Competitions begin in Gwangju 2019 World Aquatics Championships

Staying with the 2019 FINA World Championships. Some of the events are already underway. Our Won Jung-hwan outlines what fans can look
forward to… during the 17-day competition. Around 2-thousand-6-hundred athletes from
over 190 countries will be vying for 76 gold medals in 6 disciplines,… from July 12th
to the 28th. Two of those 6 sporting events have already
kicked off,… and the competition is fierce. Preliminaries for the men’s 1-meter dive have
begun at Nambu University Municipal Aquatics Center, the main venue of the 2019 Gwangju
Championships,… showcasing some acrobatic performances. There are a total of 13 gold medals up for
grabs,… and China, the world’s No.1,… is once again likely to sweep most of the
medals. Besides the diving,… both solo and duet
technicals for artistic swimming,… have also begun at Yeomju Gymnasium in Gwangju. There 10 gold medals to be won,… and the
defending champion, Svetlana Kolesnichenko of Russia… is the odds-on favorite to add
to her tally of 13 world titles. On Saturday,… two other disciplines – Open
Water and Water Polo – will also get underway. Open water is an outdoor swimming competition
that is widely known as the marathon of swimming. The open water discipline is the only event
which will be held outside of Gwangju,… namely Yeosu EXPO Ocean Park which was the
site of a 2012 global expo in Yeosu. Another event that is due to kick off over
the weekend will be,… only ball game in swimming,… water polo. 7 players from each side will try to put a
ball inside their opponent’s net. A total of 16 teams in both the men’s and
women’s side will compete for a gold medal. The two remaining disciplines high diving
and swimming will take place later in the championship calendar. With a jam-packed schedule of events,… the
largest-ever competition in FINA’s history will provide global fans to cool off during
the summer. Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News.

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