Corrupted Blood Of Argus Aquatic Assault Family Fighter Warcraft Pet Battle

this is how to defeat the corrupted blood
of argus using all aquatic pets for the aquatic assault part of the family fighter achievement. Your first pet is a gulp froglet with swarm,
your second pet is a left shark, with dazzling dance and rain dance,
and your final pet is a gahz’rooki with bite, swallow you whole and geyser. Start with your gulp froglet and pass the
first round, the corrupted blood will use void gate and force in your left shark, with
your left shark in the battle pass one round, then use dazzling dance, followed by rain
dance, the corrupted blood will then use void gate and force in gahz’rooki, cast geyser
and then swap to your left shark, with your left shark back in the battle cast dazzling
dance, after which your gulp froglet will be forced in, cast swarm, you’ll hit will
all three rounds of swarm before being swapped out to your gahz’rooki, with gahz’rooki back
in the battle cast bite, followed by swallow you whole, this should finish off the corrupted
blood. If you found this video helpful please consider
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