Cobalt Aquatics Rescue Air USB Air Pump Kit

When the power goes out you’re really
powerless. The best you can do is have the equipment that’s going to help you
through the crisis. You don’t know how long it will last or what it’s going to
take to fix but it can happen to anyone. What’s up everybody!? Today we’re going to
talk about this new Cobalt Rescue Air air pump.
Unfortunately, I needed one of these during the power out it’s not long ago
and I didn’t have one. I took care of that here it is today. I’m going to unbox
it for you now. Handy little dandy. Very handy device. USB adapter and plug, the pump, air
tubing, air stone, battery, USB adapter. Got the USB adapter. USB cord. This is the
terminal end. The rescue air it also has a clip on the back covered port here. This
is a little rubber plug covering the port. Okay, cool.
kind of gives you a positive snap in there let’s see if the spare battery
that it shipped with comes with a charge let’s just plug this in nice unit power
bank this is a cobalt rescue air power bank here we go if that plugged in oh
yeah we got a air baby we’re running on battery power we’ve got it on I think if
I press the on button again I go to ten second pulse you see that blue light on
the left of the dial ten-second pulse so now it’s off and it’s gonna stay off for
ten seconds then it’s gonna come back on to extend the life of the internal
battery I’m going to unplug the power pack and see if the internal battery has
a charge not plugged into anything let’s see it’s gonna stay off for ten seconds
back on so it comes with the charge on the internal battery I don’t know how
long all right let’s see if it’ll make some bubbles first we’re gonna try the
aquarium co-op unweighted never clogged air stone and here we go okay now we’re gonna gonna push the on
button again and go back to 10-second pulse now we’re on ten-second Colts the
things quiet by the way that thing is quiet no I don’t hear it I can feel it I
don’t hear it all the sound I hear is coming from the air exiting and the
bubbles in the water the things nearly silent that thing’s nearly silent it’s
not making any noise this thing’s really quiet let’s try a check valve and stop
check valve backwards gonna go back on full power and test
with the check valve in place there’s a little bit of a difference just like
with any other pump still works just fine this is the cobalt rescue air
running on a power bank USB powered shift with the unit so I can take I can
charge this like I would in a USB power bank I can use it on my cell phone if
I’m not using it on the rescue pump and if I unplug this you’ll see that the
pump is still running because it has an internal battery that on the 10-second
pulse can last up now if this power bank is fully charged
it’s said to last 72 additional hours ok so that’s three days four days you got
four days worth of power here I was out of power for two days I sort of come in
handy and what I’m thinking is if I have a splitter I can run two tanks and if I
have valve controls I can run three or five whatever in my situation I had no
air so if I can deliver some air to all the tanks it’s better than nowhere
here’s a power bank that I’ve had for a while this one that I carry just to
recharge things or plug the camera into if I’m in the middle of an interview and
I run all the battery out let’s see if this thing will operate on a power bank
other than the one that is shipped with the answer is yes I’ve got a positive on
the end-use and we’ve got Bose didn’t notice any change in the rate or power
when I did that this pump is really quiet I can’t get over how
this pump is it’s emergency yeah do whatever is necessary desperate times
call for desperate measures team green Alliance team green Alliance
youtubers helping each other out making it happen for ourselves setting goals
and then smashing them that’s what I’m talking about I read that on wicked
tanks in seed YouTube channel he’s the winner of the river life hundred dollar
gift certificate giveaway from aquarium co-op your boy helping the community out
he says set goals and smash them that’s what we’re doing over TGA we’re glad to
have what it takes NC as part of our group we’d like to
have you as part of our group come on over and take off the green bandana crew
you don’t have to have a bandana you don’t have to have a YouTube channel if
you want to get maximum benefit that’s not even necessary come on over and see
how the youtubers are doing it come on over see how the fish tubers are doing
it we’d love to have you around thanks a lot okay
Eddie’s Eddie’s soldier as you were stand down you done hey come here come
here come here hey come here yeah hey looky good girl good girl
I was really holding my breath oh the things I’ll do for a thumbnail the
things I’ll do for a thumbnail I recommend the cobalt rescue air I’m
gonna put a link below where you can check out the cobalt rescue air I’m a
fan it’s a very quiet running pump it runs on an internal battery it runs on
the power bank that it shipped with or another one you may have in your
possession already haven’t even plugged it in yet now we’re operating off of 110
electrical current I have it plugged in and the 10-second pulse is still an
option and I’m getting a reading the four blue lights across the top of the
panel indicate that it’s fully charged now that’s because I have it plugged in
to receptacle now if I unplug it it’s going to continue to run on the internal
battery and it indicates a full charge on the battery and then I have a USB
adapter that I can plug into a horrible power bank either the one they sent with
unit or one you may already have and this is a little charging cable for the
power bank that they’ve sent it runs so quiet this is one of the neatest things
I’ve seen the aquarium hobby since I started the battery back up USB air pump
emergency air it’s just a fantastic idea by Khobar I commend them for it comes
completes got rubber feet so it runs quiet on the surface as a matter of fact
I don’t even feel vibration on the table the USB adapter is really relevant I
just think that’s a game changer I look for more aquarium accessories to come
with a power adapter involving the USB till the next time why don’t you get out
there and see it love it and live it if you like this content where we’re doing
demonstrations of cutting edge technology and the fish keeping hobby
what are you going to that subscribe button if you know someone who might
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channel grows that’s how the community grows I appreciate you tuning in thanks
for watching and I hope to see you again on the next
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours from the river life
YouTube channel

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