DISCOVERY COVE & Hollywood Studios + Fantasmic | VLOG Orlando #6 | Relaxing day in Orlando, Florida!

Hee! Thank you for watching this new video! Welcome to the vlog and welcome from Orlando, Florida in Discovery Cove. That’s a beautiful nature park of Seaworld. And that is actually nothing to compare with, you can swim with dolphins here. I will not do that today. But I am going to relax between all this natural beauty and of course I would like to show everything to you! Sit back, relax and let’s GO! Here behind me is a kind of coral bath and you can swim with the fishes in it. You could see Stingrays inside the water. There are also sharks! But they are happily behind glass! You can book a separate tour for that and you can also swim with it. It is quite cold water, but you have to wear a wetsuit all day long in the park. So once you are in the water it is very cool to see, you are really snorkeling. And throughout the park are these kind of bars, where you can drink, take chips & cookies and drink a cold beer! That is included all day. Kind of All-Inclusive! Behind me they are swimming with the dolphins. That is one of the main attractions here at Discovery Cove. You book a day entrance with or without dolphin swim. Does not last very long, but it is a unique experience! You are basically on the side, you will learn something about the dolphins. They let the dolphins do some tricks and in the end you have a moment with the dolphin. You can take a picture or you can swim with the dolphins. It is only very short, but it is just a nice experience to touch the dolphin. Just to feel how a dolphin feels, very soft of course you do not expect. If you are the first time in Discovery Cove, I would recommend to do. And this here is the Laguna Grill. In the Laguna Grill you can have breakfast in the morning and in the afternoon you also get lunch here. Pretty extensive, nice that that is included. And like in every park in Orlando, here also souvenirs! Or as they call it: Gifts! This is the Wind Away River, a very long river that flows through a large part of the park. Where you can relax by swimming on a noodle as they call it, such a green thing. It is lovely warm water, especially if you have a wetsuit on. It also takes a long time before you are around and you also pass through the bird cage in which various tropical birds fly above you. That has been done very nicely! And so far my day at Discovery Cove! It is a relaxing moment here during your Orlando vacation. It does not have to be very expensive, you can buy an Ultimate ticket Discovery Cove, Seaworld , Aquatica and Busch Gardens are included in one ticket. And even then it is the cheapest ticket they have here in the theme resorts. Universal and Disney is much more expensive. That makes it really fun, it is also an all-inclusive day so you can leave your wallet at home. You get breakfast here, you get lunch here and you can enjoy a drink here. It is also relaxing, it is not a water park, it is really relaxing. Swimming through the river, possibly with dolphins swimming but also snorkeling and just relax at the beach. So a nice day and definitely a must do! And from Discovery Cove to Disney Hollywood Studios to do a few more attractions and to see Fantasmic! This is already the 2nd time and not the last time this trip that I visit Disney Hollywood Studios There will be a 3rd time to really explore the park and to see Jingle Bell Jingle Bam This park has so many evening shows that you just can not see them all at once. So on a quiet day like today in Discovery Cove, I still add an evening Hollywood Studios! The first fastpass that goes to Toy Story Mania, the attraction that has recently move the entrance to the new Toy Story Playland. Just saw Fantasmic, what a fantastic show. And with the Star Wars show here in the background; thanks for watching and hope to see you soon! If you thought it was a nice video, subscribe to my channel. See you next time.. BYE!

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