Discovery Cove invites guests with autism to swim with dolphins

Orlando is home to some of the best theme parks in the world and one is proud to offer new experiences for guests with autism morning anchor kirsten o’connor takes us to Discovery Cove and tonight’s getting results for your health it’s very important it’s very sensory the moment Marissa Sands and her grandson Santiago are trying out some of the new experiences at Discovery Cove focusing on kids with autism plus swimming with dolphins is their first time that he’s going to be so close to them I am waiting to see him the animal interaction Park just became the first in the country to be recognized as a certified autism center so new six brought some of our friends to test it out we met Santiago’s Family Center for autism and the animated YouTube gogo brothers last year the first experience for the brothers Simon the anteater his use of so interesting has been touching on his back in a separate quiet Cabana Santiago meets Clementine touch to find the armadillo the next step I’m gonna be down there with you guys snorkeling with 180 sea life species they can go to whatever their comfort level is out here and you will be surrounded by fish I just went in the water and there was some kind of fish sprays and there was a big ray I just saw and from rays to flippers side by side the boys walk into the Dolphin Lagoon it’s a one-of-a-kind experience he does amazing tricks so what was it like to see your son’s doing that it was when he kids that dolphin it was unbelievable that understanding maybe he will not be able to touch him maybe he will not be able but let’s try and that’s what happened here and that’s why it was a great experience it it’s a big day for for all of us getting results for your health here’s to know Connor knew six that’s what true joy sounds like you hear them screaming is so good I thought I was gonna enjoy seeing the kids but the adults behind them crying and laughing story like first in there

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