Do NOT put your Gimbal in salt water & BOAT BUDGETING// Project Freehwheel Ep. 7

we and we should probably mention gimble
is goosed sorry that the footage is gonna be a little bit shaky until we get
a new so unfortunately one of their worst
condition pieces on the boat because she’s been sat out in the Sun is this
like a little bump stop at the back here and it’s just I’m just started tearing
it apart now trying to get it off but it looked old and crappy and horrible so
we’re just gonna tear it off and I saw another boat without it and yeah it’s
not so bad trying to not feed the fishies right so
I found out it’s actually bolted through the boat with like eight different bolts
oh you’ll fit in there get some stowaways back in drop it in oh sure
welcome it down in here hey see these things still not there’s like six or
eight along there so am I gonna have to cut these holes so you don’t get water
in here I know it’s already got a little puddle left so that is all of the bolts
off so this whole piece should just like that tell you how much it cost for new
up 1000 euros let’s get it hashtag what does boat life really cost
so it’s time we set you down and had the money talk okay dad
yeah we’re just crunching some numbers because there’s still a couple of things
that we need to buy like the dinghy which is quite a big expense there
anchor and we’re so you know midway point of getting all this others are its
soup we thought we’d sit down and look at
what money we have left and what are the big expense of expense and then what
cost we can set a budget for Podesta holiday we’ve got 15 weeks left so just
figuring all that out and what’s the verdict yeah
so if all goes to plan and nothing massive breaks hopefully we’re gonna
keep like an $8,000 buffer so get back to Canada and go back to work and have a
bit of breathing space there but you know the big things we have to get done
we have to have solar and it has to be working right you know we need to be
able to be autonomous we’re not paying for marinas and paying for power so
that’s that’s the other kind of catch and you know just a few things you have
to have like boat insurance we’ve still got to organise our flights back home
and storage of the boat this winter so yeah with crunch numbers worked out
little budget so we’re giving ourselves $500 a week to spend for food and
hopefully everything but we’ll see how well that goes hopefully living on the
hook we won’t be too close to anything to spend money on we want to be sailing
because we’re starting to get cabin fever and commuting the life is somewhat
of a tease we and we should probably mention gimbal is goosed so that’s
another expense so you camera sorry that the footage is gonna be a little bit
shaky until we get a new on stick with us Wow here seems to be the problem it
shouldn’t be full of salt wow that is crazy cool absoulte it’s crazy I only
had in Vegas four seconds well while we’re at our
bike another day we dipped the gimbal and the session cement a waterproof in
the ocean you get a conical underwater shot ah fuck I can’t believe you’ve done
this no pull out the gimbal and it’s like clearly full of water and it wasn’t
happy which is unfortunate because we’ve primarily been shooting off a session on
a gimbal so that might be it I’m off the graveyard for a gimbal might need an
upgrade the salt gets it so this is a project that’s been bothering us for
ages the teak it’s just all really weathered and horrible so he gave it a
super scrub yesterday and now we’re starting on the oil yeah here’s one I
prepared earlier it’s gonna boil into it get it nicely so I’m just making some
culinary delights in the kitchen Tyson ham cheese and tomato sandwiches chills
that bad first half of Monty Python the teeth
because they became try and make a little bit more vibrant than it was
before albeit with sweat just now sir the
difference in the color so I just finished putting the entire bottle of
teak oil into the cockpit and check out how it finished up so you can see it’s
still a bit wet so by the time it draws and probably coming wipe the excess off
in a bit we went from this white old wood to this really lovely kind of
orange color take again so I’m happy with that ye well you have a splendid
Thursday morning suited and ready to go for another chilled ride today but first
we’re gonna get some coffee we’re ready to go under Victor’s
multitasking hello you saying we’ve had her double
espresso’s America to go so just pounded the pavement the highway here beautiful
Verde and we left them perfectly in time for the heat of the day just to really
feel the vibes and this is where we’re going up in thy Mountains has this rotting location of Adriatic
very nice just waiting for a job it’s dropping in this gnarly trail section
here he comes first we went for a little Bush bash on the
way out there trying to get back farther south to the East Coast and a few others
just spare tube new anchor we’re gonna save in funding you go first and Jamie will break again we’ll keep you updated Sica t-coil find it at your local
distributor here waiting for job butcher drop them in this gnarly trail section

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