Doctors Diving In: Teaching Aquatic Physical Therapy

[MUSIC PLAYING] Some people have so much pain
when they’re exercising on land that they just say, forget it. I’m not going to do it. You have to have some, what we
call “true didactic learning”, where you kind of sit in
a classroom and learn. But we know that’s
not the best way to get all of the whole picture. Stay low. And as you’re doing
your straddle jog, make your hands like pancakes
and push down in the water. The experience of what it’s
like to be in the water, using it in different ways,
gives the physicians a window into what it’s
like for a patient to do that type of therapy. You can turn your hand and
actually push the water and feel the difference with
how much resistance you get. A lot of these
therapies are new to us. We write the prescriptions
all day long, but actually seeing the
different techniques and experiencing them
is all new to us. Now try and push underwater. And so for us to get our
hands on some of the flotation devices, and some of the
balancing techniques, this is really important. So this gives you a
little taste of what your patients can experience
working in the water. You can use water to
provide resistance to directions of movement and
do different types of therapy for patients from very frail
to professional athlete level exercise and training. So just a little knee
high march there. It really helps us to be able
to connect with our patients who are sometimes even skeptical
of what we’re prescribing and say, look, we
experienced it. We know exactly what it is that
we’re prescribing here for you. So then they’re ready
to jump in the water and get started themselves.

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