CSUN Center of Achievement – Adapted Aquatics for Children & Sensory Motor Program

♫ Music playing ♫ The center is primarily designed for adults
and we are growing a children’s program and we’re
serving children with special needs. Each child is paired with a Kinesiology student
and they work on swim skills, swim readiness, as well as gait and balance. In addition to that program we have a program
that is an inclusive on land that is for children with
and without disabilities. It’s also paired with a motor development
class, so the focus of that program is fundamental motor skills. All the man power, if you want to say in the
children program is our undergraduate students. Together we decide on goals to be worked on
throughout the semester and then the students, their responsibility is to design fun, playful activities that will work
towards those goals. I’m able to come in and see big smiles on
the kids faces. It’s such a great feeling. We’re able to teach them different patterns
and different movement skills. For us, it’s a very good learning experience
because we’re able to modify activity plans and not limit the child to, they can’t do this because they have this disability. So we get all the children involved. Right now I’m working with a disabled child. She has a very rare genetic disease. And just seeing her smile, she is very excited. She sees all the kids running around her,
so to be able to involve her in that activity and see how happy she is, it’s very fulfilling. I am so grateful for the program. Isabella is six years old and has a very rare
genetic syndrome. She loves the water and for a long time we
we’re looking for a program and we couldn’t find anything until we heard of this program. She’s non ambulatory but in the water they
are able to work with her. She’s able to stand in the water. She’s able to benefit so much. It’s physical therapy for her but having
fun. She’s definitely very different from when
she started coming here. ♫ Music playing ♫

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