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This is the February Paletteful Packs box
and I’ve been waiting all day to open it and I’m not gonna wait any longer
so let’s get this thing open!! ♪ Ahh! Red, the color of love! *hastily disposes of ‘Red’ oh nice! what are
these? who knows..? a brush marker Pro in the color ‘indigo blue’ – aw, Karin Let’s see, there’s one, two three, four, five, six, and seven! so we have
seven of these interesting looking brush markers is what they say but not just a
brush marker (it’s a Brushmarker Pro) I have never used these before – I say that
about everything but it’s true so the colors here are ‘Lilac’ with K..? a sapphire
blue apple cool grey two indigo blue turquoise aaaaaand: Canary! *whistles very excited to see how
those work they look like just regular pens with a little brush I’m gonna-I’m
interested to see if it’s like a brush pen or more like a brush marker because
it says ‘Brushmarker’ we’ll find out There are also two microns in
here – Oh a micron pigma brush – eh not a huge fan of those things But! Pigma microns!
in a 05, yes please!! and a pigma BB which I believe is a brush as well oh my
goodness we are well taken care of when it comes to brushes my shaky hands are
getting nervous here we have the list of supplies for the February premier pack
it says you can actually mix two colors together by touching the tips for ten to
thirty seconds the marker on the bottom will temporarily absorb the color of the
upper marker mmm that makes me want to cringe a little alright, so these are not just your ordinary markers I guess like you can
actually see I don’t know how well you can see this can you notice that on the
inside you can actually see the ink oh LOOK AT IT! there’s a bubble that’s pretty cool I’m
excited to swatch these then the paper this month
looks like bristol board, that’s expensive stuff that’s a big pad! look at
that! how many sheets is that? that’s 25 sheets… oh they must be thick, *paper sounds Canson XL,
smooth Bristol, exceptionally smooth surface, in the color white! now since the sheets are so big, I think I will take a piece and cut it so we
can swatch on that without wasting a whole sheet of paper I actually do use a
different brand of bristol board with my Copic markers and I love it so I wonder
if this is just as cool It must be..? *paper cutting sounds Look, I got a square now we can swatch
on this extra piece of paper I do have experience with these two, actually these
three, I’ll start with those get that over with It’s very hard to get a consistent
line with that because it’s so squishy and we have the Sakura Pigma.. are these
both Sakura? I just discovered something interesting – these are both Pigma, Pigma –
and then brushes I mean this is called the BB and then that’s called the brush
and they’re both Sakura, Sakura but they look so different
we’ll see how well they work I’m gonna assume maybe this is a more professional
yep oh look they just use the word professional over here yeah
the pigma professional brush and then this is more for enthusiasts I’m gonna
guess but I like that it’s stiffer so if you have a heavier hand this is more
what you’d be looking for that actually works a lot better for me – oh but then
it’s harder to get different lines interesting Then we have our wonderful Pigma
Micron! now this mm yeah that’s more my speed all right now those are just liners, let’s get into the colors actually what I
should do first is write each of the colors down what should we start with? I’m really excited for this let’s see how soft? how squishy? how stiff?
