CRAYA – Marker and Watercolour Illustration

– [Voiceover] Hey guys so I have another speed
paint video for you and next week is gonna be the workstation tour for 2015. A lot of
people have been asking about it and that’ll be my next video so woo-hoo I’m excited for
that one! Anyway, I’m working on a picture here, it’s quite random. Initially it was
a completely different picture. I had asked Christian to give me random words. His first
two words were orangutan and devilfish. And I was like no I need better words. So he started
giving me other words and one word was jellyfish and another one was power glove. So I got
this idea of this girl who lives underwater with jellyfish and uses these power gloves
to project herself through the water. And I did make up a sketch but I ended up ditching
it. I just didn’t like it and I decided to start anew on a new piece. And I actually
picked out my colors first. So I wanted purples, blues, pinks and turquoises. Yeah I decided
on the color palette first because sometimes that helps me come up with a concept because
I was so stuck on what I needed to draw and I was like I need to draw something tonight
in order to get my video done in time, and it’s hard when you’re on a time crunch to
be creative sometimes. So yeah I thought of a color palette which led me to think of this
girl who, initially I didn’t really picture her wearing clothes either, she was supposed
to be some kind of weird alien creature. And I pictured her with bulbs all over her body,
like almost like giant boils all over her body. I know that sounds gross but they were
gonna be these cute colors and I thought it would be really cool for some kind of alien
creature. And I started sketching her out and I was gonna have tentacles on her forearm
which you can see in the picture right now. I ended up scrapping that idea and then once
I erased the tentacles I remembered oh yeah I was gonna draw these boils all over her
and I kinda forgot but she’s kind of already wearing clothes and I felt like that idea
didn’t really work anymore. So I decided to scrap that. Maybe I’ll do something with it
in the future but I struggled a lot with her clothes. And finally found a skirt that I
liked and ended up transforming it into a dress. And I just felt like the hand in the
back was weird so I actually moved her arm behind her so you don’t really see it. And
it kinda sucks cuz I feel like that hand turned out okay, I think it turned out better than
the other hand. I need a lot of work on hands. I didn’t even show all the footage of all
the times I re-drew the hand. It was ridiculous, and I’m talking about the bottom one, and
then I just ended up covering it. So it was pointless but I tend to draw really sausage
fingers. I can never draw dainty-looking female hands, they always look so sausage-y and ugh,
like the hand she’s holding up right now is no, no, no. Anyway. So I used a normal pencil
to darken the outlines because I was sketching in blue. And you can see some of the boils
there that I drew on her and then I was like nah this doesn’t work and then I erased them.
And then I traced it onto some watercolor paper using my lightbox and I used a blue
pencil, not the same blue pencil I sketched in but one of my Noris club pencils. Because
I thought I would have a pencil outline like I’ve been doing lately in my pictures. But
I felt like it was too light and because the colors are going to be a bit brighter in this
piece I wanted the line-art to be a bit brighter. So I used some blue pens. I used a lighter
blue one, oh these are Staedtler fine-liners. I used the lighter one for the whole picture
then just the darker one for the eyes because I don’t like it when the eyes are outlined
a really light color. Even doing this dark blue felt too light. I was tempted to go black
and I just thought no, just leave it blue, we’ll survive. So that’s how it’s turning
out. And my thought is she’s just some kind of alien creature. She’s dressed up for a
formal event. I don’t know exactly what it is. You know the story doesn’t always need
to be fully fleshed out. Sometimes I just draw and you just see what happens. It’s cool
to sometimes have a background story to your picture. And sometimes the story just develops
as you’re working on it and yeah. So this is one of those times where I just kept re-drawing
everything until I came up with something I liked because I didn’t have a concrete idea
in my head. And I mean that’s what art is about sometimes. Just doodling ’till something
works. Just it feels stressful when you’re trying to do it for a video. And you’re thinking,
“I need to get this right the first time!” So, now I’m using my masking fluid. I actually
just got it in the mail and it’s a masking fluid pen. That’s what it’s labeled as even
though it’s not really a pen but it has a fine tip so you can just squeeze it out instead
of using a paintbrush. And I struggled a bit with this; I did do some tests on a different
piece of paper before I started on this picture. And it’s a little bit hard to control because
a lot of the time the ink, or not the ink, the fluid just comes out so fast. And it’s
not too bad for drawing those straight lines. But doing those circles it would turn into
this huge dome of liquid and it’s never gonna dry if it’s a big fat dome! And so I tried
using a paintbrush to scoop out some of the fluid and spread it on other areas but towards
the end it was cooperating really nicely. It was just for the first three quarters of
the picture that it was not working. Plus it was full of air bubbles which kept popping
out. And those were a pain in the butt. And I think it’s because I shook it and you’re
not really supposed to shake masking fluid I don’t think. But when I got it in the mail
it looked like it had settled, and like it separated into two different parts so I had
to shake it to make it back into what it’s supposed to be. So as I was shaking it I was
like ugh, this is probably making a lot of bubbles but it had to be done. And it’s not
one of those instances where tilting would have worked, it is like a violent shake. And
I actually have another one of those pens with a finer nib. And I haven’t tried that
one out yet. So I’m excited to see if maybe it has a bit more control than this one. So
we’ll see. And here I’m using my watercolors to paint in the background. And they’re Pebeo,
that’s the brand. And I don’t know they’re not really super expensive or anything. I
think it was $40 regular price for the whole tin or something like that. I’m not sure.
