Cure Yellow and Damaged Leaves in Aquatic Plants

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Are you facing the problem of Yellow and Damaged Leaves in Aquatic Plants that you keep in
Aquariums. Then you are not the only one I have also
faced such problem in my planted aquarium. Now I will discuss about it in detail manner. First thing to note is what causes this problem. It is mainly caused by the deficiency of essential
nutrients in water, added to the aquarium. Water sources from the well or tank you add
to the planted aquarium may not be provided with all essential nutrients that are required
for plant growth. Yellow and damaged leaves is caused by the
deficiency of iron nutrients in the water. You can see that there is damaged tissues
in the leaves and also yellow leaves that appeared in the aquatic plants that I have
been keeping, it is good to remove such plants to avoid pollution and formation of debris
in the planted aquarium. Now what is the solution? You can prevent such problems occurring in
planted aquarium by adding iron supplement solutions like this one. I have bought seachem flourish iron supplement
for planted aquarium. So if you are also having such problems in
your planted aquarium then I recommend buying this product. Check the links in the video description and
you can buy it at best price. Now this solution comes from different brand
and every bottle of such supplement should include a recommend dosage limit to the plants
in planted aquarium. In my case it is mentioned to add 5ml to every
200L that is 50 gallon tank. So add 5 ml in Cup and add to the 50 Gallon
if your tank is 100 Gallon then add 10 ml that is 5 ml twice. Now repeat this addition in every 3-4 days
until you see the aquatic plants are growing healthy. Now besides iron, the other basic nutrient
s essential for plant growth is nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, that is NPK to remember
it better. Flourish Seachem produces such supplement
for adding into aquarium, you can buy them too from the links in the description. Also Carbon Dioxide is also very essential
for certain plant to grow properly like Monte Carlo carpet grass, Hemianthus Cuba etc. And that’s why Co2 Diffuser are used in some
planted aquarium which are very costly. You can also make CO2 diffuser at home using
yeast and other stuff. I will make a video about it later so make
sure you subscribe. You can also buy the diffuser from the links
in the description Now if you don’t bother to add iron, nitrogen,
phosphorus or potassium supplement to the aquarium and still keep the aquatic plants,
then you could get many unhealthy aquatic plants. You can still give them some hope adding API
Stress Zyme and growing only certain plants like Anubias plant varieties, amazon sword
or amazon frogbit or java fern etc. which can grow in minimal set up with less nutrient
supplement. Also they don’t require CO2 injection for
growth. Now I have made a video on water treatment
in aquariums and you can watch that to know the benefits of API Stress Zyme to water and
in brief in can help in the cultivation of aerobic bacteria that helps in nitrogen cycle. So various nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
compounds are formed in nitrogen cycle that is very essential for plant growth. So treat the water with this solution to get
the desired result of healthy aquatic plants. I am maintaining this planted aquarium for
breeding betta fishes so I will be adding some floated plants very sooner and it has
the light intensity control that stimulate breeding in certain fish like bettas. So let me show now the result I have achieved
by adding iron supplement in aquarium. You can see here that fresh leaves are appearing
and there is no yellow leaves in it. Also leave damages are also controlled to
great extent. This is lotus aquarium and the yellow leaves
in it also cured after adding the iron supplement solution. Now soil quality, water quality all contribute
to plant growth so you must add the best products in your planted aquarium. I have already mentioned it in the planted
aquarium set up videos so go ahead check them out in my channel, if you are still confused
here. I recommend checking the lotus aquarium set
up and planted aquarium set up on my channel. That’s it for this video I hope you found
it useful. Do subscribe and share this video to your
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so check them out. Until next time bye and take care and thanks
for watching.

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