Costumes, Makeup, Music – Behind The Scenes of Cirque du Soleil BAZZAR | Episode 4

Every single artist within the BAZZAR, within the troop of the
maestro had his own horizon. These obviously into the costume and
into the makeup kind of draws in that. James Lavoie created amazing
costumes that are pushing the “from the street” into show, show mode spectacular. [IT MOVES VERY NICELY.] It’s such a high level of costuming,
[COSTUME DESIGNER] and you know the demands are so
specific and so special that just being here is kind of something
that’s really, really special for me. I think it what was really exciting
about BAZZAR was to create 30 kind of individual artists who all come together in
this tent to create a show. It allowed me to pull
inspiration from like, from anywhere you know,
like I could look at you know, different time periods, look at
art, look at contemporary fashion, look at the history of circus and
kind of like put that altogether into a bowl and mix it up to create
you know, what we made for BAZZAR. One of the most exciting parts
of being here at Cirque is that we get to make almost
all of our fabrics. As a designer, I might want
it to look a certain way but the needs of the performance
might need the fabric to function in another
way so, you know, I would say 99% of our fabrics are fabrics that we’ve kind of
custom made here at Cirque du Soleil so that we get that balance between
the kind of look that I might want, but that also functions really well
for the artist and their performance. So what makes BAZZAR’s makeup
very unique [MAKEUP DESIGNER] is that it’s very
contemporary and modern so it’s inspired of course
by colors and shapes but it also has like a
fashion twist to it and also I will get inspired a lot
by their costumes, of course. For BAZZAR, the orientation was really
having something colorful, young, youthful, still making it very elegant so it
turns out to be 30 different looks. A lot of the artists will learn
their individual makeup. They have to be able to
recreate their makeup like if the makeup designer did it because we are well-known
for our makeup. The music of BAZZAR is,
[MUSIC COMPOSER] the first word I have in my mind
is fun, accessible and dreamy. It’s all based on very
simple instruments. It’s based on the piano and
the guitar and the vocal. I blended all these
things to write the score and make it as fun as
possible so this music is a melodic one
with lots of energy. I picture myself in the street
playing music for people. The music is fantastic, it’s the type
of music that grabs you right away and that you walk out and you sing

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