CSUMB Tour 3/6 – Recreation

Hello my name Antoinette and I’m a senior here at CSU
Monterey Bay I’m a Human Communication major and
welcome to our aquatic center as you can see right here this is one of
state of the art pools yes it is heated so whenever it’s really
cold outside and you want swimming anyway, feel
free to jump right on and it has eight lanes and is home to our
women’s water polo team. Some the other recreation activities
that we do here and CSU Monterey Bay we go surfing, we go swimming, scuba diving, and hiking. We even have a ropes course that’s behind the school that was part of the former Fort Ord military base A really cool fun fact is were just a
few miles away from the Fort Ord Dunes state beach where students can walk to at their leisure to catch our beautiful sunsets We also have anOutdoor Recreation program offering camping trips, outings and
activities including backpacking camping, rock climbing, mountain biking,
skiing kayaking, surfing and stand up
paddleboarding. Our Otter Sports Center features two cardio rooms a weight training facility along with a
racquetball court, and space for Intramural Sports and fitness classes. If you ever want to
go to the gym and get a little sweat on without really working out feel free to sit in one of our saunas in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms. We also have our Otter Cycle Center
which has bike mechanics, rentals riding clinics and more bicycle oriented activities. The Student Center is home to student government and other student oriented offices as well as a game room, meeting rooms and a Starbucks. If you ever wanna get a room and watch a little TV fell free kick your feet up and fit on
one of our couches and watch whatever program you like Thanks Antoinette! Man, these bikes are so cool. If you want to know anything else about our campus make sure to check out our other videos, right here!

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