CROSS BREEDING-Producing hundreds of new strain MOLLY FISH

Hey guys, it’s another beautiful day once again and you’re here back at Dexter’s world channel Well, I always started the day with a smile and of course you have to erase all the negativity You have to erase all your doubts because God is in control of everything and that’s my secret To stay happy in life. Well today we are going to talk about our Mollies finally I have produced Another kind of Molly and this is the product of crossbreeding. Well, maybe you will ask Dexter How would you produce another kind of fish? well we have to undergo a process and I call that the process of Elimination if you want to achieve a different type of fish, of course, you can mix breed them Well others would not buy to this idea but in my experience as a breeder for 20 years I am always fascinated to produce another kind or another variety of fish and today we are going to check our produce I call this the Dalmatian mollies because the color is really pure black and White I would like to call them these are the new breed of Molly’s coming from Dexter’s world and I will call them Dalmatian mollies Our original breeders of this fish Is, the 24k mollies But 24k mollies is a product of crossbreeding also the black moly the silver molly and even you can use The marbled Molly and it produced a good result. You will see this one this is now the result of a crossbreeding of the black moly and silver moly and of course the Goldust we have mixed breed them and It produced a very beautiful fish like this. I call them as what I have said the Dalmatian mollies well It’s my first time to see this kind of fish If you will see a beautiful colored fish you will immediately Segregate them to become your breeder and you will see this one Well, did you see that this is I call the Dalmatian you see this one. Wow, this is very beautiful That’s beautiful fish. You see the difference in color Well, they really have different color because the white is really that pure light and I have spotted some babies that have very good color and This is the process that I adopted I call this the process of elimination You have to eliminate all those fish that you don’t like to breed maybe because of their color because of their body form and because also of their movement because a Good breeder is an active fish free from all the formatives and this is going to be our new breeders of the Dalmatian fish now and even Envisioning that we can produce a red eye Dalmatian fish well, and that’s not impossible Because I also have here the red eye Chocolate mollies and even this yellow mollies we can mix with them and you will see that here I also have selected some breeders of chocolate Moly some breeders of this marble chocolate and this tangerine mollies well The tangerine mollies are also a product of the yellow and the chocolate it produces a Tangerine mollies And if you will segregate all that has the same color, they will produce and maintain their colors You will no longer see the colors of the original parents So you will see that this tank has plenty plenty of dalmatian mollies, but their color are not yet. Perfect If I will spot a pure white and black then I will immediately Segregate that to be able to massively produce this Dalmatian mollies. Well, maybe you will ask Lester How would you maintain the Molly fish many still have asked how to maintain the tank of the mollies? Well mollies are hardy fish and they are not really that difficult to to. Take care They are not really difficult to breed, but if you wanted to achieve another kind of variety Of course You have to be very keen enough in selecting your breeders And I have spotted as what I have said some good and potential breeders over here This are so active. It’s really very difficult to catch. But if you have food like this one They will just come and maybe submit voluntarily I don’t know but since they were already scared as I was trying to catch some of them Just this morning. They are now scared and you cannot just immediately catch them. I hope to catch them of course, I have to get the some net but I don’t have this luxury of time to to film this one because I’m really I’m really catching my time because it’s almost 8 o clock and I have to report to the office But maybe our staff can do this for us and for them in time I would like to tell you about the seeds that we have planted two days ago And they are already sprouting. Well, it’s really very visible and This is the water spinach. This is the patchay I and the lettuce and still have here I would like to make or utilize this for our Ocra I always love to explore my breeding skills and this live-bearer Molly are the best material for us to Experiment. Well, I’m trying Goldfish, they are really egg spawners it’s really very difficult to crossbreed these goldfish fish because it will really Diminish the originality of the goldfish. Meaning you will makes them more to the red cup You will not understand what kind of fish you are producing. But for this mollies the live- bearers it’s really interesting It’s really challenging because you gonna really be able to produce a different type of fish and can maintain Their strain out of the crossbreeding and this mollies now here, of course There are three kinds of mollies now here. This is the marble chocolate the pure chocolate mollies and of course we have Seen the yellow mollies we will also have an update at the back of this house and we will see the other breeders of Molly’s that we have come on Two weeks ago we were able to make also a video on This balloon mollies and they are here they are producing a lot of babies I am so glad that we have collected more than 200 babies already out of this 20 breeders of different types of balloon and of course I also have here some zebra fish and this zebra fish will gonna be our starter It’s my first time to be back again on breeding zebra because I wasn’t able to Really look some good breeders or potential bidders And now they are already here and they are still very young and the future we’re gonna breed this zebra But that mollies are really doing well, and of course our assistant Dan-Dan is here that will collect every day this babies of our balloon molly Also, we have here a big tank for the 24k Molly’s they are our starters and They are really not big If you would like to see the full size the full grown size of this molly you will look at this This are the fully grown breeder mollies and they are producing also a lot of babies and as they grow they also continuously producing babies they are not too many because they are just I think 10 pairs or maybe less but They are producing babies weekly. That’s why you will see here that their babies are now really big and Of course if you will spot a good color You will get that immediately and groom it to become your future breeder like this one I spotted a good colored This one will be our future breeder to produce Dalmatian mollies I’m so sorry They are really good jumpers What I’d like with this fish is the fact that they have very white or very clear white color So this is the thing that we can share I hope you will continue to like and share our videos and I would like to make a shout out to our new members. Who join? Dexter’s World channel Well, of course If you will join I will call you a Dexterian and you will enjoy The badge or you will get the badge as a symbol that you are a member and you are a Dexterian so every time that you will make a comment there will be a badge that will be popping out and I will Immediately recognize that and of course regular shoutouts. So thank you for watching only here at Dexter’s World Channel

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