DIVING RAJA AMPAT (4K) The Last Aquatic Paradise

(energetic music) – Welcome to Raja Ampat, one of the world’s most biodiverse
dive sites and one of the final remaining aquatic paradises in the entire world. Now, getting here was far from easy, it looked a little bit
something like this. I just had the rowdiest
check-in of my life – [Cameraman] (inaudible) dude? – If we miss this its because
your f*cking stupid! C’mon! – This is crazy – We’re not gonna get
it, we went the wrong way Straight, its this way. (cool music) – It is flat out a miracle to
be setting foot here today. Luggage in hand, exit in sight. Does anyone have a taxi? We are now going to a
place called Kri Eco Resort which, we’ve got a long
journey to get there. Its like the Titanic sendoff right now. We are headed on our ferry into nowhere. We’re gonna be in complete isolation there won’t be much around. Hello! Very excited to go explore. The local people are so nice. (energetic music) Welcome to Waisai. You’re Marco? – Yes. – Hi Marco, Christian, nice to meet you. We’ve just arrived here in Waisai and Waisai is where a lot
of people end up staying. There’s dive resorts all along here its a little bit more of a developed area considering Raja Ampat but this area is extremely remote. We have our very last boat here taking us directly to Kri Eco Resort and I’m very excited to head to our resort because its even more isolated. We are in paradise! The water is perfect. Its like El Nido but with nobody here. And, we’ve made it. (energetic music) Guys, good morning and
welcome to Day One in paradise and the water is the best
you’ll find in the world. Right now we’re off to go
see some black tip sharks and the best part is
I’ve got this right here so I can finally take you with me properly You ready to get this bread? – Look at this water!! – The water is insane. – We are gonna make some fresh
loaves of rye bread today. – That’s gotta be like 30, 40 feet deep and it just looks so transparent. (cool music) Guys, we just got back and
today’s diving was insane I did three dives, I spent like almost two hours underwater today and never in my life have I seen so much biodiversity in a single dive. I mean I probably saw 300,
400 fish in that one dive and like they were all…what? – The most fish someone has seen is 331 and you just said three to four hundred. – No not 300 species, I saw 300 fish. – Ohhhh – During certain times of the year you can catch sperm whales you can catch dolphins,
mantarays, stingrays, you can catch crocodiles
if you’re really unlucky. They literally have
every single kind of fish and sea animal that you can ever dream of right out there. I’m literally just standing
at the edge of the jetty here at the resort. I’ve seen black tip sharks
doing their circles around here and you can actually jump
right in there with them they’re not gonna bite you they’re extremely beautiful to watch. There’s tons of schools of fish there’s sea turtles that go by and that is literally all within a kilometer of this here resort. Now the other thing
that’s amazing is again the fact that there’s very few people here relative to your average dive site so the coral is in great shape the animals are actually
not scared of humans that’s kind of uncommon, if
you’re a diver you’ll know that in most places they’ve
learned to fear divers. I’ve had a lot of fun shooting it here and overall I have to say this is the best dive site that I’ve ever had. (energetic music) This place is just paradise right now I mean, I even have internet,
I just facetimed Katy the weather is perfect the bungalows don’t have
AC but you don’t need it there’s such a beautiful breeze and we’re getting ready for
a beautiful sunset tonight. This is probably the most excited I’ve been in a while about something. – We got the FPV drone here. I’m still learning but, you
know, its always a fun time. – This is what an FPV drone looks like. Whoa (laughs) Its literally a flying
GoPro, it looks so stupid. (energetic music) (chilled music) Alright guys, we’ve arrived
here in Melissa’s Garden about 45 minutes to an
hour later by motorboat and we’re basically just our boat and one other little dive
boat in that corner there. That is one of the benefits of Raja Ampat there’s like nobody around especially if you’re leaving
the more popular destinations. So this is more of a shallow dive. I’m excited about that because I can’t go below ten meters
with my water casing. And after that, we’re gonna
be going onto the land there. We’ve been told that this
is kind of a spot to find unique, smaller marine life,
not necessarily big creatures I don’t know, fingers are
still crossed we see a manta. Zack is kinda out for the count right now. – Not feeling great, the stomach
is, er broiling something – Eurrrgh The reason we came all the way over here is actually not just for the diving but its also what’s behind us here. These are known as the Fam Islands and it kind of looks like Wayag. If you don’t know what that is well, I didn’t know either but its kind of like the most
iconic site of Raja Ampat. But it takes a four hour boat
trip one way to get there. So, you have to be willing
to spend some serious money and some serious time to get there. Fuel in Raja Ampat is the most
expensive in all of Indonesia and to rent a boat here
will actually run you about 550 US dollars for the day. To give you a bit of scale
here, Indonesia, on average you can rent a boat for
like 50 to 100 dollars. In the Philippines I’ve paid as little as like 35 dollars for a boat. Here, its just mindblowingly expensive. So a lot of that has to do
with the isolation of the area some of it is gonna be
fuel costs, but most of all I think its their way of limiting how many people are coming to Raja Ampat. They wanna keep this place exclusive they wanna keep this place
not overrun with people so that the marine life can continue to just succeed and multiply as it is here. It definitely will take a
bit of a dent in your wallet but if you saved up, and this is something
really important to you, I think you’ll definitely
make it here regardless. Raja Ampat is a dive heaven. (cool, upbeat music) Even in paradise, heatstroke
or food poisoning can strike and right now Zack is not doing so hot – Ahhhhh – Guys please leave the video
a like to help Zack get better – One like equals one prayer. Help me – So we just finished up
with the most incredible dive in what’s called Melissa’s Garden. And I’ve never in my life seen coral that looked like it did in the cartoons like when you watched The Little Mermaid and you saw the purple, the
blues, the greens, the teals all the different colored
