Dolphin Whistle Species Recognition – Dolphin Quest Bermuda

My name is Vincent Janik I am a
professor of biology at the University of St. Andrews and I’m also the director
of the Scottish Oceans Institute which is the interdisciplinary institute for
marine sciences at the University of St. Andrews so I mainly work on marine
mammal communication and underwater acoustics and in that kind of general
field I’m particularly interested in communication of bottlenose dolphins and now I’m here with Julie Oswald
studying species recognition acoustic species recognition in dolphins. What
we’re trying to understand is whether dolphins are using their the whistle
sounds that they make to identify species so that can they tell one
species from another based on the sound that they make. Our lab at the University
of St. Andrews has a long history with Dolphin Quest we’ve been working the
Dolphin Quest for quite some time I think this is the third project that
we’ve done with Dolphin Quest and so it was a natural place to come and do it
because we’ve had such good experiences here with the people and the animals. you

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