“Double Digit Desert” – Inanimate Insanity [Ep. 10]

Announcer thing: Last Time On…Inanimate Insanity Apple was wondering when she would get her pony (what?) from Santa for christmas. Paintbrush revealed to her that Santa was fake. (NOT TRUE!) Which Apple wasn’t too happy about. At elimination there was a new elimination area, an accidental lack of intro that ended up being the closest one ever with Pickle being safe by just one vote yes, you heard that right and Lightbulb being eliminated. Lightbulb: OMGA! Whoah! Announcer thing: The next contest was get a Christmas tree, but Apple was still freaking out and need to be fixed, and then there was a chair commercial. Wait, what? Well moving on, Salt tried to spend more time with OJ, while they went to get the tree. Pickle won and Paintbrush and Marshmallow dressed up as Santa and tried to fix Apple up and it turned out Pickle’s tree was small and pathetic one but he felt like it needed him though they barely avoided spells creepy of romantic plans. Bomb: *weird noise* Announcer thing: After Paintbrush and Marshmallow’s failed attempt at fixing apple, they just got an aluminum tree from Walmart, however, MePhone didn’t like that and had Team Chicken Leg win because Team Epic’s tree didn’t show hope, good will, and joy, what Christmas was all about. Paintbrush: I don’t care about that! Announcer Thing: And for winning the challenge, Team Chicken Leg gets to vote an eliminated contestant on to their team that the voters get to decide on. Oh, and that includes Bow for whatever reason. And it turns out Santa is real but MePhone didn’t give him cookies of course. But he forgot to bring Apple her pony so much for the happy cliché Christmas ending And that’s what you missed on, Inanimate Insanity. Nickel: Hey, Baseball. I wonder which one of us is going to rejoin the game. Baseball: Well, it’s obviously not gonna be Balloon. Balloon: Hey! Paper: You’re not rejoining, I’m rejoining. Knife: Well, I think it’s pretty obvious I’M rejoining. Nickel: You? You got the most votes ever! You’re the last person here to rejoin! Baseball: We all have an equal chance! Lightbulb, Knife, and Paper: Shut up, Baseball! Baseball: Haven’t I been through enough? *intro music* (Nickle) *intro music* *intro music* MePhone: Let’s see which one of them will rejoin the competition. Bow: All right, coolness! MePhone: You’re not a contestant, Bow. *punch* MePhone: Fine. Everyone, hold on to something heavy. Baseball: Hey, I’m not that fat! Lightbulb: Well you are getting a little bit chubbier around the edges. *screaming* *that was bow* Bow: Haha, that was awesome. Do it again! *punch sound and more screaming* *back to earth you go* Bow: Again! *even more punching and screaming* *back to not earth you go* ♪rejoining time song♪ Baseball: That’s a song? MePhone: One of you is going to join the game. Nickel: We know that, MeTard! Knife: It’s a shame I have to look at that ugly face again! MePhone: Knife, That’s really rude… Paper: Oh, HE’S the rude one?! YOU locked us in a cage like animals for MONTHS! MePhone: Yeah, I did. Now, Let’s get to it. 386 people voted. Paper: Let me guess. Knife got zero! Knife: Come at me bro! (ooooooohhhhh you just got rekt) Paper: Um, no thanks. MePhone: If you didn’t get enough votes you will get egged and sent back to Idiotic Island. If you rejoin you get a Cookie! Lightbulb: I mean, I guess that’s fair. MePhone: OK, is everyone ready? Bow: Wait… Yep! MePhone: Now, the person with the least amount of votes was pretty obvious. Balloon received only 10 votes the least of everyone! Balloon: What?! *egged and drooped* MePhone: Lightbulb, because your elimination was so recent, 13 people voted for you. Lightbulb: Aww… But do I get cookies again? MePhone: Why would we give- Lightbulb: Pleeaaassseeee? MePhone: Okay, fine. Lightbulb: Oh boy, what flavor?! MePhone: Egg flavor. (lol rekt) Lightbulb: Whoah! Whoah! MePhone: Next with only 35 votes is… Baseball! Baseball: What?! Well then I really need a new book, okay? MePhone: Don’t worry. We got you a new one! Baseball: Wow, really? What is it? MePhone: Twilight. Baseball: What? