Conservation (Indigenous Freshwater Fish) Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 8

inst his reform bill second reading this bill is sit down for committee stage next sitting de call on government order of the day number six conservation indigenous freshwater fish a memorable interrupted debate on first reading so when we were debating this next we’re up to a National Party cool I understand it as a split call and so I call Todd Muller with a bell at one minute a big mob that’s fine for how many minutes madam Speaker five minutes five very good okay that’s very good thank you very much madam Speaker for the opportunity to just say a few words in support of the conservation and dizziness freshwater fish amendment bill the first reading that we started a week or so ago and obviously we signaled that we’re going to support it but I do I do just want to call out poor process which is becoming a consistent theme for this government and particularly for this Minister when I looked through the regulatory impact statement there was a section here which talked around key limitations of the analysis of the bills fit for purpose and it says the key constraint in preparing the policy proposals was time frame this means that the proposals that is listed in this bill could not be tested the bill didn’t that they had not allowed any time for consultation with E we and stakeholders and then the reason for that from the government is because of their intense legislative program that’s what they have signaled is the reason why there has been no stakeholder engagement and the suggestions that are enabled in this legislation have not been tested I mean madam Speaker this is completely woeful we said on the Environment Select Committee and the last year we’ve had the and continental shelf amendment bill that we had to look at a couple of times because that we didn’t quite get the detail right the America’s Cup road closure bill which was about two clauses the letter increased infringement fee amendment bill and the conservation infringement system built high order issues madam Speaker clearly we are under the pump and the Environment Committee to the extent that the legislative program is so packed that we’ve got to put this bill in front of the house without testing it with any stakeholders and with the quality assurance from the government officials saying well actually we don’t actually know whether these proposals are going to work because they haven’t been tested that talks to extraordinarily poor process in fact this government wouldn’t know a good process if they tripped over not under pressure had nothing in front of the Environment Committee has a new bill that’s been pushed through by Eugenie’s age hasn’t been tested with stakeholders hasn’t been tested with EE and their own regulatory impact statement says actually we can’t even be sure this has worked will work because we haven’t tested the proposals now we’ll support it because the intent is in the right direction but be assured we will interrogate this fiercely and do what the government should have done before they put the first reading up in the first place thank you madam Speaker I call it Erica Stanford thank you madam Speaker I’m pleased to take a call

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