Cobalt Aquatics Phantom Ultrasonic Silent Aquarium Air Pump Review. The Most Quiet Air Pump?

– Hey, everyone. This is
Cory from Aquarium Co-Op and today, we’re gonna be reviewing the Cobalt Phantom
Ultrasonic Silent Air Pump. So we’re gonna be using
things like this flow meter to test how much air
actually is putting out. We’re gonna use this dB meter to test how quiet it actually is and then I’ll just give
you my overall results and things like that
so we’re gonna go ahead and get started. See the first thing I do like is it comes in a cardboard box, whereas, a similar pump to
this called the aPump by Collar comes in a metal box and in my review, I don’t like that because I think it’s killing the
environment by using metals. So I do prefer the box compared to some of the competitors. That’s a good thing. Let’s go ahead and open it up. Looks very similar to Collar air pump, packaged very similar, even comes with the same airline tubing and air stone here. I’m kinda glad to see
it hasn’t deviated much because that probably means
it’s a very high-quality pump, which is good and backed by
Cobalt with the guarantee. What we’re gonna do, we’re gonna grab the airline tubing, and we’re gonna go ahead
and connect it to one, or not one side, but we’re
gonna connect to the pump here, and then let’s see how long the cord is. So it comes with the same 3-foot long cord that the Collar air pump is and without knowing any better, I might say this is the exact same pump because there is no branding
on the actual pump itself and it’s running very similar but… We’re going to connect
it to this flow meter and I just gotta put
it on the bottom here. This shows me that we’re
getting a little bit less than half a liter per minute of flow, which I can show you there, if I get the numbers there, which happens to be identical
to a Collar air pump. All right. Low flow but this is kind
of meant for a nano tank even though they do claim it will pump 31.5 inches deep, which I’ve seen in other review videos that it will do that
and we’re gonna test it back here on this aquarium,
which is 25 inches deep so we’ll know at least goes 25 here. So you know, not a ton of output. That being said, it is
running very, very quiet. It has a suction cup on the bottom so you can suction cup
to the side of your tank so it’s unlikely to rattle. That being said, just
like in my Collar air pump or aPump review, once
the section cup does go, it does not appear to be replacable so take that for a grain of salt, or with a grain of salt I should say. So next, we’re going to attach
the air stone it comes with for the sake of the test and we’re going to monitor how
quiet it is right next to it. It is between eight and nine decibels, which is very quiet. Yep and when I talk, it obviously inflates
and things like that, but it is between eight and nine dB and that’s here with this
free app that I’m using that is recording my voice. So you can see it when I stop talking, it’ll jump right back down. This is me holding it an
inch away from the air pump so it is… I don’t think they can
make one quieter than this. That’s the metric is 8 dB. I’m not sure you can have a device that’s on that will be quieter than this and actually produce air. So believe me that it is very quiet, much quieter than the
other air pumps I reviewed, which I could put a link here to that, where it’s like the EHEIM,
The Whisperer, Aquatop. All those pumps right
here will be in that video and you can see that at 8 dB, it is way, way, way more quiet than those. The next thing we gotta test is will it actually pump down 25 inches? The problem I run into is when you try to pump something down 25 inches, the hose gets filled with air and this non-weight air
stone wants to float so I always test with
the Never Clog Air Stone, which is weighted and will
help us with this test. I sell these on my website. According to, I have to import them into the country but they’re great because
they don’t put back pressure on the air pump and they allow good flow. Next, we’ll cut to it
actually running on the tank ’cause I can’t do it from here. So as you can see behind me, it will pump all the
way down to this tank. It’s not quite at the bottom there just because there’s so
much oxygen in this tubing. That being said, I’ve
got it stuck to the front of my tank here, which typically you would
do that either on the side or preferably the best
way you could mount that would be on the top. If you mount it on your top glass, that way you don’t need a check valve and it can’t siphon any water out if the power is to go out
so that’s a good thing. So I would say overall the
Phantom Air Pump by Cobalt is a great air pump. I would say it’s very
similar, if not the same, as a Collar air pump, or aPump, except you get the 3-year warranty and you’re much more likely
to find this in a store. I’m going to bring this
into my retail store and so there’s no reason to
buy one that is unbranded and not get a 3-year warranty. They’re gonna be very price comparative. I think the aPump that I
bought for my review was $27 and I believe this one retails at somewhere between $27 and $29 and yet, you get a 3-year warranty, whereas, the other one
there’s no warranty. I see no reason not to buy this pump, better packaging, seems
to be the same exact pump, great for nano tanks. It will also pump very deep. You don’t need a lot of
oxygen to actually add oxygen. It does pump deep, which most
ones couldn’t even do that. It would’ve given out
with the back pressure so it is a pump designed
to pump low amounts of air very deeply and silently. That you need to know, if
that’s what you’re looking for, this pump is unbeatable. If you’ve got a small
nano tank on your desk, in your office, in a
bedroom, something like that, this is what you need. If you need to pump air down
to the bottom of a barrel ’cause you’re mixing up salt water or need to oxygenate water before you change water in the fish room, this pump’s gonna do it too, where your average pump you’re gonna have to use a way big pump or you’re gonna have to
use some other method because this little pump is
about the only thing I found that will do it and do it efficiently. I give this pump a thumb’s up. I encourage you guys to go buy it. I’m gonna put a link down
below in the description and right here to actually
buy this pump on Amazon so if you don’t have a local store, which I always say support
your local store first, but if you don’t have one,
go ahead and support us by buying it at our Amazon link. We’ll make fifty cents and it’ll help pay for the next review and more gadgets so that we can actually
monitor this stuff for you. Thanks for watching and
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DIY projects, all that. Until next time, we’ll
see you in the next video.

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