Diy Koi pond filter

hi good morning welcome done to Devon
koi pond on another morning bit chilly this morning about 10
degrees of air temperature it’s the Friday again so it’s just over a week
since I put the brushes into the vortex I’m gonna give the easy pod of clean to
see how dirty is I cleaned it last Friday just after I put the brushes in gave it
one boil I normally only boil them once because they’re not that dirty
I’m gonna boil it again this week and see how bad it is see what the vortex
brushes picked up so I’ll fire up laughs my super
whiz-bang air pump lift up the compression ring and we’ll take a look
so here we go so all that fast forward there’s a bit
now while it’s boiling up the compression rings a tight fit in the
outside of the chamber here and it pushes down as far as stainless a steel
basket you’ve got easy pog you know what I’m all about
this week I’m going to be giving away two of these rings in a competition and
a little bit somewhere stay tuned for that
I’ll call this one a clue the clean looks like it’s still quite dirty
so the brushes have done the job there’s a lot of them on top of them it’s still
a little off though I’m only gonna let it boil for a minute
or two so fast-forward has been quiet so as I hope you can see here the rings
up as high as I can now lift in the chamber touching the undersides over flow
channels here and the media coil in a way I’ve got 22 litres of media in here
k1 k1 micro in this one happily boiling away and I’ll fush it to drain
in a minute I’ll pick a small camera over so you can
see right
that should about do it and the media’s boiling away I’ve just pulled the waste now let it drain
day soon as the media stops agitating I will
push the disc back down because you can see the disk sits in
there it’s a nice snug fit and it sits down on
top of the stainless steel basket the media is about two inches two and a half
inches below that of all the water right and that’s how I like to run these I will give bit a spray with the hose pipe off two decorator’s a quick rinse round and knock the air off and we are ready
to run again The media rise up trap itself under
the ring and it’s compressed a lot more than an easy pod without one of these
rings the other bonus to it is of course on the boil you can’t lose any of the
media though these discs are made out of six mil thick acrylic and twisting them in
the center chamber if you twist them really hard you can get some of the
media passed but in normal use just lifting and pushing up and down they
won’t get any media the water level in this one hasn’t really risen anything
from last week it’s actually been eight days I suppose then if it’s Friday the
Friday since it’s been cleaned and it wasn’t very dirty so the brushes in the
vortex definitely caught a lot more normally clean this one once a week and
the water normally runs on this one about an inch down and the underside of
this ring and it was still in each time when I cleaned it this time on a normal
week it’ll be up to the plastic that risen an inch maybe inch and a half and
I’ll be sort of a inch bit off the overflow right so that’s this one will
clean was not much dirt in it to be honest it was far better than it not has been
without the brushes in the chamber so the brushes are working and they’re
help in there for the winter I might even try them when the answer in the
middle in the brushes in that there it’s we don’t need a swirl in the vortex with
the answer just need a flower water into with that one probably help even more with that but we’ll move over
to the competitions no no sorry to say it was going to be a to get away this
week well I’m afraid it’s gonna have to be a free giveaway got three prizes all
right I decided that just giving away the two rings for the easy pod
weren’t fair on anybody else that nobody’s okay so I’ve decided to add a
third prize so first prize this week there’s a nice desk fit in the centre of
easy pod all right if you’ve got the new type
easy qod it’s probably riveted on the center ring you’ll have to drill the
rivet heads say slide the ring in re-drill put a couple of cable ties in
the top just a holder stainless steel center up but this one I made for James
to giveaway in a competition its mine to give away now so the competition for
me to win this is you just need to answer how many Easy pods I have down below
how many easy pods I’ve got you’re in for a chance of winning this one the other one I’ve got here is an ultra
special one this one’s actually got James the Koi whisper on it now I made
this one for him when he got his easy pod I thought be a nice little present
for him he only lives just up the road I could nearly throw a stone from here get
him on the head or get it in his pond he’s that close but I made this one for
his easy pod automatic I have not really seen an automatic easy pod before and
that I don’t like the things big pants and if you’ve got one of the
older ones a compression ring or work a treat in it so this one Being as it was
really his I had asked him for permission to give it away he’s more than happy for
me to give it away all he wants to know is what filter has he been tested in the
last few weeks and if you don’t know that you ain’t been watching his channel
but down in my comment section I want you to name what filler he’s been
testing and you can’t win this one so now the third competition just
because not all of you’ve got an easy pod I mean if you gonna buy an easy pod
pretty soon you can enter competition for the disc I don’t mind
but you’re definitely not gonna get one I’ve got another koi plaque to give away
okay black koi plaque fantastic thing
alright give away a few of these now I make them myself except for temp
bit in the middle they’re all laser-cut in acrylic alright nice things up in
your garden for a chance to win this one let me see what did I put in my vortex
last week so if you watched a video last week there every mention early on I’ve
put something in my vortex just need you to say what I’ve put in the vortex help
clear the water and you’re in for a chance to win this one put that down in
the comment section and stand a good chance of winning so for this week down you’re Devon a
little bit chilly this morning looks like the sun’s gonna come out in a bit it’s
been fantastic I know the comments section this week on this video is going
to be full there might have so I’m gonna have to answer I
will give a thumbs up if you get the answer right if you get the answer wrong
I’ll give you a thumbs down for it alright which means enter again so
thumbs up you’re in with a chance thumbs down for me you need to have another go
alright I don’t mind if you enter all three contests just put the comments
down in the comment section so from down here Devon this week bye for now
and happy ponding then catch you in another one

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