Day 3 – Clearwater Beach – Orlando Florida Holiday Vlog Video

You need to put this in the car. What you
got? Umm my beach things. Yeah? Your beach things. Ooh lovely. You gonna make some sandcastles? Yeah at the beach. Off to the beach. Good morning an welcome to another day on our Florida trip.
Today is beach day, so we’re on our way to Clearwater Beach at the moment.
Bit of a late start, it’s 11 o’clock at the moment and we should get there by 12.30 so
just in time for lunch and we’re driving there at the moment and we’ve got Zac and Tara in
the car behind us as well. They’re just behind us. Also just had to nip into Walmart on the way. It’s like the biggest Walmart I’ve ever been
to in my life it was huge. Had to pick up a few supplies. I picked up some oatmeal creme
cookies. These are lovely. Nice few supplies to eat on the beach whilst I cover myself
in towels cos I don’t do well with the sun. So we’ve just parked up in a multi-storey
car park and this is the view from our floor. It’s pretty nice out and just looking forward
now to getting down to the beach. So we made it we’re on Clearwater beach it
is beautiful the sands are so white the sky is scorchingly blue it’s excellent out here.
Look at it! Isn’t this just like the most perfect beach?
Although we did get ourselves a shelter because as I said before I don’t do very well with
the sun. So I’m probably going to spend most of my time in the shelter reading a book,
eating cookies but enjoying the view. It’s absolutely lovely here. I’m thinking about
doing some parasailing later, we’ll see if we do. Are you joking? AHHHH! Was it good bro? Starting to wind down the day now. The beach was excellent, had some great fun on there. The parasailing was just superb fun. If you want to do that when you’re down at Clearwater
I think it was $75 and it was just beautiful once you’re up there. I hope the footage came
out alright. Now we’re on the pier which I think was called Pier 60 and we’re gonna watch
the sunset. I’m trying to get a timelapse of that I’m just trying to pick the perfect
place to get a nice timelapse to show you the sunset but apparently it’s going to be
really beautiful. Man that sunset was beautiful, absolutely
beautiful. I hope the timelapse turned out alright though. I’m now on my way to get some
food. We’re going to get some seafood from Crabby’s. Anything you want Ok so Crabby’s is a little bit full at the
moment so my wife’s just been given a little pager thing with lights on it and what
they do is beep and flash when a table’s available for us. So we’re just chilling out outside, outside
Crabby’s waiting for a table. But it’s so lovely out here it doesn’t really matter chilling
out. Ok they’ve called us in so we’re gonna go and get some grub. Yeah yeah i’ll carry the buggy. I want to film you cracking the crab. Incredibly violent isn’t it. What? I don’t know whys it’s embarrassing. We’ve got to eat. Well we’ve just finished up at Crabby’s and that was a brilliant meal. The fish was gorgeous. Grouper – it’s a strange looking fish but tastes lovely and now we’re on our way home and it’s going to take I think about an hour to drive home now so I was hoping to get in the hot
tub tonight but I don’t think it’s going to happen I think it’s straight to bed. Push 7 please. And that’s the end of day 3 then guys. I didn’t
really talk that much it was more of a music video than a vlog but it is what it is and
if you did like it then hit that subscribe button there right in front of you and also
thank you for liking and commenting as well should you wish to and I’ll see you next week
on Wednesday. See you later.

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