Day 2 – Wild Florida & Disney Springs – Orlando Florida Holiday Vlog Video

Hello and welcome to The Jolly Outdoors Today is day 2 of my Orlando Florida vlog Last vlog ended quite abruptly that was just because we got back so late we finally got in here and i fell asleep on the sofa katy went out to the shops to get some food and drinks she woke me up to sort it out and then i went to bed the time zone difference between here and england though has screwed me over royaly because we woke up waaaaay too early this morning! so we spent most of the time just unpacking this morning i need to go and get some breakfast but er yeh this is our house look ill show you outside zac and tara the other guy that are with us they are staying in one just across the road here they are staying in the one opposite the white car that little yellow one right in front of the white car but that there is the exact same as the one we are staying in here so you can kinda see what im staying in its so lovely, its so lovely and hot its such a great place to be im so happy we are back here what ill do then is i will take you on a little tour of the house, just a little one its not going to be a boring one… :s ok so this is the kitchen and dining room and then we have a really over sized laundry room which we stored our cases in this is the downstairs loo, complete with a Zac and we have a tv unit and our lounge this tv unit was awesome with a garden with a hot tub and upstairs we have the main bedroom my bed room tv the ensuite bathroom and a walkin cupboard with safe and then lastly the girls bedroom skys bed heathers bed and this is their bathroom and this is their cupboard thats it ok so lets get going today we are going to Wild Florida we are driving there with tara and zac driving behind weve got the satnav so they are going to follow us and just so they definitely know where they are going weve got this radio as well so we can keep in contact with each other ~Tara – Just checking its working~ Greg “ok ok yep its working” Music playing we have got the most awesome things booked at wild florida today we have got an airboat ride its taking us across the everglades in search of gators weve also got a sloth encounter booked for the morning, THAT is the highlight of the day! trouble is weve got onto a road called the florida turnpike and we could not get off! the turning we had to take there was a toll on it and it said Sunpass only we dont have a sunpass so we were like what do we do? so we carry on and eventually we find another toll accepting something else so we mannaged to get off there but it made us an hour and a half late! so pretty much the Sloth encounter was out the window so we finally made it to Wild Florida Finally! sign here, just copy that err 28th… erm have we definitely missed the sloth encounter? no weve got it again oh sweet! i was going to be deeply upset! now your ready to go! ok then so first up is the airboat ride! this is the waiting area we are just waiting here until they tell us we are ready to go ok so that boat ride was awesome! we didn’t get to see alligators too well but that doesnt matter because im about to eat it cos its lunch time now and ive got some gator meat coming my way ill tell you what it tastes like once ive had it ok here are my Gator Nuggets and chips ive been really looking forward to these argh chips!? ok heads up for you guys at home dont be ordering chips if you want chips if you want chips order fries! that being said im here for the gator nuggets so lets give one of these bad boys a go! my verdict is, they taste like… erm they are like pork but taste like a fishy chicken that sounds terrible but they are actually quite delicious well once we had all had our fill and finished eating we ended up following this guy he came to look for us, we had got confused on the time and we were actually quite late for the sloth encounter again but it was good that he came and found us so we are just heading over there now this is george im gonna give everyone a peice of food so you can feed him and take whatever photos you want and then you can all sit down and i will come round and you can pet him some more ok? hey! aww hes so adorable! how old is he? hes 11 months now ill come round to all you guys so you can pet him hello how heavy is he? hes about 10 pounds how old do they live to? about 30 years man this park has been awesome, theres wildlife everywhere theres also lizards running around all over the place as well so cute and that sloth was awesome! we are now going to be on our way to the buggy ride thats going to be a blast but before we got to the buggy we had to make a stop at this little place where you can feed these lovely birds and they are just so adorable this guy was pretty cool, but he did not like me trying to stroke him ive made a little friend look at it! hey gorgeous heather made a really cute friend as well hers is a bit bigger than mine so its time to get on the buggy its not exactly what i was expecting its basically a tour around the local cattle ranch but it was quite interesting my name is shawn im going to be your buggy driver today we are going to take a tour of the cattle operation here in the county we got about a two and a half mile ride to the entrance of the ranch make sure to hold on to any loose items like hats or glasses bags anything like that we dont want to lose stuff on the way down there alright? just sit tight relax, enjoy the breeze, enjoy the scenery and we will be there in no time and i certainly did enjoy that breeze, it was such a hot day that it was most welcome quite inaudible ~ Dad, Shut the window shut the window! after we got off the truck ride we had some time to walk around and take one last look at the animals there was this awesome tortoise it just made me want one even more than i do already there was this peacock who didnt stay in a pen, it just wandered about all over the place and this amazing white one as well a racoon who had his own picnic table and these ominous yet rather playful Gators look at him sticking his head out there a turtle there! where? oh yeh! he doesn’t seem to be in the best place really hes got lots of moss on him oh and we cant forget this guy! ~Hello~ ok so we are in the car now and we are on our way to Downtown Disney (Disney Springs) its getting towards the end of the day so we are going to head over there cos we are going to the rain forest cafe to have some dinner we are actually following the girls im in the car with Zac now and we are following the girls in their car cant wait to get there zac and tara have never been to rain forest cafe before so it will be a new experiance for them Wild Florida was so much fun I didnt get to talk a lot during the time i was there but i think it was because i was having too much fun really and i also got quite dehydrated, i didnt drink enough i need to drink more whilst im here its just so hot! but Wild Florida was so much fun, we saw the animals, sky loves the animals the boat ride was fantastic, wasnt it Zac it was so good wasnt it! and the buggy ride was ok it was just a big truck taking you round a big tour of the ranches and erm just showing you how they raise cattle on the land in florida which was quite interesting it wasnt as good as the airboat ride i have to say and eating gator! it was so good wasnt it so it was a good first day! but now its time for dinner as i said, rain forest cafe here we come Nom Nom Nom look buddy look buddy if this doesn’t get you excited… “where dreams come true” look at it! the sun is behind it so its completely washing it out, what a shame ok we just parked up now we are at downtown disney but we are just in the carpark we are just waiting to meet up with the girls as they had to park elsewhere its quite busy in here today lets see if we can go get some dinner Zac have you seen this shop here look! thats the T-rex one is that a shortcut to rain forest? oh yeh it looks like it is ok so it turns out our reservation is going to take longer than we thought so to kill time we bought some frozen lemonades from Wetzels Pretzels Sky did some “dancing” we saw the sunset and then did a little bit of shopping in the rain forest cafe shop right its just about time for our reservation so we are going into the rain forest cafe now ~gorilla sounds~ you know in finding nemo? with the sharks? ~storm sounds~ well we are in here, it took ages to get us seated but we have ordered our food now and we are waiting for it to come we have had a couple of storms happen im sure you have seen im looking forward to getting some food down me because im starving! this the bbq one ? yeh thats the BBQ Bacon one thank you very much look at that timing!!! and er thats the end of day 2 bit of a long one but erm a lot happened hope you liked it if you did like it then hit the like button for me to let me know always good to get feedback and if you are interested in seeing the rest of my florida vlogs then hit that subscribe button and you will be notified of when they are up but its normally gonna be every wednesday but thanks for watching guys see you next time

