Create Container Water Fountains

Do you love the soothing sights and sounds
of gurgling water? Create a small water feature for your patio. All you need is a container
fountain kit, a water type container, and a few water living plants. Step 1: Select
a suitable container. This 7 inch deep by 24 inch diameter bowl is a great size. Make
sure the container you pick doesn’t have drainage holes. It also should be deep enough to keep
a small pump submerged in water. Step 2: Place the bowl on your patio or at the edge of the
garden close to an outdoor outlet. You’ll need a nearby powers source for the fountain
pump. Surrounding plants will help conceal the power cord. Step 3: Place the pump near
the center of the bowl and then fill the bowl with fresh water. Plug in the pump and find
your favorite water pattern. We like the bell effect. Next, add water plants. For this water
garden, we selected water lettuce and baby [unk] dwarf cypress. Decorative stones will
help keep soil from splashing out of the pot. The cypress needs soil for growth so keep
it in its pot and set it, pot and all, in the water garden. Then add water lettuce which
floats freely. Step 4: Summer maintenance is simple. Just add water to keep the pump
completely submerged and trim off dead or wayward leaves. A container water feature,
it’s simply beautiful.

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