Diving Swim Lesson ‘The Season Day 10’ Helpful tips on how to swim #swimlesson #diving

Alright guys day 10 today is day 10 and today’s a huge day
because we actually started working on diving, we added that in because up to
this point we worked on streamline, we worked on our kick, we worked on some
freestyle and backstroke but today we got into diving and the way that I like to approach it, I
take it from a very basic level and make sure– even if they know how to
dive that we all do the exact same thing to make sure that everybody’s
got the key component in place alright so bare with me through the
process because it actually works The big key that I like to emphasize is keeping your
chin down. Now, why keep your chin down? The reason that I like to emphasize
keeping the chin down is because if the chin comes up while you’re trying to dive, if you let it
sneak up Then it exposes
your chest, it pulls your chest up and a lot of times it causes a belly flop and the big thing that I have
found as far as swimmers being scared It’s not so much that they’re scared that they’re going to flop it’s actually
having their head beneath their feet. It’s an awkward
position they feel like they don’t have
any control and they’re very uncomfortable once they can get that down, they can be
comfortable with that upside down position then everything
falls into place real quick So that’s something that we
worked on just getting the basic motion I don’t care if they have a perfect dive
on the first day. They don’t have to nail a perfect streamline and a smooth
entry it’s just if they can get their head
beneath their feet as they’re going in the water then that’s a
successful day because once that happens everything
else starts rolling because they see that that’s an OK position and they’re not
going to be hurt. Jordan got my last one and it hurt my feelings bad, bad. I’m going to see if she gets this one Are you ready? Jordan: Yea if April showers bring May flowers what do May flowers bring? Jordan: I don’t know Pilgrims Oh, because of the ship. That was more of a riddle, that wasn’t even a joke I go through a little process and here is the process I always put a kickboard next to the
edge of the pool because believe it or not if the kids are
just on their knees on the concrete then it’s actually a little bit painful
and that can be a big distraction while they’re trying to dive, that’s one thing
you don’t want is anything to be a distraction or
something that’s going to occupying their brain that their
knees are hurting so that just adds to the anxiety if they’re a little bit nervous
about diving in the first place. So we always put a kick board up to the side of the pool and they
kneel on that. First one is in a kneeling position with a tight streamline and all I
want them to do is just fall into the water. The big thing
with that is just trying to get that head below the feet and hopefully they go in with the top of their head and
they don’t lift that head and go in with their face the way that I try to keep that head down
is by telling them to put their chin down
and with the streamlined arms I want them to lock ’em behind their head because
it adds a little bit of security of not raising their head if
it’s actually locked their by their arms If their arms are like this then
their head will slip up really easily causing the chest to come out
and potentially a belly flop so I always have them lock their arms
behind their head so it actually helps them out a little
bit as far as keeping their head down in that position So we start off in a kneeling position
with both knees down the next one is in one knee down on the board and the other foot, making
sure the toes are curled at the very beginning and then they do
the same thing all they’re doing is falling in at this point. There’s no jumping or trying to do competitive
start. The next one is where they’re standing with two feet
they’re not in any kind in kneeling but they keep both sets of toes curled around the edge and all they’re doing is just falling in. Once
they can become comfortable with that the last thing that we do is we had a
small hop not necessarily a starting jump, but we
just had a little hop once they they become comfortable with
just diving in general everything else falls into place. It just
goes boom boom boom boom boom. So if they can conquer that fear learn to trust themselves to go in with
the top of their head and not with their face. If they can keep
that head down one time get up the courage to keep their head down
one time to go in with the top of their head they can do with the rest of their life
and that’s the awesome thing about is that they only have to make themselves do
it once it’s only scary once and then after that
they’re like ‘this is awesome’ They can just do it
repetitively for the rest of their life and they don’t even think twice about it That’s what we did today, we got
diving under control we had our first lesson on it
and we’ll have a couple more where we’ll fine-tune it.
Today was a big success just about everybody was diving. I
think we had one or two that were ‘maybes’ in there but other than that
everybody was diving and we did a little bit of yardage
after that but that was it So I hope you guys had a
great practice at your team. If you have any questions
or concerns please ask I’ll always answer them as soon as I have
the opportunity if you have any jokes leave them in the
comments below and I’ll try to use those on the coaches and everybody have a
great weekend– Take Care. I hope you
guys are enjoying this series I know I’m having a lot of fun producing this Don’t forget to subscribe, check out
yesterday’s episode should be right down there. If you have
any questions or comments leave those below and I will answer them as soon as I can

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