And I’m using watercolors, because one I just felt like painting because I’ve seen a lot
of painting videos lately. And two the masking fluid works better with watercolors than it
works with copics. I tested it on watercolor paper and on my marker paper, using both watercolors
and copics on both types of paper. And the copics behaved exactly how I thought they
would. The ink gets underneath the masking fluid but not on the top layer of paper. So
when you take the fluid off you’re left with, you can still see the design you made with
the fluid but it’s not white, it’s sort of just a lighter version of the colors you used
on top of it. And I made sure to use a lot of ink to really test it out. And so it worked
great for thin lines, it was a cool effect even though it wasn’t solid white, but for
the big circles that I drew in between the lines that’s where it didn’t work because
it would leach under the edges of the circle but not all the way to the middle of the circle.
And so when you peel it off you’ve got pure white in the middle and then this ring of
lighter color and then your background. So I think if you’re gonna use copics with masking
fluid it’s best to stick with thinner lines. And the more ink you lay down the more it’s
going to get underneath those lines too. I really did lots of layering and blending just
to kind of test it to the max. I think it’s alright with copics; I might still do some
things with masking fluid and copics in the future. And another important note with masking
fluid is make sure everything is totally dry before you start to peel it off. And I did
have some problems with it tearing the top layer of the paper, which is strange because
during my test it didn’t rip either of the papers at all. Although this watercolor paper
did feel more prone to ripping than the marker paper since the marker paper is much smoother.
There’s less texture for it to grip onto. So here you see me removing it. I am just
using an eraser to erase it away. And like I said there’s a few spots where it tore the
paper but it still looks alright, I like it. I think it’s a pretty neat effect. I’m not
really sure what the background’s supposed to be. It feels almost a little bit like constellations
but I think of her as more of an aquatic type of alien. So I don’t even know. It’s just
one of those random things. It turned out how it turned out. There wasn’t a whole lot
of planning involved. I just wanted to have fun with my masking fluid. Alright, what else
can we talk about with this picture? I decided to make her skin just a combination of all
the colors involved. And I like how, because I used copics on her skin and then watercolors
in the background, it helps her pop because the colors– she is very similar colors to
the background so I was worried she would blend in too much. But because the paint is
not as vibrant as the copics it works out because the background’s a little more desaturated
and she’s more saturated so she pops a little. And I’m a bit sad that the shading got too
dark on her arms and pretty much her whole body because on her face the dark purple isn’t
too dark. But I feel like it is too dark on the rest of her. And I didn’t wanna darken
up her face so it doesn’t quite match. And I feel like it’s too much contrast than I
wanted. And it’s not meant to be really shadows. It’s just meant to be the way her skin looks
like depending on the angle it will reflect purple like, I don’t know, not really a reflection
even. But you know, like, I’ve had nail polishes that do that. It’s turquoise and purple and
depending on how you twist your nail in the light you can see different colors reflected
in it so that was kinda my thought with it. So, you know. And then I added little dots
just as a cool texture. It’s not scales but it’s just meant to be the look of the skin.
And not even quite texture, just more like a pattern that’s in the skin itself. It’s
not like it’s bumpy or anything. So those are my thoughts regarding her skin. And I
think it’s really pretty, I like this. And I like how she doesn’t have hair. It’s just,
I don’t know, it’s nice. I think the one part I’m not 100% happy with is the dress because
it feels really plain compared to the rest. I did add some purple in the shadows to make
it match the rest of the picture a bit more but I still feel like I could’ve done something
else maybe with the texture so that it wouldn’t– like it’s too solid, it kind of stands out
in that way. But I didn’t wanna take too much attention away from her skin so, I don’t know,
it is what it is. And overall I’m still really happy with this picture and seeing it in person
looks so much better than seeing it on the screen. I mean that’s always the case with
any art but I have it propped up in front of me and I’m like, “‘I just wanna hold it.”
I think I like it cuz it’s fully colored and it’s on my watercolor paper with watercolor
background. I’m pleased with it. Oh and her name I guess is Craya because, I don’t know,
that’s just what came to mind, I’m like saving the project file and I’m like, hm what do
I name this? So I was kinda like think last minute of a name. So her name is Craya. And
she’s some kind of creature. And that’s my story. Oh, okay the video is about to end
but one quick note: on Patreon I hit my third milestone which means guaranteed uploads every
Friday 12PM Pacfic Standard Time starting in April. So this benefits everyone even if
you’re not a supporter on Patreon, videos every week which means more videos. Woo-hoo,
so thanks for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Oh and just one more note
for those of you who are supporters on Patreon pledging $5 or more, there will be a real-time
version of this picture up on Patreon so be sure to go check that out. Alright, see you

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