Day 3 Taiwan, Taipei Addiction Aquatic Development

good morning guys it is our third day
and we’re still in Taipei third day right
yes I’m not sure how much we can actually
get the camera out and start vlogging because… I’m gonna hand you over to Daniel and he can
tell you why ….. we’re going to lunch but we’re going to lunch with my friend’s
parents this is not really a blogging vlogging thing but the weather it’s
beautiful but we do have a Typhoon and that’s headed our way and our flight to Hong Kong is on Saturday and today is Thursday
actually on this date following the same itinerary we are Hey so we’re not sure
if we’re gonna actually catch our flight if not it’s okay, we’ll figure something
out …..I think that Taipei Taiwan is a very easy City to navigate it’s very easy
transportation is very easy we haven’t taken the bosses yet but it’s really I
think it’s a walkable city too as well so…..bikable yeah they have the
U bike like the citi bike in New York City but they have U bike here
scooterable… cuz that’s a word it is now there we go.. everything’s really
close together you’re only like a couple of hours away from the beach the
mountains there’s lots to do here lots to see here they think that we’re gonna
have to revisit this place and the next time perhaps give ourselves a couple of
weeks cuz it’s hard I mean it when you’re
traveling somewhere you’ll have an itinerary you do this this is it you
know and what you’re visiting with friends you don’t really want to do all
of that because you just want to have some time not doing anything and just
chilling out and hanging out and just catching up and when you’re constantly
doing something it’s uh it’s hard to do that right big so this is the social
leg of our vacation yeah and actually at the end of our vacation there’s a little
bit of a social aspect too because we are meeting up with one of my old
friends and very dearest friends as well so I’m looking forward to that to you
yeah just had our coffee the boys have gone I’m heading back to Jennifer’s apartment, and we’re just gonna have a girlie night while they hang out
with boys the plan is we are going to a fish market and then maybe the sushi bar
is the standing sushi bar so we’re gonna go check that out
but if Jennifer’s not at home i might explore around the area i’s about 5:45 and I let the boys go and do their
own thing you know maybe go grab a few drinks catch up a little bit and i walked
to the park about thirty minute walk or so and this is Da’an Park, it was
just so nice just walk around the city and just explore around just on my own
and you know we’re very fortunate to know people here and have some friends
here to take us around and you know drive us everywhere around in airconditioned cars which has been really really nice but it’s also really nice
just to walk around and explore you know Taipei is such a beautiful city people
look beautiful and you know it’s really nice to discover these little pockets
that like markets and those stalls and the little hawkers and you know and
boutiques and little cafes I’m just here chillin at the park and
it’s just so nice and serene so pretty here but I’m probably gonna head back
before I get eaten alive by mosquitos that would have been a good idea about
half an hour ago but .. too late for that got some king crab over there, some lobster, this
place looks amazing yeah We are back in the apartment Did you have a good time? I had a good time it’s late and we are tired and we have an
early day tomorrow so time to hit the hay what did you do ..hung out with my
friend.. did you record anything? no well I had an awesome time it was fun we had
lots of yummy food we drank lots we’re back now but we’re
gonna call it a night it’s not that early it’s actually quite late, and we
will see you tomorrow okay so if you like what you see don’t forget to subscribe
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of this we’ll see you next time

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