coral, they were actually there. Every time I’ve ever dived
before, its always been kinda sadly, really dead looking coral. The other part that comes into it too is if you get too deep you
also start to lose colors ’cause red lights actually
can’t travel as far. It helped a lot that
it wasn’t very deep now it was just absolutely stunning. But where they brought us here is pretty much on a par with that. Blue water, nothing else around other than one other dive boat. I’m gonna be flying my drone over there because I saw a photo,
on Instagram actually I actually recognize the
guesthouse sitting on top of there. (energetic music) Wow, a wild starfish – Ahhhhh. (cool, upbeat music) – Alright guys, we’ve just arrived here the entrance to Fam Island the lookout is just right up there. – Got me out of the boat,
and now we’re going up we just met the president of Indonesia. – Yeah seriously. Yeah it was so weird, a
police boat just pulled in with like, probably
eight or ten armed guards with like, semi automatic
rifles, all blacked out and then we see this guy get off the boat and he’s done up, like, if
I was into Indonesia fashion he was ten out of ten. And then him and like three other ladies who are all done up,
with beautiful, beautiful traditional clothing, with
like jewels all over it. They got out of the boat too. I didn’t wanna film it ’cause like, I have no idea who these people are but they clearly are important. I think I need to start
traveling with armed guards. Look at that little environmental touch they built the staircase around the trees. Hooray for sustainability! What’s that? Did somebody say sustainability? No. C’mon Zack, give it 100 percent! And then give it another ten! Traveling is like a journal and every day left untraveled is a chapter that you
didn’t read in the book. So good luck with your test if
you didn’t read your chapter. (engergetic music) This is the viewpoint from Fam Island and it is extraordinary. Guys, this is like pretty much
identical to El Nido, Coron because you’ve got those lagoons you’ve got the limestone
cliffs, really jagged you’ve got the same colors,
but the incredible thing that you will not find
in either of those places is nearly having it to yourself. It is so quiet. If this was El Nido, there’d
be like 50 kayaks right now. (energetic music) Now accommodations here in Raja Ampat are actually a little bit confusing because essentially, what you’ve gotta do is you’ve gotta decide
what island you wanna be on and, for the most part, because
its so hard to get around you’re gonna spend most of
your time on that island. You can actually find budget guesthouses just by showing up to some
of these islands in person. They might not even be bookable online. It can be as cheap as like
roughly 35 dollars a night. But what I do wanna caution you of is that you’ll be stuck on some of
the less appealing islands. Waisai and Sorong are
typically the islands you’ll be stopping
through with the airport and with your ferry, but I’ve been told this is not really where you want to stop. There’s not much to see near these islands and if you’re doing day
trips from these islands you’ll end up spending just as much money on transportation. So its super important you
pick the right place to stay. I am not in a position to give expertise but what I can share is that I have had an incredible time here on Kri Island. Kri has five or six
different guesthouse options but the one that I have experience with and have loved every minute
has been Kri Eco Resort. Its roughly about 150 euros
per night, per person. One word of caution for budget guesthouses is going to be that you may find the lowest price for accommodations, but if you’re stuck eating
overpriced and bad food for an entire week, you’re gonna be pretty exhausted and pretty disappointed. So its good to research. Make sure you figure out
if your accommodation includes the food, and if it
does, make sure its good food. The food here has been freaking awesome. From beef lasagne, to freshly
caught fish here by the locals and one of the best coconut
desserts I’ve ever had its all been A1 food here. So the three main costs that are gonna drive up your price here in Raja Ampat are going to be transportation they’re gonna be accommodation and food which are kind of together and thirdly, there going
to be a marine fee. Now, the marine fee is unavoidable it doesn’t matter who you
are, where you’re going to you have to pay one million IDR which is roughly about 80 US dollars. Now if you wanna keep things cheap and go from Sorong to Waisai, one of the main islands
out here in Raja Ampat you’re gonna be paying roughly
215,000 IDR for a VIP seat. By VIP it basically just means you have a seat and
you’re in an AC’d room. I think for most people
watching this video its probably gonna be the way
you’re gonna wanna travel. Now one of the craziest prices
that I’ve come across here the price that got me
initially really scared when I was coming to Raja Ampat is hiring out your own boat. Fortunately though, this is
not the only way to get around, and in fact, I’ve not had to
rent a single boat for myself on this entire trip. So first option is that you pay the 550 and you’re a lot poorer,
but you’ve got your own boat and you can call the shots. The second option is gonna
be traveling in groups. If you’ve got a group of ten of you, well that becomes 55 dollars a person. Not so bad, but also unlikely
you’re in such a large group. The next option is going to
be going to places like Waisai where they actually have group boats and you can cut those costs up and make it a bit more affordable. Now the last option is going to be again choosing your resort
wisely, because for me, I’ve had all of my
transportation taken care of by following their diving day trips a couple of their day trips
to some of the islands like the Fam Islands, I’ve been able to avoid having to rent out my own boat. And I’ve been able to see Raja Ampat just as I would have wanted to. This is definitely a place
that it would take a few weeks to properly see everything,
but I got a really good glimpse and I know that I’ll be coming back soon. My final moments here in Raja
Ampat with a beautiful sunset. Guys I hope you enjoyed today’s video exploring somewhere you might
not have even known about. If you did, hit the big thumbs up button join Team Get Lost by
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will make a new video for you by next Saturday, and
I’ll see you right here. Until then guys, let’s get
lost again, in the next one.

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