Cobalt Aquatics Dual USB Air Pump

Hello River Lifers we’re talking about
air pumps. That’s what it’s about. Check out my video on the Cobalt Rescue Air
Emergency system. I’ll put a link up here if you haven’t seen that one already.
Now we’re going to talk about the Cobalt dual port USB air pump with an internal
battery. Tiny bubbles in my tank help me keep my fishes are awake! We’ve got the 110 outlet plugs into a
USB so it’s basically a USB adapter for a 110 outlet the other end it’s a little
rack type unit that plugs into the side that stays closed with a rubber moisture
protection cover plugs in so if the power goes off it will continue to run
it also has an option for a 10 second pulse it continues to run for 10 seconds
and then it turns off automatically for 10 seconds and it maintains that cycle
and to extend the life of battery operation let’s see if not plugging the
unit in it will run indicating that the internal battery is charged oh yeah 3
out of 4 charged lights are lit indicating there’s 3/4 of a charge on
the internal battery and it’s quiet can you hear that it’s very quiet it’s quiet
on the table I don’t even feel the table vibrating rubber feet it’s nice got a
clip on the back in case you’re using it to move fish I had a power outage
recently I wish I would have had one of these well that’s why I do have one now
pressing the on button one more time activates the 10 second pulse so now it
will remain off for 10 seconds and then kick back on now it’s back on I have a
power bank that I had before I bought this pump let’s see if it will run the
unit yes it will and now you can see that the charge indicators are 4 out of
4 lids by turning it off it automatically resets to the full time
power running it with no external source of energy it continues to run full time
also so you have to press the on button in order to get the 10 second pulse to
activate I’ve got a small jar of water here a couple of air hoses a couple of
air stones let’s turn this thing on see if it works
yeah there we go lots of bubbles so I love this device this USB is changing
the aquarium hobby world I would say it’s the greatest innovation since I
started keeping fish and this is a big leap forward this makes the aquarium
hobby more relevant than it was figuratively yesterday having a USB
adapter we can use our battery banks to run now very necessary equipment the air
pump is so important the fish have to breathe I like it when the fish breathe
I was really scared when the power went out
house for two days because of snow I only had a couple of battery operated
air pumps so I was glad to get this as well as the cobalt rescue air the USB
power operation of these cobalt pumps has revolutionized the aquarium hobby in
my opinion it’s that simple it’s irrelevant now we’re using battery packs
that we may already own they’re selling products that include their own battery
pack and just because the power goes out doesn’t mean that our fish with or
without necessary equipment servicing the aquarium pump runs very quiet for a
dual port well there you have it the cobalt USB powered air pump I give it a
thumbs up Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you guys maybe this
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I can breathe I could breathe again breathing is good
breathe often life without breath it’s no life at all

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