Denis Sucks At Minecraft – Episode 2

Get the brand-new limited-edition Pals’ holiday package! Available at the No, no. Wait hold on hold on there. I got an idea! Hold on guys.. Hey, hey, Reginald.. Need a hand? {laughing} Okay, all right that’s enough. I’m done. Ladies and gentlemen.. Welcome back to Minecraft. Where did we leave off? Ummm… Let’s see.. We were, we just found diamonds. Okay as we load in– hold on! Wait… its taking in— there we go! Love it! Ok— um…. Welcome back to episode 2! Thank you so much to everyone who decided to continue on– on this adventure we’ve been’d! Reginald– except he’s back in the house right now.. Its not really a house that we have going on– I think it would actually be much better if we did of s and weights Should we move our things closer to the underground no no no no because we only need two more diamonds We got two more diamonds And then we can we just got obsidian and then go to the nether it’s important though that we also have a better Oh, it’s night time. Okay. Let’s just go to bed I’m just gonna do that we really need to have some sort of like house established What would be the best location for that as well because we do want to be near some sand? I think we’re in a pretty good spot Let me place this other chest down actually here. I got an idea, so I’m gonna break this I know you guys probably think I’m crazy. Oh boy. This is not what I need. I want the chest hey Hold on. I’ll get it eventually There we go the chest here Jeez, this is a mess right now. Okay, so I placed that and I go a Little bit of sorting you you any kind of materials stuff like that step over here to pretty alright Put some iron in there. No let’s keep that with all of the other little things you see like that there Oh, they let these let you leave we can’t forget that that okay, sweet actually. It’s just garbage I want to get rid of that. I want to throw it in fire I’m gonna throw it in the lava nice little assortment going on there and The diamond we should probably leave that in there, too I really don’t want to end up losing that there we go we have an extra of each iron tool. I’m feeling pretty good I’m gonna leave that in there Not so bad. Then we got some more this stuff cooking anything else we need to cook actually No good. I’d say we’re in a pretty good position right about now. We just now need What’s the main? What’s the main thing looks like the big thing that we need to? Diamonds that’s I already knew that why am I questioning that so you got two diamonds? We’re good. Okay. Good. Bye Reginald’s wait. Give me a little give me a little farewell wave goodbye that is Thanks Reginald no way hold on hold on got now. I got an idea hold on guys hey hey Reginald need a hand Okay alright, that’s enough. I’m done We just need two more diamond two more diamond should we just keep exploring that we’re gonna explore the ravine that’s probably the best way To do it because this is that’s really it and then we can get out of the caves I’m kind of tired of the caves at this point. I just want like a What do I want I want some happiness, you know oh my forgot to do the bucket of water? totally fine totally fine no worries at all Everything’s gonna be okay diamonds down here. Maybe first off. I want to get rid of you and you Very good, okay Most likely place for there to be diamonds is Oh? Skeleton no this is bad. I want nothing to do with you. Oh, please no no no Just block them off there we go perfect, and then you scum, please get out of here Get in get in the lava no Die We’re good, that would have been my first stuff, and that would have been really bad oh But we’re okay Everything’s fine, okay? Go maybe hear a little bit of that see that their Diamond hear anything. No hello diamond diamond here. What level are we on here we’re on 15 There’s not gonna be any diamond going on he I have a little bit of an idea here. What if we go like this? I just have like just kind of a strange feeling about this little area. You know whenever there’s lava everywhere It’s like you want to stay away from it, but it almost makes you think there’s actually some good stuff by all this lava I want to go beneath this lava and See if there’s any sort of diamond any sort of little surprises it may have left us ooh some redstone nice Oh no We’re good, we’re good. Okay, so this is now Why level 5? so Okay, I think we’re directly beneath the lava oh We’re playing a dangerous game right now All right, I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself I just really really really want some diamonds, and I will do whatever it takes to get it Why does it just have to be so rare? I just want two more. I found one strand of diamond it had one measly diamond That is not what I’m about. I’m about getting those five strands I think you can go up to like eight eight timeand in one strand I think