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  • Haha "Dad, Shut the window" 😂😂😂

  • Wild Florida looks brilliant

  • Chips versus Fries @ 8:36.      LOL !!! A Rookie Mistake.  Americans have the same mix up in reverse when we visit your great country. LOL !!!  ( I realize that you were only joking, of course)

  • I've just booked up to go to orlando in August and I'm finding your vlogs really helpful, did you manage to vlog much when you were there? (just wondering if / when to expect more vlogs). 🙂

  • I have just watched your first two vlogs and they are fantastic!! Definitely one of the best (I know this as I watch a lot of vlogs. A LOT!!). I am going in August and I am so excited! and now I have your vlogs to help take the wait off. This year will be my 6th time, but I still feel like a kid at christmas 🙂 thank you for the excellent vlog! I will be recommending you on all my orlando facebook groups.

    BTW "Dad, shut the window" had me laughing! She reminded me of my daughter 🙂

  • great video again! wild Florida looks ace and enjoy yr chips lol!!

  • really love your editing style! keep it up! 🙂 x

  • What is the prices range for the parks you visited?

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  • I got stuck on that same road in May and had the same problem with that exit, ended up having to get a paper ticket stamped at a gas station lol.

  • We visited wild Florida this October, it was the best day out in 3 weeks!!, pulled pork burger from the cafe was the best!! it is in my view a must do place

  • Your daughter is so cute!!! We are about to go to Orlando, end of May 2017 but only for a week. I want to do so much but husband wants to relax more and not run around. I told him vacations are for seeing things not staying inside and sleeping all day. How much fun is that? NONE! lol We went to the TRex cafe down in down town Disney but didn't get to walk around much. They have done a lot to down town Disney now. Cant wait to see all the new stuff they have added.

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  • Glad to see I'm not the only one to get on the Florida turnpike by mistake. I was going to Gatorland which should have taken 15 minutes to get there. 2 hours later……… Loving your clogs.

  • Your daughter is the cutest, reminds me of my little niece, Summer. And OMG that sloth. Cutest thing ever

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