Dosing cupramine in main saltwater tank : live rock leaching cupramine test

cupramine in display tank everybody welcome to another edition of
Rotter tube reef so I did a free video on what I’m gonna do today I’m not going
to edit this video at all I’m just gonna sit with you guys get this video out
talk to tell you what I’m gonna do I did a pre video yesterday to let you
know what I’m gonna do in this tank today a little experiment I got a lot of
people who said yeah let’s let’s try it I got some other people that were like
don’t do it and I even got someone who said I’m unsubscribing ok and I got
another person who said you’re only doing this for the views to get more
popular no any of you guys who know me know that I could care less or couldn’t
care less what people think this isn’t for the views you know my whole channel
is based on experimentation and tons of research I just don’t go into thing
things blindly haphazardly I don’t do that right so this has to do with like
it can your tank and so here’s a long story short of it I want to give you
guys oh hold on a second hey wait Oh jack came to say hi Jack came to say hi
he’s doing pretty good he wasn’t it really wasn’t for a while in there but
he’s still with us doing really well okay how do I start this out I think a
handful of people misunderstood what’s happening here I’ve got videos on this
so watch them for more information because I don’t want to turn this into a
whole big lesson thing okay let me back way up when you get a new fish or a new
coral or an invert from the reef store you don’t ever put it right in your tank
because if that water more than likely will contain parasites or disease okay
because their whole store is connected to one filtration system and you know
how you see one fish and you’re like oh I want that one in that tank I’ll buy
him I’m not gonna buy this guy in this tank up here around the corner because
he’s scraping himself along the ground looks like he’s diseased these half-dead
already well guess what whatever disease he has it’s in his water is in the same
tank that you’re looking at the purchase because it’s all one filtration system
in that store no expensive what would be to have a filtration system for every
little tank they have in that store okay now that we had to have that out of the
way you buy that fish you bring him home you put it in your tank guess what
disease will spread there’s a problem called eco parasite which my channel is
based on and marine velvet it kills your fish really fast and people who say that
once you have it in your tank you always have it in your tank that’s wrong check
out my videos how to eradicate it also check the video description for my book
I wrote it’s on Amazon it’s like a couple bucks it’s like 60 pages I go
through every single thing you need to do in-depth on how to eradicate the ich
parasite and marine velvet forever from your tank and that’s partly what I’m
talking about today so you bring that fish home you don’t put it in here you
get another tank if you have just like little fish like Nemo’s clownfish ah
Solaris whatever you want to call them you’re gonna put them in a quarantine
tank with saltwater make sure that tank has gone through the process of cycling
so it’s got bacteria in it takes about a month or so my book talks about that
I’ve got other videos on that as well check them out and you’re going to put
just a little dose of cupramine this is a bottle I keep on
hand for friends in case they have a breakout parasite this stuff kills the
Inca parasite and it also kills your coral and it also kills your inverts so
you never ever ever want to dose this in your main tank all right
it kills corals almost instantly and inverts snails all that which brings us
to the experiment I’m gonna do in just a minute so you’re gonna dose this now the
directions tell you how much to dose for how many gallons of water you have
dosing the recommended dose is near toxic levels for your fish all right so
I always cut that in half and it works fine I haven’t had to use this in a long
time I haven’t had it in my tank the fish never showed signs of it they don’t
have any white spots on them they don’t scrape against sand this tank is totally
fine now when you buy coral and inverts snails crabs whatever shrimp you want to
put them in a separate quarantine tank number two because you don’t dose this
stuff in there it will kill those guys instantly pretty much alright so you
just want to keep them in salt water only for six weeks the fish quarantine
tank six weeks with a half a dose of this copper and the second quarantine
tank with no copper for your inverts for six weeks after six weeks they look good
you can take them out and put them in it’s like a holding tank to make sure
and cleanse the fish and make sure the parasites are gone so one side note on
that second tank with your inverts and your coral how do the parasites die if
they’re in that water if you don’t use this well it’s easy those parasites and
disease feed on fish if there’s no fish in that tank the parasites are going to
die they don’t feed on coral or snails or invert
so now that we have that out of the way this stuff is dangerous as I’ve said and
people have asked me which this is leading up into this experiment how do I
get the fish out of my quarantine tank with a net if then that touches my water
in the main tank what if there’s a little bit of copper some people freak
out all right because you might get a little bit of copper in this tank like
an eighth of a drop or sixteenth of a drop now other people say any amount of
copper in here and this is all over the web by the way if you put copper in this
main tank your corals and inverts will die we’ve got that squared away well
there’s no quarrels and inverts in this tank and I wouldn’t recommend this test
on your own if something happens it’s not my fault that’s up to you
as with anything on this channel so what I’m gonna do because people say that
copper once it’s in your main tank it stays in your rocks and it stays in your
sand pretty much forever and it continually will leach out into your
main tank and kill all inverts and coral that you put into it
fish are fine I mean they don’t this stuff is fine as long as you don’t OD
them they’ll die it’ll kill their nervous system if they OD on this that’s
why I dose half the amount by the way there’s copper test kits to see how much
is in the water it’s almost impossible to test for you read up on it if the