how round? all the things..? here we go start with a little circle ehhhhhhhhhhh I don’t know about these am I using the wrong side of the paper? what these are reminding me of are
the Crayola signature blending markers because they like bead up the paper a
little bit let’s give them all a little chance here okay this one’s not as
noticeable but you can also what I’m also noticing is there’s a lot of like
ink coming out so they’re very shiny when you first put down the pigment it
looks like the names are only on the caps so if you don’t put the cap on and
you mix them up you’re going to get a little confused look at that bright
yellow! alright so I’m not really having the same experience I had with that gray
so what I’m gonna do is take one of these colors that did really well like
the Apple or the Canary I’m just gonna keep going over the same spot and see
what happens there’s a hair AH! problems… okay do you see how the paper is beading up and
creating this like super dark pigment-y… barf bits? yeah that’s something very
similar – actually let me compare them to those – I can grab them – so
these are actually what these pens are reminding me of these Crayolas okay. the colors are different and these have a smell to them I forgot about that so it does look like they’re working differently let me grab like a green
maybe they’re not the same kind of markers now that I’m seeing them next to
each other not feeling the same way no see these work a little bit more like an
alcohol marker so I’m gonna guess that these are alcohol based whereas these
are like a paint what did it say? maybe I should read more about it oh I’m also noticing the Brushmarker Pro’s do not bleed through the page which is schmancy so they’re definitely completely different than these I can put these away I do have a whole video on these where I draw something out of that thumbnail if that interests you but I’m in the middle of something! from
what I’m reading here these are actually filled with a type of paint that mimics
inks so I’m guessing that’s why I’m getting that like…uh… problem they’re still
smudgy although those are more of an arts applying I’m more comfortable with
because I’ve used markers a lot more than I’ve ever used whatever these
things are, I don’t even really know so they are some kind of like liquidy paint
put inside a pen and you can use it for calligraphy, graphic design, and
illustration, it says although I’m seeing a lot of similarity in tone here so
using them from illustration might be be a little scary but I do want to try what
it says right here which is you can apparently mix the colors we should try
to do, here, if I put like green here and then put yellow here what we should try to do is just
create a gradient between those two, so what it wants you to do is take a
top marker and a bottom marker and touch them together oh I don’t like it, I’m having a
really hard time keeping them together [Reading: “for ten to thirty seconds the marker at
the bottom will temporarily absorb the color of the upper marker. this will
allow you create a smooth transition from one color to another”] look at that! still looks green on the end though but it seems to have gotten its color back let me see, that’s still a little bit green I don’t know how long it’s supposed to
take – it takes a while what happens if you like layer them on top of each other? can we blend that out? I mean that’s a pretty good gradient but I’m not fond of
the texture of these markers/paint things like bits of the paper sort of like peel up – the other thing I’m not asking about
these markers is they stay wet for a long time more like paint than like a
actual marker so if you like touch it you can smudge it around a bit and it
gets all over the place and gets on your desk so you got to make sure it’s
completely dry before you touch anything to it or yourself – so these are
definitely more on the side of paint versus like inks but I think we
definitely nee to try and take advantage of these gradients because that seems to be
their kind of like selling quality so I think I want to take advantage of those
since that’s what we’re going to be working with today so here on our main
sheet of paper is where we are going to be creating
our illustration but I still need to work out the idea so I need to do a
little bit of a sketching here I’m gonna grab just a regular pencil and I’m
gonna start thumbnailing some ideas over here since the only thing I have going
from here right now is ‘gradients’ – I am kind of in the dark for what I want to draw so it’s
going to be pretty difficult to come up with something from nothing so I’m just
gonna start drawing things I like to draw and hopefully get inspired to draw
something more original an idea I kind of just thought of would includes an
orange but I don’t have any Reds to blend with this yellow *hums Jeapardy tune this one lost that yellow color
real quick – probably should be doing it this way, creating a new marker! there you
go see what happens yeah see how much better that works? I
guess I should have expected These seem to be a little bit like a Chameleon pen –
I’ve never actually used a chameleon pen so I could be wrong but this seems to be
the way I feel like people have said they work you kind of like connect them
together and then they draw one color for a little while and then they become
the other color I’m just gonna keep playing with this and see if I can spark some
ideas ooh I like that color – mixing the app with the sync the turquoise but a part of
me just wants to like blend it the way you would blend Copics, but you can’t
do that, it doesn’t really work You’d think it would, but it’s quite the same thing You Know what?! when it doubt, just draw a floaty girl let’s try and fill this
square page with just a random girl floating you know? and then I’ll try to
incorporate like as many gradients as possible – gradients are kind of my goal
here try to incorporate as many of them as possible *intense sketching let’s try and open the arms
so that she’s filling the page could probably give her those big anime
ponytails, really makes sure we’re filling out that interesting page layout give here a mouth: Awwwww! So happy! like this maybe – looks like a penguin *insulting penguin sounds I kind of want to