I’ve seen that before maybe even more. I don’t know what the record is I don’t know if there’s like a record, but you know what I mean like the way the Minecraft works, I don’t know what the maximum is that is even possible Oh, please just give me some time in please. It’s just really any time now. How okay? You know what you know what probably happened I’m gonna mine out this block right here these two blocks and there’s gonna be done The one blocks that I choose to mine over and that’s where the diamond is Okay, well you know what maybe not then fine. There’s no way I’m just gonna mine through all this and not find anything I’m not I’m not allowing that to happen. I’m gonna like you really just I’m gonna milk this and buy milk this diamond I mean I’m gonna mine it Oh Oh, No uh-huh want anything to do with you oh, no Okay, I’m gonna stop mining there. No. There’s no diamond. There’s no diamond to anywhere to be found Got some more money. Got a letter health regenerate a little bit more I usually have productive episodes And I intend on this one being just as productive as the rest so if I can just get just a little Easily diamond. It’s really all I’m asking for here anything anything Here’s aam be your son, bop alene. You know what Oh Zambian gold armor Get out of here you hold on. I’m just gonna let that you generate I’m hearing some key sounds you’re gonna drop anything. No no are you kidding me still nothing Can you believe that there is and then okay? What level of my ad here 11 is 11 the magic number perhaps Could it be that. I’m just digging in the wrong areas Could it very well. Be that the diamond was with me this whole time there’s only one answer to that question and The only way I gonna achieve that answer is by mining almond said level Okay, great. I just Mike pickaxe has already gone ready pass one whole pickaxe okay? You know what this is kind of promising though. If I just make my way through here. I’m venturing extremely deep into unknown territory To iron, I don’t want to iron no all of this for iron Maybe this is some sort of message if I mind past this iron Could we potentially find something lurking on the other side? could we potentially find perhaps some a diamond Hello no I Can’t handle this anymore. I don’t even know if this is the optimal level if this is like okay? What’s this five yeah? I’ve been trying five I tried seven I tried five I tried nine and all these different tunnels and I just don’t know what oh wow Right here Did you guys notice? Okay, thank you. I am there is no way I’m missing out on this wine no wine one No, no, no, are you kidding me one diamond This isn’t real After all Okay hold the phone after all that I got one more diamond Okay, all right, it’s fine. It’s felt like my mind is 70 thousand different blocks to get here There’s no other ones usually there’s kind of some in the area or something. There’s some red stone Well ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another roblox adventure Wait a second this isn’t a roblox Roblox adventures don’t have nearly as much as much commitment I just need one more – you know what I think I’m gonna do I don’t know if I’m actually gonna do this maybe unless you guys want to actually just see more of this of just mining and a straight line I Want another diamond so bad? I just need one more Huh all right, you know what let’s just do the outro I just feel it I feel like you could just be right there right on the other just just right in the If I just mine I can tell myself that I just mind a couple more blocks and then there’s gonna be diamond there But apparently not guys That’s it. I’m ending it here I’ll find diamond one way or another. I don’t know if I’ll just have to do some mining off recording Because so that you guys don’t just have to sit here and watch me behind feasts in massive tunnels I just need one more, but if you guys want to see it. I get that and let me know in the comments I Like to do this episode by episode I do an episode, and then I see the feedback in the comments section And then I then I play the next one and then that way we’re kind of all on the same page And it’s like we’re going through this adventure together, but anyways guys on that note again Thank you so much for watching if you’d like to see some more minecraft survival Please do let me know in the comments below as well as any sort of suggestions you may have either for the series or for other things minecraft related Or if you want to you know tell me something roblox related why not absolutely you’re free to say whatever you want And don’t forget to check out pals holiday package guys link in the description below some Real cool stuff going on in there other than that though again. Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you max money

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