Day 1 – The Arrival – Orlando Florida holiday vlog Video

Good morning everyone! Today is the first day of my holiday Im off to Florida and this is the beginning of my vlogs erm im so excited im actually at the travel lodge this morning we came to the travel lodge last night so we could sleep over before going to the airport its just saves the rush in the morning of trying to get to the airport so this is day one! i am so excited we get the airplane at 11:30 and err im about to go down for breakfast just waiting for the wife to get out of the bathroom like every bloke always having to wait for the wife 😉 and ive got my little daughter her as well look shes so cute were going to be meeting up with the other people coming on our trip we’ve got heather which is my wife’s sister and my sister Tara and her husband Zac im so looking forward to this trip you have no idea! we are going to florida for 3 whole weeks and im hoping to do a vlog covering every day but we will see how it goes im so excited! number 3 i dont know how your so jolly Cos were going to florida!! im tired good morning were going on holiday youve always gotta have a fry up in the morning! check that out and this is zac my bro in law your going to see him over the next 3 weeks howdy the others are going to get breakfast at the moment what time is the flight is it half 11? i think so yeah ok yes i know im in a toilet but its the only place i can really get some privacy to talk to you since breakfast things moved along a bit quickly and i didn’t get to film an awful lot of the travel but i filmed a bit of the airport… Ok i’m going to put it back through sir because we haven’t got a clear picture of it ok? oh ok, fair enough just wait the other side it will probably come straight down for you just there yeh is it ok now yeh? yeh faster daddy faster! fasteeee.. …and then i got on the plane and and here we are now so what im going to do, just so you know what the flight was like im going to cue a flying montage Music: Otis McDonald – Fly Away were in Florida! its the first thing i noticed what? their accent, its weird Finally after hours of waiting in security we’ve finally made it through into the main area of the airport this is where the airport hotel is, that’s what all the balconies are so it took us absolutely ages to get through the airport but we are out now and i’m absolutely knackered we are just waiting for some of us to get the car keys and then we are out of here so once we sorted our keys we were able to hop on over and chose our car with Alamo you have a class that you can pick from and then you just walk down a row of cars that’s part of that class and you just pick a car the keys are in the car and you just drive off the cars in our class had run out so they upgraded ours so we got this Chrysler 200 its an awesome car so very executive Zac and Tara chose the VW Jetta which is the white one Zac said it was quite pokey when it wanted to be but his one word summary of it was Boring Poor Sky the car seat she had was quite upright and every time she fell asleep her head would flop it looked so uncomfortable so whoever was in the back had to hold her head up for her, this time it was heather and theres the Mickey Pylon! if ever your here driving down the I4 look out for it its nothing fantastic just fun to look for and then we arrived at the Encantada Resort where we will be staying for our 3 week holiday its a bit like a gated community of yellow terraced houses here katy had to put a code in to open the gate but hadnt parked close enough she had to get out the car but then took too long and the gate closed “oh for goodness sake!” after a bit of faffing around we headed to the clubhouse where the reception was its quite dark now and my camera isnt good at filming at night Katy and Tara filled out the necessary paper work and the guy behind the desk told us how things worked and how to unlock the door and then we went and found our little house where we will be staying for 3 weeks it was quite late by now and we were so tired we just went straight to bed Well that’s the end of day one guys!, i know it wasn’t the best Florida vlog ever but it was day 1 and we were just travelling Day 2 will be better i promise! and you can see that, if you hit the subscribe button you will get notified of when it gets put up See ya next time 🙂

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