testing that’s available out there it doesn’t do that good of a job so anyway
people if they’ve used this stuff in the main tank could accidentally dosed it in
the main tank or they got a drop in their main tank or they used equipment
from their main tank from their quarantine tank in the main tank which
you should never do they’re afraid that coppers gonna infect
this now that we’ve got that squared away long story short it’s been said
that you can never put coral in this tank again so what I’m gonna do because
there’s no coral in here let me say if there was coral in here or
inverts I wouldn’t be doing this because it would kill them the point of this
test is to put copper solution Cooper mean in this tank when there’s no coral
and no inverts let it in there for six weeks I’m gonna put a full dose in this
or half a dose in this tank let it go through its six weeks structure that
means six weeks of water changes maybe I’ll go eight I don’t know how long
it’ll take to clear maybe three months maybe six months I think one of my
subscribers said that the manufacturer says that your tank will be clear of
this copper solution in six to eight months so what I’m gonna do is I’m going
to get a coral put it in a quarantine tank for six weeks taking care of those
parasites if there’s any and more than likely there are from the fish store
those this right now in here and half the dose roughly five drops will take
care of the experiment fine after six weeks of water changes and the protein
skimmer going we’re gonna see if what they say is true I’m gonna see how well
the coral survive and I bet they survive just fine
along with the inverts that I put in here the point of this is to see if the
copper actually does leech out of the rocks I’m not just going to buy a call
today and throw them in here with a dose of copper solution that would be stupid
so let’s get it straight that’s not the test isn’t to see how fast corals die
when you put this in here you guys have misunderstood I’m putting this in here without any
coral can’t stress that enough it’s like people weren’t understanding no coral no
inverts just fish by the way if you never have any plans I’m putting corals
or inverts in here or cleanup crew starfish whatever you could dose this in
your main tank if you get a nick outbreak that would be totally ideal
because if you do get a nick outbreak all these fish have to come out because
as long as there’s a fish hiding in there the parasites will continue to
feed and they’ll continue to multiply and it’s gonna get worse and worse
feeding garlic doesn’t help by the way we all know that so let me put this in
here do you guys understand what’s going on
I’m dosing this with nothing in here but fish after six weeks
I’ll put coral in here to see how well the coral reacts with my luck the coral
will die because the water parameters were off but I doubt that’s gonna happen
so let me move this over get a look at these pretty fish look at
them you know scrape the back off there’s
algae on it so I’m not gonna stand here and measure drops it’s a like a hundred
and twenty drops of this stuff in my tank by the way there’d been a handful of
subscribers that reached out to me and they said they’ve done this and there’s
no problems with their coral one two three four five you know what
I’m not gonna do drop this to do it was squirt and a squirt that’s gonna be like
a lot hopefully you guys saw that so there’s like copper in the tank
currently we’re going to give this six weeks let you guys watch the fish as we go
what guy look at them how beautiful they look now remember this won’t hurt the
fish I’m gonna let this copper cycle through the tank it’s gonna get in the
rocks the sand everywhere in the tank one drop of this stuff people have said
that it will kill coral well I just put a handful of drops and two squeeze
bottles full in here if I didn’t want coral in this tank and if there was a
Knick outbreak which there won’t be this will not be a problem because it doesn’t
kill fish unless you put way too much in so that’s that you guys I hope you
understood it I’m going for here I’ll be giving updates on this this isn’t for
views it’s ridiculous this is just a bustah myth again after 6 to 8 weeks
when I put coral in here if it works do this at your own discretion I’m not
going to be responsible I’m just doing like a little test here ok just to see what happens and just
because it’ll be successful in my tank doesn’t mean it would be successful in
your tank it’s just something I wanted to see for myself I’m gonna start with a
frog spawn probably and star polyp coral so that’s it
if this video has upset you guys in any way I apologize but this is channel is
mainly for me and to share the knowledge that I know this isn’t for views or
ratings I don’t care about that I have other ways of making money alright guys
have a great weekend I’ll talk to you later thanks for subscribing and thanks
for watching alright have a great weekend and I’ll
see you later oh by the way all haters comments will
be removed because I’m not dealing with that on the channel here oh it looks
like bicolored Lenny just getting attacked by
the clownfish leave him alone those parrot clownfish up in the upper
right-hand corner this has been their tank for the longest time so sometimes
when I was gonna say when people won fish go to their corner they kind of
don’t like it they just give him a little warning now on a side note this harlequin sweetlips fish getting a
little bigger he’s increased in size by 50% it was a smaller guy when I got him
he was like an inch and a half long he’s easily two and a half inches now he was
growing well and he’s eating like a fiend that fish is gonna grow big this
dude is gonna grow big like two feet long big but that’s not gonna happen for
a while in fact on a side note here doing some reading a lot of people can’t
keep these guys successfully because they don’t eat this guy eats like a
beast he’s totally fine and I read that a couple people after four
years the fish is only like eight inches long which is about the size of my guy
right there the fowleri tang so we got four to five
years with the harlequin sweetlips they’re easily alright guys thanks for
watching I’ll talk to you later sorry for the babble but I just didn’t want to
edit this video in any way have a great weekend and thanks for watching and
check out our Facebook group links in the video description below to
everything I use on Amazon and our awesome Facebook group over 800 members
so far take care and have a good one

