Creating Underwater Destinations Offshore Ponte Vedra

I’m Joe Kistel and today I’m at Micklers landing beach here in Ponte Vedra Florida. About 12 miles off the coast here lies
an underwater reef habitat system that’s teaming with life let’s go check it out. These underwater worlds are accessible
by heading northeast from the St. Augustine Inlet to the region known as
Floyd’s Folly. On the sea floor are four artificial reefs that were constructed
utilizing recycled concrete structures ideal for habitat creation. A fifth reef
is under construction and materials recently deployed included structures
created with help from students. Mandarin high school made these reef
balls and we are going to take them off shore next week first trick is getting
them to the Coast Guard so today were gonna rig them up get them on a truck
we’ll be on our way. Success the first ball has been loaded. Today we’re offshore St. Augustine
Florida and we have a Coast Guard ship full of these massive blocks here and
the reef balls are about 4,500 pounds they’re full of nooks and crannies like
this here they’re made by students it’s a really cool project they’re gonna make
some great fish homes so we’re excited to put those down there. (CG)These several marks there, that you guys gave us OK ,so we might put that right there. (Joe) Can we do the three, we are going to drop
three reef balls here and with this sophisticated ship we’re going to get
we’re really close so we’re excited. Soon these structures will evolve into a
thriving ecosystem creating an underwater oasis just as the existing
reef sites at Floyds Folly have become. The recycled concrete materials provide a
foundation for vertebrate growth and this growth supports an abundance and
diversity of sea life. Scuba divers and fishermen are in for an awe-inspiring
experience when visiting the reefs of Floyd’s Folly

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