Cucumber for guppies truth|വെള്ളരി കൊടുത്തു ഗപ്പി വളർത്തൽ സത്യാവസ്ഥ

Welcome to another video of guppy wagon My name is Nikhil We publish quality videos related to guppy farming in our channel on every Tuesday and Friday In today’s video we are going to analyse the truth behind some videos about feeding cucumber to guppies to get good color and growth I decided to bring the truth out of that kind of videos to make sure that false information should never go on to people This is the cucumber they used in videos to feed to guppies I will tell you why I can claim that this will not give color or growth to guppies Now we will look for the nutritional information in cucumber In 52 g of cucumber protein is only 0.3g So in 100 grams of cucumber there is only 0.57 g of protein The most important thing needed for growth of fishes is protein cucumber has no protein nearly cucumber has water more than 99% The only thing that is good is the fiber content which helps in digestion I’m doing this video only to prevent spreading of false information peeled cucumber does not have this much fibre content Now we are going to feed this to guppies just to show how they behave If you really need to feed cucumber give them once in every two weeks or so If you think this video is good please like share and subscribe to guppy wagon

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