change up this leg, maybe pull it in – maybe more like beneath here then the
leg comes out this way – is that cuter? I guess I should rephrase that: “does that
look better in this scenario?” What if she’s doing like a cutesy like her hands
are like this then her face would need to be different because I don’t think
she’s excited enough to be like ‘OHMYGERR!!’ I’ll leave the arm the way we had it before , but I’m gonna pull this arm up a bit more like this, it just adds a little bit more interest so it’s not
like as symmetrical as it was before and then hopefully we can use like that
gradient effect for the hair is my plan since the hair is so long it might be
difficult but since it takes so long for the ink to kind of switch over I’m
hoping I can take advantage of that for this long section of hair I feel like
there’s a lot of space right here in particular we could add like a little
critter like a little jelly bean animal that like hangs out with her with cute
round ears maybe not what if it is reaching up like ‘yeaaahss!’ oh that looks like a dab.. doesn’t it? okay maybe the lil’
jellybeans is dabbing *laughs I don’t know what I’m drawing it’s kind of like a mouse or something yeah but maybe he’s got a
bunny tail it’s like a Raichu and Mickey Mouse mixed together but now I want her to look at her little buddy
so I’m gonna turn her eyes this way do this other ponytail. think I need to
think of the hair more as a ribbon I think that would help get this right cuz
that one how it twists and turns this one was just really flat so I’m gonna
work on this ponytail I’m gonna think about it as like a ribbon which would be more
like that so then hair strands would interact with
it that way so there’s a bit of a tangent happening here and a tangent
is when when two points kind of meet without perfectly intersecting and so
basically this arm is kind of following this exact strand of the hair and I
don’t like that and in turn that hair is in that location because of the way the
rest is so I feel like I should just change the whole thing again it’s just
not quite appealing what if I go like way out here so then we avoid that arm
altogether I like that – I think that’s better
yes I think I like that okay so now she’s need some clothes It is currently below freezing outside for some reason I want to draw something
super summery I’m gonna draw another one of those a
little bunny mouse things back here now that I think I know how to draw them they’re kind of like bear rabbits…? okay why don’t I try to split the
difference between summer and winter and make kind of like a fall outfit maybe
like a turtleneck with like one of those slip dresses over top of it -that’s kind
of fashionable isn’t it and then some shoes down here – all right so that’s
the sketch for now I feel like I’m if I work anymore it’ll be that overwork sort
of stage so kind of feeling that happening so I’m gonna go in with the
pigma 05 and start adding in some lines here permanently first I’m going
to go over everything and lightly erase it I have a better idea of what I’ve
already added lineart to and what I haven’t because sometimes when the
pencil is there I have a hard time seeing where I’ve put the lines and I just find
that this is more helpful for me little bunny thing is soo cute I need to give these things names,
besides bunny/mouse – that’s not actually that bad but I just feel like they
deserve something better there’s one ponytail down, one more to go! I can erase some of this pencil that we don’t need anymore see how everything’s doing careful not to crunch any of the corners of the paper and I don’t want any
comments about this section (it never happened) oh we get to draw another bear/bunny! here we go, here we go! this is becoming my
favorite part they’re so easy to draw which is funny, because they were really difficult to
draw when I was trying to figure them out but now I love them! there he is, he’s so cute I never have much to
say when I’m doing lineart I’m just focusing on trying not to mess up
and yet I still do there we go I think that’s all of it
now I just need to finish erasing the sketch goodbye goodbye goodbye get out of here we don’t need you anymore all right, now it is time to color, using these fancy brush marker thingies okay
the first thing that I want to do is color the turtleneck yellow and the dress
Lilak with a K I’ll color this canary gotta remember that these are paint and
not markers so I don’t want to touch where I’ve already placed the ink or it will
smudge I really wish I had a red here to mix with this to create an orange I think that would be really helpful for my ideas but I don’t have that color – I could use the
purple maybe it’s that a bit tap tap tap tap tap and create that brown color like
that then I can go in straight with the purple and color in this dress this is
kind of like counting as our black tone getting a decently even tone and if you
don’t you can actually go over it and blend those spaces together as long as
it hasn’t dried yet kind of like watercolor looks like it’s drawing a
different color than its going down because, there it’s darker than down here then I
kind of wanted to color these socks that same color all right now I’m starting to
see the streaks as it dries maybe if i zoom in you can see that see the color
difference between like where I’ve gone over more than once and where I haven’t I’m trying to figure out what like the benefit of these markers over like a
different kind of marker would be…? because, as for right now, I haven’t figured that one
out I feel like it’s gonna end up looking very rainbow barfy I’m a little
nervous Let’s use Indigo Blue and go over the purple and see if we can get rid of some of those streaks now for the hair I think it’d be cool to be like yellow, apple, and then
turquoise should we start at the bottom or the top? let’s start at the top I
just want to use the turquoise so then for the gradient start it turquoise
let me grab the Apple you like do one of these to blend this out until we get it
straight green again maybe even pull streak or two down make
it look sorta – oh no cause it like bleeds outwards doesn’t it?
