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— shout out — the winner is okay, we hands up for Aye Let’s go! Aye Turn up! Hey guys, I’m Ranz Kyle and I’m with Niana and Natalia. And welcome to Ranz and Niana Vlog Season 2 Aye, what’s up you guys! Today is the day Where we watch all you dip dance challenge video. By the way guys, we’re so sorry for the delay of the dip dance challenge contest because we are busy at LA And now is the only time we get to watch And decide, who’s gonna be the winner. of 1 million! The winner, of like the, 25,000 Pesos or 500 USD Who ever has the best video. You know what I’m saying? We only have a single criteria to decide who will be the winner 100% 60% for the performance, though That performance include how you dance How you entertain us. And then, Creativity. Includes originality and how the video is edited and everything That’s basically it So 60% performance, 40% creativity. Let’s go and watch the video. Let’s go! Okay it’s time to watch. Natalia are you ready? I’m ready We’re gonna watch all the dance challenge video because there’s gonna be a lot. So, please — Let’s go! You’re gonna keep hearing the dips. so, Bear with us. Let’s go! Okay first video. This is gonna be insane, this is gonna be funny. Oh my god this is in a birthday party, okay. He has the gauntlet bro. Nice! Hey! It’s lit! Hey, hey, hey, mighty —
Okay, so follow, part — that’s it? they wear jerseys. Okay Hey Okay, okay. They switch it up Nice, nice. Oh, they have studio like this. Amazing! This is full of choreograph Yo it’s lit Hey Farmation, they’re like, real dancers. Oh yeah, Can’t you see? oh — Is that a suit of spider man? looks like — Oh, you might fall bro, chill. He did one in the pool Oh — What the hell! — pool aye! Oh my god! — this is so funny. Woah What the hell I have never seen such a thing. How the — How long did you stay in the pool. bro! Thank you for making that. Oh! Yo! I love these kids! okay, they’re kids but they have groves Hey, hey, woah, hey! Hay, woah! Yeah bro! woah Aye Yo, I love the — Aye! The grove They — did it better than us. Oh, they did — I like how they do it. They do it that way. I like it. Until now, still fresh I miss you. is it talk hugot challenge? Oh! Tony Stark Oh, he’s such a spoiler. That is not good. Arat na! Okay. Woah, woah! How? Okay, Oh! I did not expect By. and everyone else to grove like that. Chill! Hey! Oh! He dips the chip? Binago-ong Oh, where are they from now. Oh dip it’s awesome Aye! okay Yo — Buying chips Okay. Oh, oh! Oh So lit! Aye! Woah Oh my god we watched this. Yo, homie. Let’s go! Aye, aye, hey, okay. He did it, he did it. He did it. I like the way that he’s just having fun. Going down the stairs. Oh. The lights. Okay the intro. Cinematic, okay. Hey? aye, hey! Oh! Oh! Fog lights Oh my god. shoot, freestyle, hey! Hey Oh, oh! The fits. — dip Yo — chill! Like a chip. Like a chip! get the party started I think, this video by — the color is changing. Shout out to Master Mind Let’s go! Aye, Aye, Master Mind yo! hey, Oh Shoot! what? Back up dancer in our music video. You can find him on our music video guys. Your lit bro! Get the party started! What the hell, they came from the rooftop Okay, the switch colors. Okay Oh my god that’s so good. Oh! Another glide — all day — way. Wooh, Woah! Aye Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Aye! Thanks guys. That was nice. Okay, next one. Oh — They did it in a lot of places. Their classmates are participating They we’re like, no class. — me like no drama Oh, he got the chip. yeah! Aye Dance challenge accepted. okay the background Let’s go hey That was so good ya’ll Oh! this is drone shot awww oh, they’re kids. Hey, I like the energy of everyone. Oh, so cute! Oh! grade school. Get the party started. This is gonna be so funny. Aye it’s like a stop motion Oh they turn into grandmas Oh! I like the energy guys. Trixie & Trazie okay next one, we’re almost done guys. Hey, they’re — Get the party started. Okay, last one. Let’s watch this last one. okay. I think they’re a family. Aye. Yo! Team North Pampanga Hey! hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey! Like a chip! Okay that was good. Okay guys, that was a lot of videos watching — watching them all. And yeah. It’s kinda tiring, and yeah, we’re so happy to watch everything. It was cool, to all you guys dancing our song And doing the dance that we made. It’s so good. We appreciate it. Thank you so much. We actually saw in the TV as well, in studio 7 and in the ASAP a lot of our — saw dancing it And you know Thank you guys for spreading the music and everything. Here’s a clip Yes! So, I guess it’s time to choose who’s the winner. Okay guys, we’ll gonna be right back, we’re just gonna score everyone yeah. And then, tell you guys who’s the winner when we come back. okay? So, be right back. Brb! Let’s go! Okay guys, it’s been 30 minutes since we vlogged. And, you know, we we’re having a hard time choosing who will be the winner For this challenge. Right? That’s why we have them to help us decide. So we, we have like, top two Yeah, we have top two videos — Out of everything We had a hard time choosing them But, you know, there’s like the two videos that we’re like Kinda having a hard time choosing So the first one, is this one. Just like, it’s like, Super HD Cenematic, they put alot of — high production value. Yeah! Let’s watch it again. I’ll just show you the dance stuff. — we chose for the top two And then this part, we love this part, this one. Aye, let’s go! Aye Aye Okay, so that’s the first one. And then the next one is the spidey because it’s funny. So creative! So, as you can see this spider man He did lots of twists there’s the most funniest part in here. This one! Aye! Aye! Okay guys! So, that is the top two Guys! we need to decide who’s the winner. And so, I don’t know dude. Okay, let’s vote! We’re not gonna vote. You guys are gonna vote. — Okay, by they way they are the black witch production No, we need help because we can’t decide. Don’t get mad This is just, the part of the job. Everyone, put your hands up for Jepoy dk tv Okay, so two voted for them Because, they put the effort with the cenematography The lights — the everything Thanks for that! Props for you guys, props. 3 claps for dk tv. But we gotta choose the winner Who’s the winner? they probably who’s the winner. who will hands up for spidey? Okay, Spider man, congratulations. Let’s go! You entertained us. So now, you won the dip dance challenge. Thank you for risking your life. you wanna risk again? — you wanna join? while sky diving Okay, because like, you danced in the pool And that was a lot of seconds, your doing the dip that’s creative! — underwater. it’s creative. Don’t try this at home! was Spidey funny? Okay guys, that is the vlog for today gagamvlog, Shout out to you! Congratulations. For winning the dip dance challenge. We’re gonna contact you so wait for it! gagamvlog, let’s go. The vlog is gonna end here. Give this video a like, share, and subscribe! And turn on our post notification for a shout out. shout out to GAGAMVLOG For winning the dance challenge To everyone who joined the contest Thank you so much, you’re all amazing round of applause for you guys! Okay, See ya’ll on our next dance challenge. Peace out!

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