¿Cómo es un Ecosistema? | Videos Educativos para Niños

♫ Intro ♫ As you know, in some places of our planet there are mountains. while in others, there are deserts, jungles or oceans. In each one of those places there’re animals and plants which have adapted to the conditions of the place. Imagine a penguin used to living on snow… What would happen to it if taken to a tropical city in summer? Well… it’d surely die. Well, not in all cases. Some may live at zoos, for example. But surely it would need to get used to living outside its ecosystem. Outside of where? Its ecosystem. Each of those places that I’ve just mentioned: the jungle, the desert, or the sea, for example. With its temperature, height, wind, is called “ecosystem”. And how large is an ecosystem? They have different sizes. They may be big, like the sea, or small, like a hole in a leaf. And what is there in an ecosystem? There are animals, plants and a lot of other organisms. Those which are alive, are called “biotic components”. But, besides, there are other elements which are not alive, like light, rain, wind… These are called “abiotic components”. And where are the ecosystems? In many places. They change according to the place in the world where they are. For example, in the south of Argentina there are forests with snow; in Brazil and in Africa there are large jungles. In Aula365 Speedy there’s a lot more to learn and enjoy, don’t miss it! Aula365 Speedy, celebrating knowledge.

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