Disney Minnie Mouse Bow-tique Swim Goggles Review and Disney Princess Swim Cover-Up for Girls

Hi everybody I’m Isla Welcome to IslaTube Today my mama gave me some swimming goggles yes Minnie Mouse it has bows and I’m gonna open it Oh, you want to open them? Isla – Yes Daddy – OK Daddy – Oh Wow! OK, put them on Alright! You’re going to go swimming today! Daddy – Yeah! Isla – Let’s go right now! Daddy – Let’s go swimming! Daddy – We’re going to go swimming and Isla has on her Minnie Goggles and she has a Princess Cover-Up What do you got there? Isla – Cinderella, Belle… Repunzel and Jasmine Oh, you can see her face Daddy – Oh ok Isla – These are my flip flop shoes Daddy – What are they? Isla – Flip Flops Daddy – They’re flip flops Daddy – Who’s on them? Isla – Cinderella Daddy – Let’s see Daddy – Hold them up so we can see…. Oh those are cool! I’m swimming! Daddy – Having fun? Isla – Yeah! You want to see my jump? Daddy – Jump! Daddy – Whoohoo! Happy music continuous Music continuous Daddy – Smile Beautiful sisters! Sisters together – Thanks for watching IslaTube Make sure you hit subscribe

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