Cutest Baby Otter EVER!!

I’m coyote Peterson. And today we’re featuring the cutest guest that I think we’ve ever had. I’m breaking trail Get ready to meet the baby river otter Look at how cute that baby otters now otters as we know are related to skunks weasels Wolverines and mink any action really looks a lot like a mink Especially with this coat now, they are aquatic predators. And when I touches fur, give me your little guy come here Hey, hey Can you can you hang out for a second while we get these lines just for a second and then you can go explore? Let me see that bottle milk. Let’s see if he’s hungry. Come here Now this baby river otter was recently orphaned and the Wildlife Sanctuary that we’re working with right now has taken him in and Is tending to him? Hopefully you’ll be able to be released back into the wild But if not, he’s gonna have a very comfortable life here at the sanctuary They are opportunistic feeders a little one like this would be drinking milk, but when he gets bigger He’s gonna want to be eating fish snakes frogs Anything that can find its way into that mouth is fair game Oh still thirsty tomorrow And you’ll notice how Streamlined this animals body is they’re incredibly Cumbersome on land but as soon as they get into the water, they are lightning quick I’ve had a lot of people write in and say coyote can you do an episode with an otter and I didn’t think it’d be impossible because catching one in the wild is well almost impossible, but We are so fortunate to have this little otter with us today So foo, you guys are enjoying getting up close with the baby river otter. Oh just splash milk right into my eye Hey once more you done I think he’s done he wants to go play in the creek at this point I know I know How cute is this? The otter was the Otters named? Little Orphan otter Not ever give it a proper name. That is his proper name His first name is little his middle name is orphan. His last name is otter baby. Oh, baby otter Well, he’s just baby otter because he’s still a baby even when he grows up. He’s gonna be little orphan hugger. All right Well, you’ve had your bottle of milk. Are you ready to go splash around in the creek? I think he’s ready All right, you lead the way Exercise is an important part of this baby otters daily routine So taking a trek down to the creek for a quick splash goes a long way for his rehabilitation back into the wild There you go, he’s like I didn’t realize that the water was here His feet wet here he goes and he’s off right in his natural environment let it down be a head tail Now you look like a little otter, don’t you Yeah All right. Well, I splashed around in the water for a little bit But now we get a little dry off and he’s talking to me. Was that fun? Was that fun playing around in the water? Yeah, oh you there you go. Look at that scratches belly. Look at him indiscretion his belly I think I’ve formed a pretty good friendship with the solder at this point. You having a good day a couple bottles of milk splash around in the creek Now it looks like you’re getting ready for your nap Curling up in a ball scratching your face on the grass. It’s a tough life being an otter, you know You stink. You know that you stink you absolutely stink But I still love you. There’s a little butt scratch for you. Oh, and that feels good. Doesn’t it? Well, that’s the spot, isn’t it? He loves that it feels good. Huh? I Think he’s getting kind of tired and at this point he’s ready for his nap He has had a big bottle of milk and a good splash down in the creek So we’re gonna get him inside so that he can have his rest. I’m coyote Peterson be brave stay Wild we’ll see on the next adventure If you enjoyed this encounter Make sure to go back and watch as we get the cameras up close with some of the planet’s most Fascinating animals and don’t forget subscribe And click the notification palette so you can join me in the crew on our next wild adventure

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