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *smack* MePhone: Now we’re down to the final five! Nickel: Well, I just know I’m going to win! MePhone: Knife, you only got 37 votes. Knife: Grrr! I’ll be out soon, than we can have some more fun! *screaming* MePhone: Pepper, your annoying attitude got only 43 voters to vote for you. Now there are only three of you left! Nickel, with 56 votes you also do not rejoin the game. Nickel: What? Well at least nobody misspelled my name this time. MePhone: Actually, more people misspelled your name than spelled correctly. We just knew to count it now. Nickle: Seriously? (sneaky me!!) Nickle Dude: I’m highly offended! MePhone: Now it’s down to just the two of you. The physical flat, and the personality flat. Paper: It seriously better be me!! How can you even put Bow up for vote? She was never on the show! Bow: But they did. So they all get chairs! *smack* Paper: OK, if you get more votes than me…I’M PUTTING YOU IN AN ELECTRIC CHAIR! *gasp* Will it have cup holders? MePhone: That’s enough everyone. okay, so the person rejoining or joining the game is… Paper! Bow: No! MePhone: Man, this is comfortable. Bow: You’ll have to pay for that. *looks like team rocket’s blasting off again!* Paper: Finally! I got out of there!! MePhone: Paper, Why did you do that? Paper: I swore that when I got out of there, I was going to kill somebody!! And I keep my promises! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oh… Sorry, I don’t know what came over me… MePhone: For rejoing with the most votes, 97… You get a gift! It’s a piano. Paper: What? You better not- rekt ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) rekt MePhone: You, are the final nine! Now the tenth challenge can begin. Paper: Well, then, what is it? MePhone: Crossing the border. OJ: Isn’t that kind of racist? MePhone: No, we’re going to the cactus desert! *the bomb has been planted* Bow: A dessert? Sure! I’ll take a chocolate cake with whipped cream! MePhone: Oh my gosh. How did you even get back here? Whatever.. Salt: OMG. MePhone: Sorry. The contestant magnet is also a real magnet. I guess Salt doesn’t compete. OJ: Good! Her flirting made me sick. Bow: Her face made me sick. *and again…* MePhone: There are lots of cactuses, and if you touch one you get stuck. They’re really thorny. (I don’t see any thorns though.) There’s also quicksand, and an electric fence, and even the Cacti Desert Monster! And he said to be the most terrifying thing in living existence. Whoever crosses the finish line first wins immunity and another amazing prize! Paintbrush: Well, actually I had a question about- MePhone: Start! Paintbrush: OMG, this is for like the third time! OJ: Bomb, look at all these cactuses! Paper: I’LL SAVE US! *explosion* OJ: Woah, that was uncalled for. Paper: Just run OJ! AH! OJ, go on, without me. OJ: OK. Paper: WHAT?! Taco: Hey, look! *nom* AROO! BLEH! SOWA CREAM!! Bomb: H-hey OJ. OJ: How are you back? Bomb: *insane stutter* OJ: Ugh, forget it. Paintbrush: Run, Marshmallow! Marshmallow: Well, I’m stuck to this cactus. OJ: Look! Get me over the fence, Bomb! Bomb: H-h-how? OJ: I don’t know, just do something! Not exactly what I had in mind, but how are you going to get over now? Bomb: I’ll just u-use t-th-threats H-h-hey you fence! I’m gonna blow up if you don’t skedaddle! Electric Fence: I’m outta here. OJ: What? Apple: Ow! Cactus: GET OFF MY THORNS LITTLE NOPE. Larger Cactus: I’m a larger cactus so just shut up. Paintbrush: Awesome! I thought there was a fence here! Well, moving on. *smack, electric sounds, and minor screaming* OJ: Oh no, quicksand! Oh my god, what’s that? Tyler: My name is Tyler. OJ: “Tyler” what? *gibberish* OJ: Ahh! Pickle: OK, lets do this! Taco: SOWA CREAM!! OJ: Uh oh! Only one of us can win! Bomb: It should be me. OJ: Well, I think I deserve it. I’m smarter. *slap* OJ: Grrr! *what happens when team rocket lands* Bow: OMG! I win! MePhone: BOW! YOU ARE NOT A CONTESTANT, YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? I- *call* Hello? Adam: Let her join! She’s hilarious! MePhone: But she’s SO dumb! Adam: But that’s just it! She’s the funniest character ever on the show! You’v gotta let her on! And that’s an order! *hangs up* MePhone: Fine! You can join, lets at least give a contestant have a chance to win too. *smacks* *glass shatter rip oj* Bomb: Y-yeah, I’m the bomb. Bomb: Yeah, I’m the bomb! Bow: Coolness! *explosion* MePhone: Finally! OK, you both win immunity and along with that, a trip around the earth! Bomb: O-o-o-o-h I-I-I invite every-everyone Bu-bu-but Balloon. ‘Cus he’s fat! (Hurtful!) MePhone: Fair enough, everyone is up for elimination except Bow and Bomb, who win immunity. So vote now, and for the first time ever, two people will be eliminated. The two contestants with the most amount of votes will be voted off ♪ending♪

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