right might be time start turning into the yellow so we’ll grab the yellow do
one of these deedoo, deedo, deedo I don’t like tinting them together like
this!!! it makes me uncomfortable that didn’t last quite as long as I expected just
blend that out to the yellow *sings a song using the word: Yellow really not all that impressed to be
honest with these guys, at least not for like illustration these are probably
really cool for calligraphy which is not something that I dabble in too often if
you overwork it too much the paper starts beading up oh no I just noticed
what I did I put my wrist into the purple and it bled it all around! noooooo 🙁 this is gonna be one of those days… but I still want to do this other hair because this
look it was kind of fun even though it doesn’t look that great basically I’m
just kind of using them the way I would use Copic markers and they actually seem
to be working a little better than that like dab technique for shading, actually
take some green and then take the yellow blend out the
edges and then for up there I’ll take the turquoise right here and then take
Apple and blend that out as long as you get it when they’re still wet
they blend pretty well I did better on that one I think I have determined that
these are better if you just blend them while they’re still wet instead of doing
that weird technique where you are like *bleeding marker noises like that I think I want to use yellow for
these bows up here let’s give a little mouse bunny here a turquoise bow maybe both these two guys there I really disappointed about the ink smudging
there’s nothing I can do about that I also wish we had some lighter colors I
have where did that go this guy yeah is gray – I could use that to shade, let’s
see what happens since you have that brush point and get those like fine
points and that actually looks really cool for getting this little bit of
shading here you can get like fine points and fill in tiny spaces – there we
go, there’s my little mess! my beautiful mess! all in all I’m really not awfully
fond of this art supply I’m not sure if it’s the colors that I got or if it’s
the actual art supply but like I would rather use like an alcohol-based marker
like any alcohol-based markers even my least favorite alcohol-based marker over
these pens just because I’m not sure I’m using them the way they’re meant to be
used like for illustration purposes that’s what I’m talking about now if I
was going to be using these for calligraphy I do like the stiffness of
the brush and like a different size points you can get but when it comes to
illustration like all the colors that I got at least they’re all like the same
tone except for maybe apple and canary are a little bit lighter and then canary
is the lightest but like lilac sapphire blue and indigo blue are like almost the
exact same tone and even turquoise this is very very close so it’s hard to use
these in an illustration without ending up with like one
really dark blob I tried my best but I forgot how much they smudged and I
didn’t let each layer dry so they ended up smudging – the thing that I would
compare these most to would be like India ink in a pen – it’s not what they say they are – but that kind of is what this is making me think of – it’s a little
messy so yeah not my favorite art supply but I had fun using them and I do enjoy
the blending microns are always good I didn’t actually use the brush pens-
did I? I could darken up some areas here I think I did a good job darkening the
areas with the actual color so it’ll kind of pointless at this point I’m
gonna get a close-up of all the fingerprints and smudges there they are *laughs I think the best thing to come out of this box were these little bunny mice I
might end up drawing these guys again they are cute oh! and then of course I forgot
how awesome this is, the bristol board! remember when I showed you the Crayola
signature markers on here look how well that pigment holds in this paper oh this
is great paper for that it’s really expensive so it’s cool to have such a
big pad of it in the Paletteful packs – I’d be really interested to see what someone
else’s idea would be if they used these same exact art supplies because color is
something I have a lot of trouble with and the fact that these colors were all
so similar I was really nervous so I kind of think I’m gonna go Stalk the
social medias and figure out what other people did with this with their Paletteful Packs I will be passing these art supplies on to one of you so check the
link in the description see if the giveaway is still active – I want to thank
you guys all for watching and I hope you enjoyed watching my process of using a
brand new art supply [Whispers: ”wait for the layers to dry”] was the lesson so yeah Thank you Guys for watching!!! I’ll
see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of WAFFLES! ♪ BYE! ♪ ♪

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