Day 4 – iFly and Wet ‘n’ Wild – Orlando Florida Holiday Vlog Video

Welcome to day 4 of my Florida vlogs.
Today we are going to iFly which is indoor skydiving and then we are going over to Wet ‘n’ Wild which is a water park that is actually closing soon which is a shame but lets get over there and have some fun. Ok here we are at iFly, look at that thing
it’s like a space ship that is what we are going to be doing our indoor flight in. It’s like a big fan basically that just throws you up in the air as if you’re sky diving. Ah man
this is going to be so much fun. It is going to be so much fun.
I’ve done it before but Zac hasn’t, so it’ll be a new experience for him. *employee gives directions* Sky are you excited? Yeah! We’re so high! We are. Oh look there it is. I’ve never actually looked down before. You can see the fans up there look. Oh yeah! Do you go all the way up there? Yeah it flies you up there yeah. We’re just in the waiting room at the moment
waiting for our flight to start but the instructors are flying in there at the moment.
I think they might be warming up or something. Ok so after waiting in the waiting room we
headed upstairs where we got into our boiler suits and also had like a safety briefing
as well. This was us in our boiler suits, look at us
all ready to go. I look like such a berk though. Oh my goodness that was fantastic. They didn’t
let me take the go pro up there but I think we’ve got video footage of it that they’ve
given us a DVD to watch. Hey Sky! So I’ll upload that on the video so you can see me flying. Oh my goodness it was so much
fun. Oh that was so good. So now we’re on our way
to Walgreens to pick up some supplies before we head over to Wet ‘n’ Wild now. It’s a water
park, should be fun. Hopefully I don’t get burnt again. I burnt my feet so bad so I’m
going to try and put some extra sun cream on. I really like this Walgreens shop because this was the first shop we went in when we
came on my honeymoon to Florida and it was the first place I tried Twinkies as well.
Fell in love with Twinkies. We’re just heading over to Wet ‘n’ Wild now,
just about to cross the road. The last splash look, what a shame. So this is it we’re in and now we’re on the Lazy River. This is a great part of the park
because you literally just sit there and just float around. There’s like a current underneath
the water that just drags you round like one big loop, it just loops back round on itself
and you can sit there for hours just chilling out, it’s awesome. I mean there are a few places where there’s a little bit of waterfall and you have to
keep you wits about you but for the most part it’s just really relaxing. It’s pretty awesome. Hello beautiful. Hello Daddy. Having fun? Thanks Greg! Ok so we’re just about to go on Surge. Look at the view from here. Over there you can
see Universal from up here. But this is Surge look. We’re gonna be going
down there. You alright? So we’ve just been to Wet ‘n’ Wild and that was a great day. It’s a shame that park’s
actually closing. They’re saying it’s the last splash because it’s actually closing
down which is a real shame. But now what we’re doing is we are going to eat some food at
Black Angus, get some good meat down me. Going to Black Angus Steakhouse because it’s
actually just right across the street from Wet ‘n’ Wild so it’s just handy really. And it’s good food
as well, recommended. I just ordered a full rack of ribs check these
out. It’s great eating out but I feel so ill today.
I’ve got such a headache. I’ve taken some paracetamols and now I’m drinking a beer.
It’s probably not wise but hopefully that makes me feel better because later hopefully
we’re going to be doing the err… the err.. what’s it called… Slingshot. So that’ll be good fun. So yeah as I was saying in the bathroom before I got distracted by the guy walking in.. got
busted. I was saying yeah I feel really rough today and I’ve got to go on the Slingshot
and I’m really looking forward to going on the Slingshot but I just feel so ill. Just
had that meal though and those ribs, oh those ribs were so good. I definitely recommend
eating at Black Angus if you were to come over here because the food is gorgeous. Oh
those ribs they just fell off the bone quite literally. Oh, no words. It was lovely. That is so high are you actually up for it? Yeah lets do it. But we didn’t do it. After Zac saw how high it was he bottled it. He did say when we go
back he’ll do it but we never went back so he didn’t get to do it unfortunately. This is the Star Flyer. They all went on that one.
I waited with Sky though while they went on it because Sky couldn’t go on it but this
footage is what Zac and Tara filmed. It looked quite fun. Oh my, no no no no I don’t like it. This is so scary. Wooohooo How do you get off? The go karts was awesome. The go karts was like a multi storey wooden track. It was just
fun, really really fun. Here the guy is is telling us we couldn’t use the go pros but Zac just
held it in his hand whilst steering. And that brings us to the end of day 4. It
was a great day. iFly is definitely a highlight of the holiday if you’re ever over that way
definitely give it a go because it was just brilliant and the instructors were so nice. And yeah if you want to see any more of my Florida vlogs don’t forget to hit the subscribe
button so you can get notified when another one comes up. And I suppose that’s it really
yeah. Thank you very much. Oh also if you did like the video let me know by hitting
the like button just so I know, you know? Bit of feedback. See you next time.

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  • Another great vlog. Wet'n'Wild looked like great fun. Shame I never got to go because looked great.

  • Awesome. My favourite so far. 🖒

  • Mate this was awesome! I watched it with my dad and we really enjoyed it! Any way I can DM you and ask you some things? 🙂

  • That was so cool. I'll have to look at your other videos. I was just there 2 weeks ago and drove by the SkyDiving place and Wet N Wild. The reason they are closing it is because they are building a better bigger water park not far from there. They have already started moving some of the slides from the Wet n Wild to the new place. I'll have to go back to Florida but I'll wait til fall. I'm about a 10 hour drive away..
    Glad you're enjoying your time here in the states!!
    I love going to England on my vacation.

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  • Hi mate just wanted to know where the go karting was at the end of the video it looks awesome, I go next May and have never done go karting over there?

  • This video is really helpful. Will be going to island of adventures,wet n wild,old town for the slingshot experience and this video gave me life… oh btw i will be adding ifly as well…. Thank you for sharing…

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  • I been to that wet n wild but when I went to the lazy river there were no flouties so some people would Kusturica swim

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