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  • Although I would never put Cuperminine in my main display, Ocean Sea Water contains Copper at 0.09 ppm. I've used AquaForest Balling method which contains trace elements, copper being one of them. Are you going to use Seachem Cuprisorb at the end of your Experiment to remove the copper or only water changes???????

  • Don't be sorry, it's yours, your money, your time and your success, all those trolls, well , don't have a life and are jealous. AND THEY WANT TO CONTROL YOU, THEIR TROLLS!!!!!! You are the best channel and knowledgeable. So "WHY SO SERIOUS "….. I GUESS THE TROLLS, LMAO

  • Needed this invert test after all, mea culpa😔there is so much smack going around on this subject. I knew you wouldn't hurt ANY creature! I can't remember what we did in two stores, but used copper prods, & needed the answer on inverts. Hugs, light to furbaby, Jack.

  • I had a fowlr tank that I dosed cuprimine and then after running carbon threw the system I ended up using some rocks in a reef tank. One of the rocks I glued a red montpora frag to it and it grew, and never did have any negative effects that I noticed

  • You are totally right man, nothing else works for ich or marine velvet but cupramine. Barely getting over marin velvet attack, was able to save a few fish. But should’ve listened to you at first. I trust in you and no one else now.

  • I think this is a fantastic experiment that will help lots of people. I can’t wait for the results!

  • don't worry what people think it's your tank and thank you for all you do good luck

  • Hello
    I already added cupramine in my display tank. You know what happened?! Marine velvet disappeared. All fish are happy 💪😊👍

  • If I could subscribe twice I would 👌👍🏻

  • Forget all the nay sayers. Everything you say is spot on. I’ve had to dose my main tank many times because of putting fish or coral in to soon. The copper leaves the sand bed because I have inverts and coral in the main take again and everything is fine now. Thanks for that ich video from back in the day it really change the saltwater game for me. Cheers from California!

  • Also it kills any life in sand come on dude really I have to unsubscribe

  • Corals should be in a separate aquarium. They will eventually die and crap out your tank. Rite Steve! Corals all died. That said carbon will pull most of the copper out tank will be safe fish will have it in there system like mercury.

  • I thought you were full dosing also blue color not true copper. Copper sulfate is commercial copper slightly tinge color 😎

  • I say do what you do F–K all the so called experts!!!!! Live your best life . Your real and your not perpetrating a fraud like others. 🐙🐟🐠 I once called u the Tiger Woods of reef. Well, it still holds true love a good comeback 😬

  • How much should i dose copper on a 29 gallon biocube? its a qt

  • I seen a Gsp Survive Laundry bleach

  • I always wondered why there is such a….. for lack of better words "Copper Police" LOL. when copper is a natural element you just don't want it to high just like all the other Elements we dose. But on the experiment i am wondering how long you have to wait before the copper in the water is low enough. I did have a tank that i did this in i think i waited about 3 month tank was successful to.

  • I used up to .4ppm cupramine in my tank for like 14days after hyposalinity for 2 months and i had 140lbs of rock and 120 lbz of sand… I used 1 cuprazorb pack and 3 socks of carbon for like 2 weeks.. Its been over 2 months since my ich.velvet was gone and i have over 56 corals in my tank. Probly 12 astrea.turbo snails. 2 sea urchins.. 4 tangs a foxface 3 damsels.. and like 5 other fish.

    Also have a cleaner shrimp, no one had died..

    So ima say cupramine doesnt stay in the sand or rock. And anyone who says it does is full of shit !! And spreading fear

    You coulda just asked me for this question LOL… check out my video for proof that i have a billion corals and they are all fine after cupramine was in the tank

  • Only reason i wouldnt do this is your putting your fish through uneeded stress using copper if you dont have parasites

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