can’t see anything,
my eyes are burning. 10.84 kilometers in a
4:29 per kilometer pace. This is why I wear do-rags. We did that as a negative
split, kind of run, starting at about 4:45 per
kilometer for the first 3, 4K. Then we brought it down to
an average of about 4:36, and then the last 3K got it down to 4:29. Oh man, I need the massage table now. Some ice! I apologize for this awful
ending, but I had to wait until the next day, today, Monday, the race was yesterday, to
actually get the overall results. Pat’s official time: 2:01:46:50. Back to a shirtless Taren ending. Later trainiacs. Good day of racing to any
Winnepeg-ers who are in there. It’s cool meeting you.

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