Combination Aquatic Therapy Exercises for Arthritis Pain : Advanced Aquatic Therapy Exercises

Hi my name is Rotem, I’m an Exercise Physiologist
and Aquatic Therapist and I’m here on behalf of Expert Village. The next set of exercises
we’ll combine the balance component to the exercise. So it basically means that we’ll
try to switch between different exercises different directions and different intensities.
One example can be walking forward. So start with doing 2 steps forward; 1, 2. Now go backwards
2 steps but this time you will do the marching backwards; so 1, 2. Now we will do the oreo’s
exercise with our hands; so 1 with each finger and then we’ll shift to the side and do 2
steps to the side; 1 step touch and to the other side, step touch. So again, we start
with 2 steps forward, 2 steps backwards, exercise to the arms and then 2 steps touch. So 1,
2, 1, 2, oreo’s and side step, side step.

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