DIY: 3D Beach Canvas Wall Decor Ideas

(instrumental music) – [Narrator] Hey guys. Not everyone is able to spend
all his time at the beach, or even go to a place with a beach. That’s why I decided to show
you three easy canvas ideas that will bring the summer
feeling straight into your home. I will show you how to make a heart that is painted into sand. And how to make a beach and shell canvas. These ideas are super easy to make. You will only need some
canvases, acrylic paint, a brush, sand, polymer
clay, and some shells. To create the heart canvas, first cover a canvas of your
choice with liquid glue. I started by adding glue to the front side and by distributing it evenly. Don’t worry, I will cover
the other sides and edges just a bit later. Make sure you add enough glue to create a slightly thick layer. Then place the canvas onto some paper and pour sand over the canvas. If you notice that you still
have missed some areas, you can just add a little more
glue and repeat this step. Then take a white pencil or
any thick pencil you have start drawing your heart
shape into the sand. Since the sand is still
wet you can take your time creating the heart. You can make the heart as big as you want. You don’t even have to draw a heart. Maybe you want to write a message instead or draw something else. Then go ahead and add some
glue to the other sides of the canvas and cover
them up with sand as well. You can use the paper
to help reach any edge that you might have missed. Then you just need to let it dry. In the meantime, you can go
ahead and make a small starfish. For this step I use some
polymer clay to just shape into a small thin circle. To shape the starfish, I cut in the circle to create five sea star arms. At first I cut in the shape of a cross and then move the triangles. Then I just repeated the
step until I had five arms. If you find that this shape is too big, you can shorten their arms by
cutting off the excess length. After that, go ahead and
form the starfish arms into small triangles and
you should get a shape that looks similar to
my decorative starfish. Then you can add some texture
with a toothbrush or a knife if you like and the polymer clay starfish is ready to be baked. After baking, you can go
ahead and paint the starfish. For this step I use brown
yellow and white acrylic paint. While everything is drying,
we can go back to the canvas and paint the sand by
using a nice yellow color. I just mixed different
kinds of yellow and brown colored acrylic paint
to make the sand look bright and vibrant. Make sure you cover up the
whole canvas with paint. Since I wanted to make the
heart look more obvious, I painted it with a
darker shade of yellow. Then just let everything dry completely. As soon as everything is dry,
you can attach the starfish with some hot glue and the
first canvas is finished. (instrumental music) To create the second
canvas, cover the upper part of the canvas with blue acrylic paint. For this step, I tried
to re-create the movement of the ocean, and don’t
forget to paint the edges and sides of the canvas as well. While the paint is drying
we can go ahead and create some polymer clay shells. If you already have some small shells you can skip this step. In order to create small
shells, I press thin into a thin circle of polymer clay. For this step, press
the lines into the clay so the lines meet at one end. If you have that, press this
end a little bit to create a small triangle shape. Then with the polymer
clay knife or a toothpick, press in the clay at the
lines you just created. This way we make the shell
look a bit more realistic. Then go ahead and bake the clay. In the meantime, add some
liquid glue to the white space on the canvas and distribute evenly. Make sure you cover up every white spot. After that, pour some sand
on top and move the excess sand and let the canvas dry again. When the sand is dry, we
can go ahead and paint it with some yellow acrylic
paint as well and let it dry. (instrumental music) This is optional, but if you
like to create a 3D wave, you can use a hot glue gun
and paint on some random waves onto the canvas. At the glue where the sand
and the water meet each other since the glue cools down
very quickly, you can already start painting on the glue
with some white acrylic paint. I also added random brush
strokes in the ocean to make it look more realistic. If you have that, you can go
ahead and glue on the shells. (instrumental music) And you’re done. To create the third and last canvas, cover up the whole canvas
with blue acrylic paint. Let it dry and then we
can go ahead and add some brown mesh ribbon. Place the ribbon to the
lower part of the canvas and make sure that you
enough ribbon on each side. Then add some hot glue to
the back side of the canvas and attach the ribbon by folding it over. (instrumental music) Repeat the step with the other side and cut off the excess
ribbon if necessary. Then you should get something like this. Now we just need to add
some shells to the canvas by using hot glue. You can place the shells however you like. This is optional, but you
can also add some hot glue above the ribbon and then
pour some sand on top. This kind of looks like
a wave or just a part of the beach. I also added the word “relax” but you can write anything you like. And you’re done. I hope you liked these ideas
and found them helpful. If you did, don’t forget
to like this video to support this channel and to subscribe if you haven’t already to see more, finding easy DYI’s in the future. Have a wonderful day
everyone and see you soon. (instrumental music)

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