Dr. John Gunn – Canada Research Chair

Our research is focused on
restoration ecology: how extremely damaged systems can
repair themselves and how they can be aided by human interventions. And we’ve been working on pollution affects from smelters and
mining primarily, but also the confounding
affect of climate change and showing society what to expect the
future to look like in areas like Sudbury when you make an investment in pollution control. The Canadian Shield, or
the boreal shield landscape’s the the largest ecozone in Canada, it holds about 27 percent of the freshwater of
Canada and most of our, what we think of as our
lakes and rivers originate in the shield country.
It happens also to be where most of the mining deposits are, and a lot of the forestry operations, so the combination of fresh water with
industrial activities brings about the need for our research. Climate change is the key factor
that’s changing everything now, we’re not able just to keep up with the changes
that are happening in the North and so where we learned a lot of our techniques
and our students and others have worked in the Sudbury area or in the lower parts of Ontario the area where most of the research will be
needed is in the far North where change is happening at a very rapid pace.

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