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So welcome to Crawford Market, the most iconic spot in Mumbai, was actually named after the first municipal commissioner of Mumbai, Arthur Crawford. Later on this was re-crystal Mahatma Jyoti Phulle Market after a freedom fighter and a Hindu reformer. Now this market used to have the biggest trade from India with fruits, vegetables, poultry and even pet sometimes. But I come here to find out the most beautiful fruits because all the fruits from Turkey and Australia and New Zealand, they have to come to Crawford Market first before they get dispersed. Until 1996, this was a wholesale market but now it has been moved over to new Bombay as this place got too crowded and Bombay got too-too busy. Now let’s explore some really good food. Whenever I want to feel fruitful and I want to see the best fruits in the country I come to Crawford Market. And look around here, you have got almost everything. A whole array of mangoes, pomegranates, pomelos. Ratnagiri in Maharashtra is the pride of Maharashtra because the best mangoes in the world, I would reiterate “the world,” come actually from Ratnagiri which is in Maharashtra and the produce comes right here. They sell at least ten tons of Mango every season. People come and flock here to buy this. So you have a choice, either you go to your local market and buy what they have or come here straight to the source, where it comes from Ratnagiri right into Crawford market. Now there is something called Pomelo. Okay! Pomelo, reminds me, it is of a citrus family. So as you see the Pomelo is a giant grapefruit. Now these are ruby pink in colour and you have to make sure that it has a nice pink colour like this and it is bit juicy. This is also an exciting time of the year because it’s time for the stone fruits to arrive. Stone Fruits, you are wondering what they are. Well, Stone fruits are fruits which have a stone inside and the pulp is outside. That’s why they are called stone fruits. Examples of stone fruits are Lichis, Peaches, and these beautiful cherries which come all the way from Kashmir. Remember when you buy Peaches, they have to be a little nice and firm. Now sometimes when these are very-very hard, they take a couple of days to actually ripen up. But don’t worry about it and remember when you smell a peach, you get that beautiful peachy fragrance. And these are really-really good and top quality. Things what you need to do when you buy Lichis. Make sure that there are no black spots, make sure that they are firm and the brighter red they are, it means they are absolutely ready for you to savour. These Apricots come from Kashmir. These are actually nice and fresh and when they are dried, they are known as Zardalu, meaning dried Apricots. What I want to do is I want to get a little bit of each and I actually don’t know what I’m going to do but for sure I’m going to make something really-really groovy, just for you guys! If you want to know anything about stone fruits, just AskMe! Don’t we all love chats, I love my chats. But you know my chats are kind of very different because I combine Potatoes, sweet potatoes, arbi, and guess what I like to combine fruits. Everybody easily love fruit chat but mine is called a stone fruit chat. Let’s make a very quick chat. I have got some arbi, Colocasia which I have boiled and cooled down and peeled. So I have got these small new potatoes similarly boiled. Now I have got some diced peaches, going in there as well. Cherries which have been pitted and cut into two. So we have got nice cherries going into that as well. I have got some fresh Apricots (Zardalu). Okay, which I’m going to just slice them and put them inside. So you are going to get a very nice, sweet, sourish flavour coming from all these stone fruits. Some chopped spring onions inside, some finely chopped onions, chilies to make it a little spicy, some black salt, and some chat masala, all readymade. Some roasted, freshly roasted and freshly ground jeera powder, a little bit of red chili powder, juice of water of lemon and we give this a nice mix. Now ideally a chat, it will be nice to serve this chat, nice and chilled. So it’s a great party snack. You can actually make this a little time ahead and then what you can do, just keep it in the fridge. Nice, lovely chat made fresh for you, some chopped spring onions. My stone fruit just for you is ready! Everybody loves rice but I love brown rice because brown rice – I love that old mouthfeel to that rice, that bite, that nutty flavour and of course very-very healthy for you. I also like to experiment different kinds of combination with rice, okay. Like today I have got some Shiitake Mushrooms, the dried ones which I picked up in the market and I got some button mushrooms. I have got some mooli, yes, Radish that also goes into the rice along with a touch of coconut milk. So I have got a very kind of modern Asian influence to this rice. Okay, so let’s start cooking. So I have got a nice tablespoon of olive oil in here. We gonna be adding some chopped onions, a little bit of chopped ginger. Just give that little base flavour to it. Right. Then I have got some Shiitake Mushrooms. Okay, these are mushrooms which you get in that dried form and then what we do is, we put them in water, we rehydrate them and I use this water. I call it the mushroom stalk as a flavouring for this rice. So in goes the shiitake mushrooms. Your regular button mushrooms as well. Nicely sweat it out. All the flavour from the mushrooms is going to come out. A little chopped green chili, some mooli (Radish). So you have got the earthiness of the mushrooms, you’ve got ginger, you’ve got onions. Then you have got the radish. So there is a lots of things going on in this rice. So once these vegetables are kind of soft, I mean not completely mushy but I want that bite in this vegetable. A pinch of salt and I’m adding just a touch of some garam masala powder into this. Good kick in the flavour. And then I’m going to be adding a couple of spoons of coconut milk into this. And finally we have gotta put this cooked brown rice and very-very gently mix everything in. Very simply! Very-very nicely. Next, a little bit of black pepper, a little bit of salt, some fresh coriander and I have got some radish leaves which I’m going to be adding into the rice as well. Nicely mixed up. And our mushroom rice is ready! It makes a great snack, if you want to quickly make it, eat it at home, carry it in your tiffin box, give it to your kids in school and then you can get absolutely creative with rice. If you really wanna know some really good recipes with rice, just AskMe! And now it’s time to plate it up. Some coriander all around. A few sprouts, beetroot, methi, mustard all around flavouring your rice. And here we go, our mushroom and radish brown rice, ready for you.

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